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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by jobe222, Jul 1, 2005.

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    I recently purchased Tall Pockets Homemade Detox Drink Cookbook. Must say it is extremely informative as well as accurate. I know this sounds nuts but I downloaded this information so I could detox my son. Hey... I am not that old that I do not remember what it is like being young. Besides, I grew up in the stoner decade of the 70's. My 18 year old had an interview for a perfect job while he is going through college. I know he is a recreational pot smoker. I wish he didn't but it's my reality. Anyway, I ran across Tall Pockets web site and thought what the heck. If it is what it says, it would save a lot of money and the wealth of information he includes is very worth it. He is selling the e-book for a very modest price, which truly contradicts the statements that he is trying scam you. After carefully following the instructions, I gave my son a pre drug test I picked up from Walgreen’s. Yeah... I wanted to make sure it was going to work before he went on that interview. He passed the test with flying colors and he told me he had smoked heavily just 3 days before the test. He also passed the drug test for the job interview he had today. Believe what you want but it is truly cheaper and healthier taking this route.
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    I got a bottle of this orange detox drink called Total Eclipse...I'd like to know if that works too...
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    It works IF the initial levels of THC-COOH are low enough to dilute to less than the test cutoff levels. You can get the same results with water as you can with your detox drink. Read the dilution guidelines linked to in my signature for more info.
    Hope that helps. N2
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    i need your help jobe222, i have court in 6 days and im going to be drug tested i found a site where the Tall Pockets E-Book is, but i dont know what to look at. I need a detox tea beacuase that is what ur son used and it worked well. please get back to me soon
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    Check the thread dates...

    You do realize that this thread is nearly 4 years old and joeb has not visited here since, do you?:rolleyes:

    BTW,forget the detox tea recipes - the "cookbook" youd want is found by clicking on the Dilution link in N2's signature.
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