Detoxify Products Did Not Work For Me

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by BudBear, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. BudBear

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    Hey All,

    I thought I would share my experience from earlier this week. I was offered a job last Friday. After I signed the contract, I was told I needed to report to a local lab for a drug screen before I started the job. I hadn't smoked for 48 hours. I took Detoxify's Pre-Cleanse tablets 24 hours before the test, as instructed in the directions. I took Detoxify's Ready Clean liquid on the day of the test. I took a home THC test before going over to the lab that showed I was negative for THC. I arrived at the lab 2 hours after drinking the Ready Clean, well within the 5 hour window of opportunity. The lab administered a urine test.

    Long story short, I failed the drug screen. The lab told me my company allows up to 15 nanograms of THC and I had 82 nanograms in me.

    I beleived all the claims that the Detoxify products make about being hugely successful. I trusted those claims. I smoke everyday. Now I am wondering if those products work only if a person is a weekend toker and not an everyday smoker.

    I sure wish America would change their attitude about weed. This job I lost did not involve flying airplanes, doing surgery, or anything else risky. The job would have involved me sitting in a cubicle staring at a computer all day. Ultimately, I have to take responsibility for failing the test.

    I learned my lesson and will have to stop until I get a job.
  2. DirtyB2525

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    they work for me

    Im sorry about your experience with your test. I am a heavy smoker. I also smoke daily. Ive used the clean drinks many times. I use Terminator Gold 60. its worked 5 or 6 times for me in the last few years. I also used the wiz-a-nator when on probation. The wiz-a-nator is a life like cock that is filled with piss, just squize and your piss is in the cup and body temp. those are the ones i just, neither are cheap. Terminator costs me about $45 after tax and the wiz-a-nator cost me about $70 after tax. Sry you had a bad experience.
  3. meximo

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    for what it worth was on probation for many years cleaned up drinkings pickle juice was tested 4 or 5 times when i know i was dirty never got caught :)
  4. billyzane1

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    I would fight that bro

    The national drug testing standard is 50NL.

    A reading in the 85NL range is still too high, but 15 is low. If you came in at under 50 but over 15 I would fight it if the job were worth it. It is actually amazing you only had 82 NG/NL in you if you stopped just before the test.

    You really should allow a month if you are not physically active and smoke often.
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  5. thatguy

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    I had the same problem with Clear Flush. It was supposed to be made for higher toxin levels, but when my results came back it showed positive on both tests they did. And that guarantee is horseshit. They refund your thirty bucks, but you have to pay 25 bucks just to get the paperwork for the refund. And price isn't a factor either. I've spent 20 on a cleanser and it has worked, so I know from experience. I think it all depends on how clean you are more than the 48 hours they tell you to be clean. The time I passed I had been clean for a week before.
  6. ChronicSmoke187

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    Dont even use detoxy

    whats up man,im on probation and i jus got out of jail and my probation officer came and gave me a drug test and i failed it.a few wasy to pass the shit is to drink vinegar and cranberry juice mix will have a nasty taste but its worth it.also try Niacin Pills,u can find it in RED BULL enery drink or at a wal mart.Also i heard dat if u drink a little bit of bleach and water mixed together and drink,but i never tried it myself.but its worth a try.
  7. Kronik Bagz

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    u shouldnt ever drink bleach, vinigar is bad on your kidneys and liver and the amout of niacin in redbull isnt close to the amount you would have to use to get clean, i took 4 500mg tabs when i woke up and before i went to sleep for 15 days and i was still dirty and i only weigh like 130 at 5'3". those pills dont even do what they are supposed to, if anything i gained weight

    try runnin on a tredmill, the only sure way for passin a THC test is to:
    1) stop smoking
    2) exercise
  8. joker121

