Did I mess up my plants?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by turkeydogsharhar, Dec 20, 2017.

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    Second round growing, and have some two-month-old sprouts and clones in a room with 18/6 light. I noticed yesterday one of the sprouts was showing it’s gender (male) and I wasnt sure why. Got home today and the lights were off – I have been doing some construction in the adjacent room and must have bumped the timer.

    I am not sure how many days it’s been on the messed up cycle. I JUST switched the timer to run for 24-hours. My question is if the plants are too far into flowering to be rescued, or if i can give them love and TLC and they’ll get back to growing veg. Thanks in advance for your help or advice so I don’t lose them.

    First three photos are the sprouts, last one is a clone.

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    They should revert to veg mode rather easily I would think, just a hiccup in the grow. Good luck.
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    Thank you!
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