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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by IamN2pot, May 1, 2004.

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  1. D_C's_Highest

    D_C's_Highest Registered

    I have a question i just took my ua and i didnt take any vitamins or nothing like that.. but 2 days before i drank the shit out of some tea, then yesterday i took an absolute de-tox(not nowing that the Lab would be closed) after that i drank just tea and that was it, and now today i have just drank water and nothing but do you think i will still be ok?
  2. guajiro_rebelde

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    Gatorade 'n Certo

    I am a new member- went scouring for information a few days ago because of an upcoming whiz quiz for a job that took me completely by surprise. I had used a combination of dilution/exercise and fruit pectin in ths past with good results but have gained a little weight since my last whiz quiz (munch munch). Anyway, im pretty sure the sample went to a lab with a mass spectrometer- no simple dip test here- they had to send it to a neighboring state! Im a habitual/heavy smoker - take intermittent rips all day long rather than get completely bizzaro all at once, but I was pretty confident so i smoked a few biz-oles about 19 hours beforehand (i think i read somewhere that weed impairs your judgement) took about 15 multi vitamins total in that time.downed a gallon of water 17 hours before test. 2.5 hours before the test i downed a 64oz of orangegatorade mixed with fruit pectin. Voided fluids 2 times before hand (15 min after drink and 1 hour after drink) Oh lord a mercy! When i finally got through all the paperwork at the lab I had to pee so bad! (your third piss after pectin is the best! Dont waste it!) Anyway, put urine from the middle/last part of stream in the cup and i tell you, i had never enjoyed not having to urinate so much in my entire life. Just got a call back today saying all's well! And the best part, is that i know at least for myself that for the time being, i dont ever have to worry 'bout the little plastic cup with the temp strip. Just thought id drop a little science on y'all- orange gatorade/multi vit's/liquid fruit pectin. And now, if you'll excuse me (cough):pimp:
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  3. GreenGanjaGary

    GreenGanjaGary Registered

    Great service guys!

    I will tell you my situation first, and praise you afterwards.

    I finally get offered a networking job at a very good company and they want me to work on their computers, this is after I have been applying for these jobs for 5 years on and off and I've been smoking very heavily for about 9 years solid up until 4 days before the test. Anyways I got the job offer pending a drug test. So I freak out, start chugging cranberry juice, and going to the bathroom but not to pee. *Cranberry gives you the runs* Anyways, soon enough I came across this website and it's awesome members who provide incredibly valuable information. I knew that you could dillute your piss, but I didn't know that you could cover it up. So I did exactly this ::

    I Smoked Monday night, test was Saturday morning. Thats 4 full days of being sober. I ate a large fatty steak meal the night before the test, that is the ONLY thing I did for my creatine levels. My test was 20-50 gc/ms what ever the hell that means. So my test is at 9:30 monday morning. I woke up at 5:00 AM and started to drink 1 quart of gatorade and popped 4 aspirin. I downed about 1 quart by 6:00 and started to pee quite frequently (10-20 minutes in between.) I then crushed up 2 Qtabs and took 2 Qtabs whole. I crushed two Qtabs in hopes that it would help me get more creatinine in my system, which it technically could not have done. ANYWAYS - These Qtabs have 11000% your daily value of RIBOFLAVIN which is vitamin B2 which is why some of you are having trouble finding it. If you need it get Qtabs - they cost about 20-30 bucks and have helpful things in them for the dilution process. They should be at any natural food store or GNC (GNC wants like 44 bucks, ripoff a-holes) The Qtabs are a total of 10 pills which I took throughout the 4 hour period of time, the last 6 I took in the last hour and a half before the test so the b2 did its job. Moving on - by 7 AM I drank a total of 2 quarts of gatorade and at 7 AM I popped 2 more aspirin and I popped 4 rolaids. Everytime I peed I drank some more gatorade. by 8 AM I had drank 1 more quart of gatorade and a little bit of cranberry juice. 8 AM I popped 2 rolaids and 2 extra strength tums and started to pop the 6 Qtabs. 3 then 3 more about 30 minutes later. Also popped 1 or 2 more aspirin at 8 AM. With the LAST quart of gatorade (the 4th quart) I poured around 2 tablespoons of tablesalt into the gatorade and drank that, tastes gross. I made sure I peed a couple times before I left. I had to pee something terrible when I finally took my test, but it was nice and yellow when it came out, it was ALMOST curiously green, but it DID look natural for the most part. Just to be safe I put my midstream pee into the cup and the rest into the pot. I didn't fill it too incredibly much, I dunno if that matters. I'm just being precise. I had probably peed a total of 15 times before I took my actual test. From what I am understanding this is overkill - But I am pretty sure they tested me for specific gravity and creatinine levels because this company has money coming out of its bum and they took 3+ days to test it in a lab. Anyways I got a call today at about 1:00 PM Wednesday - 4 days after I took my test - and they said to come in to start on Monday. So I assume that means I passed the test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now for the praise -
    EVERYBODY, from the people that put this website together to the random posters who give their stories, deserve a big pat on the back. You are helping regular people live regular lives in the face of a ruthless beast who consumes our personal rights and freedoms seemingly on a daily basis. I am more then appreciative to the the admins for keeping this site up and available to the public. I also want to thank Imn2Pot but he definitely does not deserve all the credit. But you are very informed and I found most everything you said incredibly helpful and relaxing. Keep up this excellent work, EVERYBODY!

