Diagnosing Nutrient problems in plants with pictures!

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Cattsy, Nov 19, 2010.

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    These pictures were posted on another forum and I thought it was pretty cool so I'd share them here :) Have no idea where they came from origonally or I'd give credit :)

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    Here are the other pictures

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    Thanks Cat;) I can use as many pics of dif., and fungus, Ph,. But seems like a ''i got it all thang issue''. I am in the plant problem sec. too. Stop by an see my sick NL#5, she's a clone from a plant that died outside grow. Got her before this clone was taken, but my fav. plant and have tried everything to save her. She came from last years grow, i re vegged her outside this summer. But she died:(

    You will have fun watching your branches grow up to the light. Id try and cross any branches that haven't started growing up to sorta give them some help and give more of your light too. Wow those branches will really bud up nice. I fimed mine before bending her over:Djust thought id get more in the end.

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    Great photos, but without the troubleshooting form it can still be hit or miss. I have a book with similar photos, suggestions, discussion and such and still I have a hard time deciding what the heck to do. That form is a godsend.

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    heres a ??? what is meant by mobile and immobile elements?:thumbsup:

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