Did I just lose my internship?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by powerball712, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. powerball712

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    What are the chances that I'd fail a drug test right now?
    I stupidly stupidly decided to smoke last night to celebrate a friends party, probably only took 4 hits from the blunt at most; it was small. I'd say it was the first time i'd smoked since mid/late summer.

    But now I just remembered I've been accepted as an intern at a fairly major corporation. It's a military contractor. Am I fucked? I just got the call a few days ago, they will get in contact with me after the holidays with inforamtion. It supposedly starts mid-january.

    I way around 128 pounds and am 5'9".

    Do you think they'd give me a hair test? and what about urine tests? i'm really freaking out right now, this is the oppourtunity of a life time and i hate to have just fucked up just because I decided to be a retard one night and get high.

    I know these kind of questions get asked everyday; but i'm so nervous right now i'm like shaking just thinking about it. I'd lose alot more then this internship if I didn't get the job.
  2. MadSativa

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    naw your alright main, but if you smoked when you know you should have you need to bite that bullet. Just detox, lots of water, lots of exercize, good foods, and you know. Youll be fine main
  3. powerball712

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    How common are hair tests do you think?

    and would they even drug test me if it was just for an internship?

    I think i have to start thinking rationally because if i get this internship it's basically a full ride to college as well; but yeah, no excuse for my fuck up.

    Is it better to be skinny or large in these type of situations? i want to rate my chances. and what's the earliest the urine test would have to be for me to pass? is it possible to know? Im not a heavy user to say the least, probably 4-5 times my whole life.
  4. MadSativa

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    yes to all the above , but hair test are easily fooled with detox shampoos, and if you detox properly for the nex 2 weeks Im sure at your weight youll be fine and not even need the shampoo or any kinda of over the counter detox. Dont stress over it but start to detox imedatly. like I said lots of fluids and lots of exercize, cardio especialy. I am assuming you have about 2 weeks so that should be just enuogh time to get it all outta your system, no alcohol, even if you dont have to take tylenol or somethin like that dont. I know people who have taken hair and piss test a week after they smoked and they were fine, but they only smoke once and they did all that I just said prior to taking it, and dont stress out about it cause alot of it has to o with your body running at peak efficiantcy. Stress hinders all of that
  5. MadSativa

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    their are more peolpe on the forum that can giv you better advice but I had to say all is not lost, just chill and start to detox now
  6. killerweed420

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    You'll be fine if thats all you've smoked. You'll pass the hair test too. If you're real concerned about a piss test pickup some cheap test strips to test yourself. And if you've got a few spare bucks you could even pay to have a hair test done just to make yourself feel better.
  7. FakeBoobsRule

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    MadSativa, what are you doing to me??? Yeah I think this guy will be fine too but a lot of the info you gave him is inaccurate. Thanks but let me give it a shot chief!

    Powerball, I going to take a wild stab and say you aren't 28. :rolleyes: Since you haven't smoked since the summer, you should fall under the category of the one time high. Most people can pass a urine test after a one time high in about 5 days. A hair test can go back about 90 days (1 & 1/2 inches, hair grows about 1/2 inch a month). The threshold for 1 & 1/2 inches of hair is getting high 3 or more times in the last 90 days and you could fail. It doesn't sound like you have smoked this much. Next, hair tests are not easily fooled by detox shampoos. Hair tests can be beat but not easily and it isn't always successful. Mad's friends passed but like he said they were light smokers. For a heavy smoker to pass it takes detox shampoos, using mild acids followed with laundry detergent, bleaching or relaxing the hair and redying the hair color if necessary, exposure to UV light from the sun or tanning beds, basically throwing the kitchen sink and your hair till your scalp is raw. To beat a urine test lots of water days before the test won't help remove metabolites but carido exercise can help as well as soluble fiber and a good diet. Other than that only time will remove THC metabolites.
  8. powerball712

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    Thanks for all the fast help guys, it's appreciated.
    I managed to get a hold of the kid who had the internship last year; do drug test prior to hiring and it's a urine.

    time to start exercising and eating well...

    fuck me and my stupidness. but it's my fault; so that's life.

    thanks again all of you guys though; I was really impressed with kindness and such. I guess i'll post back and tell ya'll how it goes.
  9. killerweed420

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    Good news. Everyone should educate themselves before hand to take the stress out of drug tests. It ain't all bad news.:thumbsup:
  10. powerball712

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    So i've been reading and searching this forum like a mad man just so I can get my head cleared of all the worries; definitely a christmas killer.

    I have 11 days at the very very least; probably a week or so more. If I just jog daily and eat alot of fiber I feel fairly confidant I'll pass.

    But will I be fine if I don't go extreme and use a ton of vitamins etc the days before the test? I plan just to go about things fairly normal, except with alot more exercise and better eating.

    I don't think I'll try to dilute at all either, to risky it seems to me. I do plan to buy a few home tests for sure though, I don't have enough time to ebay strips. I'll take one in five days just to see, one a week later, and then the last one the day of or the day before the test so i can be prepared if the worst happens. i.e. find a new place to live etc

    haha and yeah, i'm not 28. Just turned 18 actually; didn't feel like giving any parts of my identity away at the time, but my age isn't that important.

    Anyways, sorry for all the rambling and questions, i just want to get my head on straight enough so I can stop worrying and start enjoying christmas.
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  11. imhereforhelp

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    hey im in a similar situation

    i also just got awarded a internship at a government defense company...if its cool...what company? Northrop? if yeah that would be great man...im right there with you and ruining xmas. its an awesome position but i dont even want to tell my fam b/c im afraid it wont come through if i dont pass. please post back.
  12. powerball712

    powerball712 Registered

    Yeah it's not that. I'm not gonna post the actual name of mine just cause i'm too damn paranoid. But yeah it sucks; see my whole family knows of my internship, they called all my relatives, it's a big deal. So to fail a drug test would basically screw me over big time.

    But it's my fault and my fault alone for smoking; so that's life. I'll deal with it how I have to and leave it at that.

    good luck man.
  13. killerweed420

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    Get those test kits and check how you're doing. Nothing wrong with dillution. If you just do the simplified version its just an added precaution.
    Drink 40 ounces of gatorade a few hours before the test.
    Piss a few times before the test Take your midstream piss during the test.
    Just do that and theres no risk of a negetive dillute and it just adds a little extra cushion incase you're borderline.
  14. MadSativa

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    haha my bad FBR good info thogh it has been assimilated

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