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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by IamN2pot, May 1, 2004.

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  1. IamN2pot

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    Time permitting, 2-3 days before the test you will want to begin raising you Creatinine levels. Creatine, which metabolizes into Creatinine in 24-48 hours, can be raised with red meat and/or Creatine supplement, available on line or at nutritional food stores. The amounts of Creatinine metabolites are measured as part of the urine integrity check (the check to see if the sample is urine and if it is diluted). Creatinine level must be 20mg/dl or greater. 200-250mg/dl ranges are ‘my’ normal. For more info on Creatine loading go to healthy.net/asp/templates/Article.asp?PageType=Article&Id=1188

    Step 1. 4-12 hours before the test take 4 aspirin (not Tylenol or Advil). This step may be repeated every 4-6 hours up until 4 hours before the test.
    Step 2. 3-4 hours before your test, start by drinking 2, 8oz. glasses of water. Water can be substituted for with Cranberry or fruit juice, teas or even soft drinks. Then drink another 8oz. every 15 minutes for the next hour for a total of 6 glasses of water (48oz).
    Step 3. In about 1 - 2 hours (depending on your system) you should be voiding ‘clear’ urine about every 15 - 20 minutes. Continue to drink 3-4 oz. more water to replace what you've voided every 20-30 minutes.
    Step 4. 1-2 hours before the test, take vitamin B2 or B complex (about 10 times the daily recommended dosage). If the vitamins are time release, crush them before taking. You may also take vitamin B with each glass of water, 2 times the daily dosage, if you find it easier.

    That's it. Within 30 - 45 minutes of taking your vitamins, if you took your vitamin B in 1 dose, your pee should turn from clear to "vitamin" yellow and remain so for the next 2-4 voids. Be sure you have voided diluted urine at least 3-4 times before you test. It is always best to do a practice run as everyone is different and times may vary. Good luck, remember to post your results, and don’t forget that a diluted results, while not the results wanted, IS NOT a failed results but may require a re-test.
    Hope that helps!!! N2

    PS There is no absolutely 100% effective dilution method. That includes ‘detox’, ‘xxx carbo’ or ‘super flush’ magic potions. But these guidelines will, IMHO, work as well as ANY magic potion, better than many magic potions and you got it here for FREE$$$$$$$
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  2. IamN2pot

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    Using a sport drink such as GatorAid or PowerAid in place of the water for step 2 of the dilution guidelines will help raise the specific gravity of your specimin and help lessen the possability of a negitive-dilute result.
    Hope that helps.
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  3. Dutchmaster

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    thanks N2 for the help
  4. IamN2pot

    IamN2pot Registered+


    The link on waterloading is no longer available.
    If someone has a copy of that pdf file, please post it.
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  5. Clow Dee

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    Great posts!
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  6. I'll have my results up in about a week or two...I may or may not have a UA tommorow, if I do, im gonna be prepared with this. Hopefully nobody is yanking my chain cause i'd get sent to rehab....
  7. photosynthesis

    photosynthesis Registered

    if you dont have b12 or anything would a little yellow food coloring work
  8. IamN2pot

    IamN2pot Registered+

    No, but any multi vitamin will work.
  9. DonnieDarko

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    TO THE MODs:

    Is there any way that N2's links in his sig for Substitution and Dilution can be used as stickys in this forum ???? There are so many people that ask the same questions about how to pass their tests, and while there may be some variations these 2 methods seem to be the most reliable and easy to understand. I believe that this forum is as important to users as any other forum.

    Just a thought.
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  10. brrg744

    brrg744 Registered+

    Dude your guide saved my ass!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!
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  11. IamN2pot

    IamN2pot Registered+

    THanks for the 'thought'.

    Hey mod, can we get a couple stickies here??

    P L E A S E ! ! !

  12. corpjoe123

    corpjoe123 Registered

    Your advice PLUS Q-Carbo


    Thanks for the great post I intend on following your advice.

    How do you feel about your advice PLUS using Q-Carbo. Paranoia runs deep and I am thinking about doing both.

    I am now on my 18th day totally dry and I have been drinking 48-62 ounces of water each day. The test is coming any day now.....