    Summary **This is WITHOUT ANY Creatine suppliment, you should take a normal dosage of creatine suppliment if possible for 2 and 3 days before the test**

    1. 4 hours before test - Drink 1 quart gatorade pop 4 aspirin, 4 Qtabs
    2. 3 hours before test - Drink 1 quart gatorade (optional 2 aspirin)
    3. 2 hours before test - Drink 1 quart gatorade pop 2 aspirin, 4 rolaids,3Qtabs
    4. 1 hour before test - Drink 1 quart gatorade+2tblspn Tablesalt, 2 rolaids, 2 tums, 3Qtabs, 2 aspirin

    Body size may vary the amounts of liquid and other pills, but I think this is a surefire way to pass. I am 6'0 210 lbs mid 20's average metabolism.

  4. Cinder Hella

    Cinder Hella Registered

    Ya know I don't get why some people think it cool to post there own methods in a thread someone else started so I'm quoting the original post that so many have had success with here again for proper reference. I'm not saying no one else's ways work but if it ain't broke,....

    I smoke about 3 or 4 times a week and I recently followed the above to a T and not just passed a piss test but a piss test for a clinical study at a medical lab, Ha! I did substitute 32oz of the water for Gatorade though but the original post said that was ok. I passed the initial drug screening and will be tested once a week for the next 4 weeks. I'll keep ya posted on how it goes! :rastabong:
  5. Number 1 DJ

    Number 1 DJ Registered+

    dang guys i got b12 instead of b2 u think this is good or should i just go get b2 to be safe?
  6. Number 1 DJ

    Number 1 DJ Registered+

    ok well i guess i will just tell u my story for my own comfort very new to weed only smoked two times once last monday(2 grams split 2 ppl) and the following thursaday(same amount) now i get a call from a job asking me to come in for interview on friday (not the day after i smoked, the next friday) so on the interview friday i will have been clean for 8 days and only smoked twice if im given a drug test that day u think i should be straight? im 5'11" 150lb's ok metabolisim so yeah u think i should be safe?
  7. NEW 2 THIS

    NEW 2 THIS Registered

    48 hour deadline- Please help!!!!

    Hello, I am in the middle of changing jobs, and I was just offered one but a drug test is part of the pre employment screening.

    I wouldnt call myself a chronic smoker but I do smoke at least 3-4 times every couple of weeks, but its just a one blunt or joint when I do. The last time I smoked was Monday evening, and I stopped after one hit because it was rolled too tight and I was pulling anything, the time before that was probaly Tuesday or Wednesday of the last week, the week of the 9th....

