Difference between kush and regular buds??

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by streetsonlock69, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. streetsonlock69

    streetsonlock69 Registered

    so i keep reading all this shit on kush.... and ive smoked it before... and ive smoked regular shit..... but wuts the like actual difference between the two???
  2. Spoken Word

    Spoken Word Registered+

    what the dealer told you might be a lie.

    but "kush" is just the name of a strain of marijuana.
  3. calismoke420

    calismoke420 Registered

    uhh im just guessing one is grown more properly so it has more thc in it and it smells, looks, and tastes better than mids which is what im guessing u meant by regular, and it gets you higher?
  4. psteve

    psteve Registered+

    Kush refers to a mountainous region on the border of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
    It also refers to strains of cannabis that originated in that region.
    Many people mistakenly say 'Kush' when they mean high quality buds. Like 'Chronic' or 'The Kind', it is a very misused word.

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