Did a small scale BHO extraction yesterday...

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by seattlesmoke247, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. seattlesmoke247

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    It went well :thumbsup:

    At first I threw a bowl in a pyrex container and was thinking only a few drips would come out... WRONG! Next thing I know I'm pressing the butane to my device and out the bottom comes pouring butane... My bowl gets completely soaked, in butane.. Looks frozen, infact it is..

    I'm like oohh no what have I done with my buds???

    The bowl that was in there turned into a sticky super crystally looking bowl and below that theres slug looking trails of sticky goo. Yep, it worked. :stoned:

    Smoked that and about 2 hours later I was like I want some more of that! Me and my buddy did it again and got the tan colored sticky goo out of it this time and it definatly was more efficient...

    Makes me wonder if there are any weed fiends out there that only smoke BHO, that'd be extreme.. LoL.

    Anyway, all and all it was good and worth it. The hardest part is finding the purest butane you can, I had to go to over 17 different stores before I found the correct type.
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  2. Coelho

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    I do... not exactly BHO, but hash oil, which is pretty much the same, the only difference is its extracted with acetone instead butane.

    And it used to be extreme when i made it with good weed... man... i miss that days... :stoned: But now unfortunately i only can get schwagg/mids and so even the hash oil isnt very strong... anyway i still smoke only it, as its still way stronger than my bad weed, and also far healthier (much less smoke to the lungs).
  3. killerweed420

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    BHO is nice and so easy to do. I usually just take a toothpick and add a little to my bowl of weed.
  4. seattlesmoke247

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    Cool man! Yeah it just kills me to grind up any prime buds that I might beable to get my hands on, but I am going to next time that I do it.. This stuff was decent. How do you like the acetone method vs butane? I think I'll have to try both... I too have noticed the quality going downhill, I got some stuff the other day was suppose to be 'primo' which it usually is... Seems as if the definition of primo has changed because I wasen't feeling the airy not so crystally look.. LoL.

    yeah man it definatly is awesome.. one day I hope to have a ball of it to pick away at all day.. LoL. I put it on top of waterfalls seems to work really efficiently, plus it's all I really smoke out of.
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  5. Coelho

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    I dont know... cause i never smoked BHO. I live in a very hot place, so the few times i tried to make a BHO extraction, the butane evaporated before passing through all the weed, and no liquid ever fell in the dish...
    From what ive read it seems BHO is a bit stronger than hash oil made with the same weed, but i dont know if its actually true... it would be nice if you tried both ways of extraction, so we would know which one is the stronger.
  6. seattlesmoke247

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    I did 3 more BHO extractions today I think I will try out the acetone method soon.. That sucks that it evaporates before it even goes through the weed, I have to wait like 10 minutes for mine to evaporate
  7. 8182KSKUSH

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    Hey awesome. BHO is sweet, never made it, but have had it many times. I love it too. I actually have 5 or so large cans of Vector just waiting for me to figure out exactly how I am going to do it. Just have not devoted any time to research yet. I know the general concept, but I need to figure out how to fashion a DIY contraption to use to put the cannabis in and actually do the extraction with.
    For sure let us know how the acetone works too, that is another way that I have wanted to try.:jointsmile:
  8. rockcopper

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    My buddy just made some awesome BHO. He used galvanized pipe, my question, is this a safe material for the pipe or should he be using stainless steel? Love the high and taste of the oil, just dont want some metal poisoning. Any feed back is welcome:D
  9. Gunner420

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    try putting all your extraction materials in the freezer for 5-10 mins before u do the extraction (copper tube with weed in it, or watever else u use)....that should help out
  10. wylekyote

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    SWIM has been recently experimenting with extraction methods, use in e-cigs, and legitimate store-bought vapes. SWIM rigged drilled a hole down the middle of an approx. ~5/8" long bolt in a diameter suitable for the butane canister to seal against it and spray (Important- make sure the bolt's threads are just slightly larger than the ID of your tube)a. Then, 3/8" ID stainless tube was cut down (in order for a small "test batch") and one end was drilled/tapped to accept the bolt. At that point, a coffee filter followed by a square of window screening was attached to the open end (after it was packed with the material to be extracted) and those filters were attached with a hose clamp. Used very little material but had a successful extraction. Going to pass on the freezer ideas for condensation and freezing the base material, SWIM might give that a try in a few. . .
  11. Graywolf

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    Zinc is a poor choice in butane and essential oils.

    Copper is a better one, if kept clean.

    300 series stainless or borosilicate are best.

    More details on different methods and making your own equipment @:

    BHO Extraction « Skunk Pharm Research LLC

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