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    Sos if you fail the job piss test, does it go on some permanent record? Do they report you to the cops? Regularly I mean. How hard is it to get a job if you've been convicted of posession of marijuan, or if you fail a piss test?
    Can't you just take a suppository or somehting liek that to flush out your ssytem? I know it sucks, but milk of magnesia can really get you flowing!
    Also, next time, try one of those "HollyWood Diet" Things. The say they let you lose 10 pounds in 24 hours. I'm not positive, but i have a good hunch that you jsut lose water weight, and sweat and shit it all off. Might try that next time bud.
  9. Kronik Bagz

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    around here at my group therapy we all have to take a piss test and if the person fails and hes not on probation they cant do shit. also being stoned isnt a crime, posession of weed is a crime
  10. SensibleG

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    Clear Flush's return policy worked for me!

    I tried Clear Flush capsules and failed my "Pop-Quiz" the first time. I didn't have time to follow their directions and I was totally dirty!! Thankfully, I was able to convince my work to let me re-test in a week and I started my cleansing program as the Clear Flush label describes. I called them out on their 100% guarantee and thought I was in for a fight, but much to my surprise, they offered me my money back or a free bottle of their liquid.....which is what I took them up on (I did have to send them a copy of the test which the testers should provide for free. By law, I believe!). After following the directions, exercising and a few "ball busting" mountain bike rides....wa-laa......I passed the test.:thumbsup:

    Now, I keep a bottle of Clear Flush on hand just in case.
  11. Deige

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    You would have passed by drinking water and vitamin B2 and saved alot of money.
  12. Burnt Toast

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    You and your magic elixir did nothing magical. Theres nothing magical about consuming enough fluids (in which youre required by the product instructions to do so) to dilute the THCA concentration in your bladder (however temporarily) to where the urine sample registers a negative. As Deige stated, the same thing can be accomplished with just water and vitamin B2.
    If your story is indeed true, then you shouldve taken the money back instead of taking another one of their snake oil products.

    There is no product that can permanently rid the body of THC, as the makers and shills of these products would like the consumer to believe. Only time and fat-burning exercise can do this.
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  13. webdox

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    The detox product didn't do a thing. You should know this from your first failure using their product. Right? You simply consumed enough fluids the 2nd time to dilute your sample. Bumping a 7 year old thread to tout useless detox products?
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  14. SensibleG

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    Eeeezy Honcho,

    I consumed the same amount of liquid on my first test, actually, probably more than on the 2nd because of paranoia. And I apologize if you think I'm "touting" a product, I was just relaying a personal experience. (i probably wouldn't have mentioned the failed test in that case!) So, I am Sorry if that rubs you.

    If you look at most of these products they usually contain similar herbal ingredients, ones used for centuries as cleansers for the body. Eat a bunch of prunes and see what happens! Does that make it a magic elixor or some sort of "snake oil" laxative?

    It rings funny to hear from my friends that certain herbs which have been found to have some certain affects on the body are some sort of crock. Really? On a Weed website! Isn't it ironic? Dont you think?

    And another apology to my fellow puffin' friends, I'm sorry I "bumped" a 7 year old thread, I'm new to the site and didn't even think to check for expiration dates, I would figure that's up to the web-master. In any case, It got the discussion rollin again, so it can't be all that bad.

    I'm a little surprised by the some of the subtle, grumpy responses. It seems that some of us need to visit our glass!! I think I will do that myself now that I think of it......Its all good.

    Oh, and "Burn Toast" cranks out some really great tunes!! Love em!:hippy:
  15. webdox

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    You can accept it or not but there remains nothing other than time and fat burning exercise that can help rid the body of THC metabolites. All the herbs in the world will NOT expedite this. There is no drink, no power, no pill that will help. Simple as that. The claims they make are patently ridiculous but like any well polished turd... it sells.

    Stick around longer and understand why you sense frustration and grumpiness here from the regulars. We try to save people time, energy, money, their jobs, and their freedoms every day here only to have people come along almost every day with Wikipedia understanding of the human body armed with nothing but logical fallacies and anecdotal tales. These do not and will not ever trump how the human body actually processes, stores, and rids itself of THC metabolites.

