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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by NOTEHOOK, Jul 5, 2005.


    NOTEHOOK Registered+

    Anyone know anything about Diazepam (according to Erowid it's Valium)? Erowid has no information of dosage/effects or anything. If someone has some information on Diazepam that would be great thanks :)

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    Just wanted to add, the specific pill I have is "Celexa".

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    Well, sorry for so many posts, but as soon as I bitch/ask about something the answers fall right into my lap. Apparently Celexa is used to warm someone up untill they can use Vallium, and Celexa increases the seratonin output in the brain. Says it takes 1-2 weeks to begin to take action.... so it seems as if this isn't a very good recreational drug :p But if anyone has any experience with this drug I'd be happy to hear about it :-D

    NOTEHOOK Registered+

    Well fuck it, I just took twice the dose of what was recommended by a doctor so.... I know that ain't a lot, but I don't want to waste all these pills if it takes like 2 weeks to start working! 120mg of Celexa, lets see if it's good? I'm just in my drug experimenting stage so don't hate on me :)
  5. Nullific

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    Celexa is citalopram, also known as Lexapro, an SSRI used to treat depression. It is not recreational and I wouldn't take it if I was prescribed.
    Diazepam (Valium) is completely different, it is a weak benzodiazepine that some people find recreational alone or more commonly in combination with low doses of alcohol or other drugs. It is prescribed for treatment of anxiety and insomnia and may be used with SSRIs to deter some of the side effects.

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    Ok, well, yea it sucked. I think I fucked up my research, because everytime I'd re-research something I'd find a different answer. I suck :(
  7. 3 Sheets To The Wind

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    Diazepam is used on Metal Gear Solid, to slow down the heart rate, so there isn't much movement when shooting (Sniping)
  8. i was waiting for someone to say that, kinda makes you feel like you can't get up (couch lock) it almost makes her (my wife's telling me this btw her expertise in pills is in valium) drunk and stoned at the same time, dosing you'l have to find on your own, look for a chart that says blah mg/blah kg of body weight..
  9. jadeius

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    take 10 mg, wait a while, take 10 more mg if desired, wait a while

    some people don't take well to valium...a half one knocks my sister out for 18 hours
  10. i either took 20 mg or 80 mg...probably leaning towards 80 and i didn't feel shit at all >< valium dont' do nothing for me
  11. jadeius

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    yeah i don't know what it is with pills, some people say they don't feel shit from any of it...but damn i do

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