Detox drink, passed home test, awaiting labcorp results

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Take2, Oct 12, 2017.

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    So I got hired by a company on Monday, and given 48 hours to go to Labcorp for a drug screening . I had absolutely no idea this was going to occur, and have been a VERY regular smoker for almost a year. I am 5'4 , female, weigh about 120.
    The last time I had smoked was Saturday evening. I also had taken xanax daily for about 2 weeks, with the last dose being about 3 weeks ago. I do have a prescription for Vyvanse, so Im not worried about being positive for amphetamines.
    Anyways, I got this detox drink on the recommendation of a good friend who recently passed a probation pee test on very short notice. I also ordered a pack of 5 at home drug tests from amazon, (brand CLIA dip) , which arrived Tuesday night. I did one of the tests right away and tested positive for thc, amphetamines, and benzos.
    Wednesday morning, I drank the detox drink, at 8;30, followed by lots of water, and peed three times. Each time i was still positive for all three substances. At 10 i used the last test and TESTED NEGATIVE for everything except amphetamines! (i took a vyvanse in the morning, I wasnt surprised. ) The last test I took is on the right in the picture, double lines mean negative.

    Anyways, I went to Labcorp and did my test at about 10;55. Im expecting the worst but hoping for the best. If i pass, it will be a miracle!

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    How can i pass a pee test i smoked 2 blunts
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    I havent smoked in 5 months i just smoke 2 blunts the other day
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    I need help i havent smoked in 5 months an i smoked 2 blunts the other day an i have a pee test next week i way 206.2 hight 54
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    Where is the test? Labcorp won’t go in with you so you can sub if you can find some clean pee.

    If it’s for probation or somewhere you will be watched, take the drink I took (see thread above for picture) it’s called emergency detox .take it the morning of the test . Don’t smoke for 48 hours before you take it .
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    I bought 2 boxes of Strip nc spent over $100. I'm an everyday smoker..applied for this job they told me my drug test will be the next day friday at 3 pm so I stopped smoking thurs at 3pm about 24 hrs... i drank a lot of water..I mean ALOT... Friday morning i drank the strip 1 oz bottle n took the pills at 10 :30 am drank the other bottle at 1:30 pm and pills as directed by GNC worker. Pissed a few times after drinking it and right before the test. At 3 pm took the test.. The following thurs I got the results from the lab.....FAILD....after driving myself crazy reading all of these posts the conclusion I came to is if you want to pass a drug test stop smoking for a month or so...that's a guarantee pass...who knows maybe this detox drink stuff works with the quick urine test with a strip verses a more extensions lab test like I had.
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