    ALL detox products are a scam. As stated ad nauseum here you have 3 options when it comes to passing a drug test, being clean, diluting via increased fluid intake to temporarily fall below cutoff levels, or substituting a friends clean or a synthetic sample. Detox products do NOT and will NOT ever fall into the equation other than to keep the BS peddlers in business.

    Sorry if this offends. We stick to the truth here no matter how painful because people deserve to know.
  16. Burnt Toast

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    If this is actually true, then you wouldve failed that same test that same day using the liquid.:rolleyes:

    And what makes you think these ingredients have any effect on THC? If you done any research on how the body processes THC, youd understand that the only way to permanently rid the body of THC is time and fat-burning exercise.
    Does nothing to rid the body of THC. One more time, only time and fat-burning exercise can do this.

    Yes it does - when youre trying to tout them as something that can rid the body of THC. :rolleyes:

    This drug testing forum is not a playground. Drug testing is taken seriously here because there are careers, families, and freedoms riding on the outcome of a U/A; therefore, factual info is vital. Urban legends and other non-facts can quickly land an uninformed reader (that would assume what youre trying to pass off as fact) in the unemployment line, or worse, jail. If you dont like the idea that the poster is held to such a high standard of fact, well then thats too bad. Thats how it is here and shall remain. And if that idea is somehow not your cup of tea, then perhaps this drug testing forum is not for you.
  17. RichO64

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    I got fooled into thinking the crap sold on websites actually work 3 weeks ago.

    I bought some Max Strength detox drink, followed the instructions to the letter and failed the UA.

    Do NOT be taken in.

    I got a retest on Tuesday but used the substitution method (got the urine from a non-smoking buddy) and had no problems.

    So believe Burnt Toast...he knows what he's talking about.

    My view is that substitution is the only safe method. Either do that or give up smoking.
  18. SensibleG

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    I probably did not really explain myself properly. I do understand the affect of exercise and water on cleaning out the system, and it is probably the main reason for my passing the test the second time. I am under no impression that any substance will eliminate THC from your body entirely. My prune reference wasn't really directed at the elimination of THC, just that is a "natural product" that has a temporary affect of a laxitive, also an old remedy. I also do not believe that these herbal flush ingredients will rid you of THC, which, from what I understand, lingers in your fat cells. I do, however, believe that the herbal flushes can assist/expediate the removal of many toxins that are currently in the "fluidy" areas of the body, but that as time elapses, new old-toxins will re-enter the "fluidy" systems as fat is being processed from normal activities.

    You guys sound knowledgable on the subject and you're probably right that it's mainly the dilution process that gets you pass a test. For my peace of mind, I may have went overboard with the flush along with the increase in exercise & liquids, and ultimately, I was able to pass this stupid test. And as long as I am not ingesting bleach, (which some dude recomended), or some strange ingredient that may have come from Hogwarts, I figured it couldn't hurt.

    So, when it's all said and done, I ended up with alot of great bike rides, alot of pisses, and ultimately my I'm happy.
  19. Burnt Toast

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    Oh, please. What makes you think herbal remedies can assist or expediate the removal of THCA from the bloodstream or urine? :rolleyes:

    And THC is non-toxic. Therefore it is erroneous to classify THC as a "toxin" or even lump it into the same category as a "toxin".

    Once again, we stick with factual info in this forum over "beliefs", or unfounded/unsubstantiated claims as they can land an uninformed reader in the unemployment line, or jail. If you have something factual to bring to the table (and I'm sure I'm speaking on behalf of the members and readers of this thread) - we're all eyes - show us the proof!
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  20. andruejaysin

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    If they use an instant test, quit for as long as possible, drink a shitload of water and take some vitamins for color.

    If they send it to a lab and don't watch you use someone else's piss.

    If they watch you piss AND sent it to a lab find a new hobby because you're probably gonna fail.

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