difference between eating and smoking weed?

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    hey me and my friends are eating brownies today for 420!:thumbsup: i was wondering how the highs are similar and how they are different. i heard that eating it results in a more intense body high. what do you mean by body high? even though that seems self explanitory lol
    happpppy 420
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    Eat your heart out

    Well, by now you have probably gotten pretty stoned. Now you know. Eating, if prepared properly, is at least 5 to 10 times stronger than smoking, and the high itself is so much more in every way one could imagine. You get a much stronger mental high, definitely a strong body high, and just overall, you will enjoy it more. Besides the fact it will last 4 times as long as smoking. fellow stoner, enjoy the high the way God meant for it to be enjoyed. Mel Lowe
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    When you smoke weed you tend to get higher quicker.With injesting the effects happen much slower but the high seems to come from the inside out.ie super body buzz!

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    thankssss... i cant wait!!!!!

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    also if one of us happens to get sick off of brownies later and throw up.. any ideas what to do? water?? lol
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    does it smell like weed when your cookin with it?
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    However, eating can and will cause mild to severe hallucinations. Dont panic if this happens. It will pass. Just be calm and dont go to the ER. You'll be just fine. When you bake with cannabis make sure you keep the temp at 200 degrees, or lower. If your recipe calls for ..lets say..... 325, keep at 200 and let it stay in longer, checking it ocassionally. Over 200 degrees can cause thc to deplete. Nice and low and and nice and slow:thumbsup:

    dai*ma :stoned:
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    eating weed brownies is waaayyy stronger, when i ate brownies i started to see shapes and the room was fuzzy looking.Also you will get stuck to the couch and wont be able to move or talk so remember to have food close by.
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    Thats funny. I ate too much of my "going bananas"bread and was driving down the road and thr whole road became lopsided. It was like being in the penguins hideout, or the riddler, on the ol'Batman show. All the crooks had crooked hideouts. Very funny:dance:
    My niece at a big piece and she and her husband and i went to a football game. She got up to go to the bathroom and couldnt find her way back. lmao. It was funny. We could see her(and she was getting more fucked up by the minute), but she couldnt see us. Now we are laughing and the people next to us start laughing(although they werent really sure why they were laughing with us). After 10 minutes or so we finally became humanitarians and went down to show her back to where we were sitting.

    dai*ma :stoned:
    Oh yeah, she refuses to ever eat anymore of my baked products
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    Is that in celsius or farenheit?
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    :Rasta: When i had brownies for the first time
    it was wondering why i had not felt anything at first
    cause i didnt know that it takes about an hour an a half to take effect

    i was in the movie treater with some friends and we were siting
    waiting for someone to come out of a movie
    and i started to feel very heavy and i was kinda spacing out
    and looking at everything for such a long time

    and when i looked around it seemed like everything
    was in slow motion or something kinda freaked me out
    i looked at one of the movie posters and i was totally
    seeing things it was all burying and it seemed like
    everything one it had came together

    atfer i whlie i got used to it and i though it was kinda fun(=
    my friends were asking me if i was okay (they didnt know i had any brownies) they said later that week when we talked about it that
    i took such a long time to answer them haha
    but i really felt a very strong high for the brownies rather than smoking it
    its worth it all the wayy
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    This is bullshit, please do not believe it. Marijuana does not cause hallucinations.
  13. Euphoric7

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    It was actually pretty cool. One time I decided to eat a double dose and I sat in silent darkness and reflected on bad things I thought would come up so that I'd eventually just be bored of them. An hour later I felt it lightly rising, I thought this was the peak and I was kinda bummed out because it was WEAK. I listened to some calm music, SHPONGLE, and 20 minutes later I looked up and then REALIZED I was super super super super super super high. I wasn't TIRED at all, which was weird! It was purely trippy. It was amazing, I went through my iPod's playlist called, "Memorable Songs" (you know those songs that just trigger fond memories and intense emotions?) well I physically felt as if there was the energy of an atomic bomb in me and it was ready to burst out of my skin!

    I'm gonna expand this into a full thread.
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    I would disagree. I made a batch of capsules one timefrom some weed I had smoked only once so I had no tolerance to it. Made 25 from 3.5g and ate them all over a 4 hour period. At one point everything in my vision was staticing like a tv but in a red/green color scheme. And the sounds I heard were crazy, but I never freaked out and lost control. I wasn't tripping. I didn't have conversations with inanimate objects or see garden gnomes coming to life in the neighbors yards. It was like a mild mushroom trip. Very mild visual and auditory hallucinations. I've also heard stories of people eating ridiculous amounts of weed (like an oz of resin shake from a harvest and trim in a pan of brownies split between 2 people). One guy completely lost it thinking all kinds of crazy stuff is happening and pretty much end up with the equivalent of a drunken blackout. He was still up and functional, albeit not by much, and when he came back to reality he realized that its 5pm the next day and he had absolutely no clue what had happened since 4 or 5 hours after eating the brownies.
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