Did Indians smoke dope?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by SueSue, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. SueSue

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    Ya know, like , who smoked the first joint on the N. American continent? when I lived in Michoacan, Mexico we would roll with cornhusks when we couldn't afford to go into town for papers. those surfer dudes down there sure know how to grow some big bud...big as my arm....ah, well...maybe today I'll score...dang dime bag only lasted a coupla days.
    Do you think whoever first figgered out that pot is God's gift burned it first for fuel and got high off the smoke, or what?
  2. 3s BEL

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    I know of a dutch proffesor that works in the red sea, in that sea he found some ships,on those shipwrecks he found pipes with the canna leave on it and the remains of hash. het dated it more than 2000 years old...... Saw it once on dutch television....
    and the native americans did had the peace pipe didn't they? so they used herbs but weed? I dunno
  3. bONgRiPs

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    i know that the native americans are drunks now, the ones that live on reservations in arizona and new mexico. i think they smoked peyote... but... i dont know
  4. SueSue

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    native americans, like the Cherokee or Apache, ya know...pipes, hmmm that makes sense ...I betcha people smoked outta pipes before they rolled, right? And I wonder if they carved em or just used fruit pipes, ya know like with apples and such.
  5. bONgRiPs

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    see, this is what they should teach us in school...
  6. SueSue

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    aw..come on now...drunks? baby, I can state for a fact that that's not a fact. Yo, dude...let's not generalize here...not all of a single race are drunks not even in az and nm...anywayz, drunks need luv too.
    Now bout that peyote...you can smoke it you know...I like weed better...it's nice to eat peyote fresh from the land of the Huichol...
  7. SomeDude

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    The indians used the peace pipe for tobacco. They smoked nicotania rustica, a more potent tobacco plant than we smoke today. It was called a peace pipe because smoking it would make you unable to be violent during a meeting because it would be hard to move. It is possible to smoke peyote but the native americans rarely did it. Peyote ceremonies almost always involve eating the peyote.

    Also, native americans have the highest incidence of alcohlism of any ethnic group in the USA. So, you can't say they are all drunks, but you can say a disproportionate number of them are.
  8. meek mike

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    Sure, why do you thik they were always looking for that white spiritual buffalo. With out cannabis and peyote they couldn't find it. What they did with it after the found it is a complete mystery to me but....... Ok I'm dumb.

    I think they did. Peace pipe. What could calm a war party down. Puffing on a fat peace pipe sure would.

    Rev. Michael T
    Soldier for Christ
  9. dog420

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  10. juggalo420

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    i doubt they toked up, since marijuana was first brought to the americas by indian laborers(real indians, the ones from india) in the 19th century, they first came to the caribean were labor was needed, then the art of smokind weed was then picked up by some hispanics on those islands, who then brought it to mexico, and the mexicans eventually brought it to the united states. of course im talking about real weed, the u.s havested hemp for centuries since it was first colonized but the art of smoking bud is relatively new in the states.
  11. The C

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    Ok, We'll what about african bud. The sure Sativa?

    You talking indica strain there with the *indonesians*?.
  12. chrace

    chrace Registered+

    Hell yes!!
  13. juggalo420

    juggalo420 Registered+

    well, if its african i doubt it was in the americas before the slaves came
  14. slipnslide087

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    marijuana very likely first took root somewhere in the himilayas...its been on the planet for thousands, maybe millions of years. actually the plant managed to travel around the world without human involvement. it spread very easily because the plant can grow anywhere as long as the temp is right and it receives enough sunlight for the plant to flourish. some brief history
  15. bONgRiPs

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    im not generalizing but ive stayed at a reservation in new mexico and one of their biggest problems is alcohol and nearby reservations were struggling with alcoholism too so POOPIE on you :p

    but that isnt true for all, thats just what ive seen so thats why i say
  16. chrace

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    some of the more peaceful tribes smoked pot
  17. Looker

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    WHO CARES????
  18. robert42

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    marijauan been around since 4000 B.C
  19. BOgart.bitch

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    what else did they put in their peace pipes??
  20. Encatuse

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    Indians put a different strain of tobacco cured in such a way that it gave a narcotic high. At least thats what my history teacher told me. I wonder why they don't sell tobacco like that anymore.. I'd buy it.

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