Detox drink, passed home test, awaiting labcorp results

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    So I got hired by a company on Monday, and given 48 hours to go to Labcorp for a drug screening . I had absolutely no idea this was going to occur, and have been a VERY regular smoker for almost a year. I am 5'4 , female, weigh about 120.
    The last time I had smoked was Saturday evening. I also had taken xanax daily for about 2 weeks, with the last dose being about 3 weeks ago. I do have a prescription for Vyvanse, so Im not worried about being positive for amphetamines.
    Anyways, I got this detox drink on the recommendation of a good friend who recently passed a probation pee test on very short notice. I also ordered a pack of 5 at home drug tests from amazon, (brand CLIA dip) , which arrived Tuesday night. I did one of the tests right away and tested positive for thc, amphetamines, and benzos.
    Wednesday morning, I drank the detox drink, at 8;30, followed by lots of water, and peed three times. Each time i was still positive for all three substances. At 10 i used the last test and TESTED NEGATIVE for everything except amphetamines! (i took a vyvanse in the morning, I wasnt surprised. ) The last test I took is on the right in the picture, double lines mean negative.

    Anyways, I went to Labcorp and did my test at about 10;55. Im expecting the worst but hoping for the best. If i pass, it will be a miracle!

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