Dilution for Heavy Users?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by snakepliskin, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. snakepliskin

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    I have a possible UA in a a week or i depending if they want to hire me. Anyway, I quit today and I was a heavy user. I would vape daily.

    Will the dilution method work at all on me? Can any heavy users comment on this?

    thanks in advance
  2. Burnt Toast

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    Dilution techniques can backfire if the THCA concentration in the bladder is too high. For most heavy smokers, it would be virtually impossible to dilute that concentration enough without overdiluting and sending up the red flags at the lab.

    If getting the job is important to you, then consider substitution. Either with a clean persons sample or synthetic. Read up on the Substitution 'sticky' thread for subbing tips.
  3. snakepliskin

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    yeah but if you adjust that with creatine, won't that make up for it?
  4. webdox

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    Not sure if you understood where BT was going. It is well within the realm of possibilities that you smoke so much that the amount of water you would need to drink to produce a negative result would trump your attempt to creatine load. The only real way to tell would be to start loading in a couple days and do a test dilution run of your own 2-3 days from then. Buy a urine test and some adulteration strips and wake up in the morning and start to follow your day-of-the-test regiment like it were the real thing. You'll have a good idea if you can pull it off but I'd wait until you at least have 5 clean days to give yourself some time to shed a bit of your stores... good luck.

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