    If nothing else I am dropping weight and losing my "Munchie Belly."
  13. IamN2pot

    IamN2pot Registered+

    Using the Q as part of the liquid is fine, it's just expencive. But if you can't return it, then by all means, like I said, use it as part of the 48oz of liquid called for in the guidelines.
  14. lilSmokie

    lilSmokie Registered

    My UA is tomorrow at about 10 am. What does the asprin do? should I start taking some asprin now?? And should I eat fatty foods tonight and tomorrow or not?
  15. gdubstone

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    Dilute result but no positive - subst on retest

    Just wanted to express my gratitude to N2 and post my results:

    I followed N2's direction closely. I used powerade for liquid, and the aspirin, and bvitamins. I did not use rolaids or such and probably should have. Took a home test on my test run, clean. Took a home test before going to the lab. Had to wait 45min at the lab, thought I might be in trouble because I couldn't pee or drink more fluids. Hour an a half after the test, took a home test. Failed the home test, the thc line came in faintly. Was very nervous.

    Results came back Negative dilute and I had to retest. For the retest I was not messing around and was able to substitute with no problems. I will post my results in that thread as well.

    Thanks N2, I got my job and my family and I thank you for your advise.
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  16. GAtorade it is then, ganked every pill suggesch on the list,from assorted food n drug stores (u know they want like almost 10bucks abottle for all that shit, shauw right!) ,got some creatine supps,got b 6 and complex/ crushed 'em too motherfucking yuck *Thing is I flushed for probation test,not a screening*.... matter a fact tho,I heard bout energy drinks being the same type a shit as the detox type drinks etc. - so I had to try,so 4months clean,I blazed out n tried,drank a piss load a water n 36 0zs a Full throtle- an it DID pass,then a week later dropped a bad one cause he hit me with another test un-expected,this endeavor was today so I'll let'chall kno next wends........one love:pimp: :Rasta: :stoned:
  17. AcidFreak

    AcidFreak Registered+

    There are no "tips and tricks" for dilution...just drink a bunch of water starting a couple of hours before your drug test, piss like 3-4 times before your actual piss test, and by then you'll just be pissing water. It doesn't do you any good 'cause it shows up as diluted and they'll just make you re-take it.
  18. I Gotta re take tests all the f time anyway,so diluted NOT dirty is key,Test Re-take's a given...... Good point, tho I always just pounded water myself BUT, if these things help urine integritty then Hell yeah its worth a shot, decreasing my possible pig heat, for flush detection and saving me 20 bucks on flush drinks...... priceless
    My theory is..(which I have to trial an error myself truly to know,and usaully do...)
    ...if you burn that enery drink before u really burn ur fat cells,then u also piss it - before u piss out would be measureable toxins,level variables must factor,but hopefully so does hope........ Oh an dudes fuck bleach!!!!!,even IF that was no-fail,Im not burnin my hole an breaking my stones that much to walk the line for THESE pricks..... I'll letcha kno...........RastaFAri
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  19. woRKED GREAT SO FAR...

    It motha fuckin worked, that doosh at proby was bout to give me anutheR test,an I go "Is there a lotta people waitng out there" (piss line) - "yep" - but " you tested me last week" - ........ "Oh I did" ..... ... .. . "its negitive"

    !!Great to hear!! good lookin out peace amd thanks

    IN^2tooganjah$ ........"youre money"
    Unless noogets really compound in ur systM ,and I cant flush past, that just a risk I'm a gonna have ta take Yo I'm pretty sure those -Po- tests ar the shittiest outta them anyways:thumbsup: .......ONE HEART
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  20. It worked,but I got chest heart pains I think its the asprin tho

    !!!!It motha fuckin worked!!! that doosh at proby was bout to give me anutheR test, an I go "Is there a lotta people waitng out there" (piss line) - "yep" -"Oh great" but " you tested me last week" - ........ "Oh I did" ..... ... .. . "its negitive"

    !!Great to hear!! good lookin out peace amd thanks

    IN^2tooganjah$ ........"youre money"
    Unless noogets really compound in ur systM ,and I cant flush past, that just a risk I'm a gonna have ta take Yo I'm pretty sure those -Po- tests ar the shittiest outta them anyways:thumbsup: .......ONE HEART It could be the creatine that gave my chest pain tho, whats the word? N2 ???
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