    Now that you know my smoking habits, I was just notified yesterday that I need to take the test in 48 hours! Since yesterday I went to this health store and purchased Wellement herbal cleansing tea flavor red rasberry! Im looking at other post and I havent seen anyone using this. I am also drinking a lot of water since last night, i would say that I have consumed a gallon, and I just ate some chicken and pasta like 5min ago, my urine is clear too clear! should i go and get another detox drink that is more popular, I havent taken that other yet I was going to wait until tomorrow tomorrow morning right before the test, I have also taken 2 niacins today so far one at 8 am and one just a few minutes ago, strangely I am not getting that hot and itching like someothers said I would, very minimumal. I really need this job, what do you advise? what other steps should I take, what shouldnt i do, what do I need to right before the test, would a practice test be good for me? If I pass that does that mean I need to keep up whatever method Im using or if I pass that now, I should be good for tomorrow mid day?

    Will the testing center detect anything?
  8. madeline

    madeline Registered+

    Do whatever you can to delay the test to give you more time. How badly you want to keep this job will determine the lengths you'll go to protect it so we can't help you there.
    But if it were me and there was absolutely no way out of it and I really wanted to keep this job I'd be thinking up some kind of calamity that would allow me a few days to a week off. Beyond that, start drinking. Anything that'll flush out quickly (I suggest cranberry juice) and AVOID FATS OF ANY KIND! I also recommend a diuretic such as "Aqua-Ban" to help get rid of excess water build-up from all of the drinking you're doing. Then on day of the test be sure to empty the bladder as much as possible before giving them their specimen and take niacin or b-vitamin when you wake up to put color and weight back into the urine (too much raises suspicions too so don't go overboard with them). You will most likely pass but will probably be disqualified from being diluted but that's ok, you should be given another test in a day or two which gives you even more of that valuable time you need right now.

    But still the best and sure-fire way to pass is by substitution. Especially for employment tests as they usually are not watched and if so not all that closely...usually.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
  9. madeline

    madeline Registered+

    And if they really want to watch you can always claim "Shy Bladder Syndrom" then pull a switch when you're left alone. It's a very real malady that leaves one unable to pee in the presence of others.
  10. action.420

    action.420 Registered+

    So even when using the B12 vitamins my piss will still come back diluted it will just look yellow to the lab person I give it too? Isn't that a bit sketchy? BTW I can't raise my creatine levels bc this place tests for it, but I plan on just diluteing it, just wanted to know what exactly the B12 vitamins will do... Thanks.
  11. Dizzy1

    Dizzy1 Registered+

    I don't like to be "that" guy, but you really have to research this section of the forums (drug testing). All of the answers you are looking for are in here, I know because I've freakin read waaay too many of them. ;)

    They test for creatine levels because a low level indicates a dilluted sample. Read the stickies and you'll know why.

    B12(plus the B complex) add color and some weight to the urine, that's all.

    They also test for salts in the urine, those add to the weight.
  12. hehmke

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    question about diluted sample

    been clean for 16 days and passed a home drug test a day before todays test
    I took a lab urinalysis today. the test was at 10:30 and i woke up at 9:00 and urinated twice before the test with one glass of water only . when i took the first test i did not give enough of a sample so they told me to drink a few glasses of water and wait to go again. my first sample was a rich yellow color and then after the first sample i drank 4 6oz glasses of water and waited to go again. after 20 min i submitted my second sample and it was a light yellow/green color
    my question is will this sample be diluted b/c of the water or did i not drink enough water to have a diluted sample.
    im worried my creatine level will not be sufficient
    please give me any knowledge you have . this is very important to my future
  13. boogey

    boogey Registered

    Women getting tested

    Hi folks,

    Having read all of the threads here on the topic of drug testing (and having found them tremendously helpful, thanks) I will endeavor to avoid redundancy.

    Here are my details, in case anyone is interested. I'm a late-30-something woman working in a reasonably high-up position in the business field. I've been a pretty heavy toker (consume about an eighth a week) for the past 10 or so years. I have never had to take a drug test before. I will be beginning a new job in September, however, which requires me to pass a urine test. Because of this, I've given up my favorite vice (oh, the horror) so that by the time I'm tested in late August, I will have had between 11 and 14 weeks of clean living. I am 5'4'' and 170lbs, so definitely not a lean lass but not obese either. I've also been living a pretty sedentary lifestyle. As such, a high body fat percentage and slow metabolism is the thorn in my side in terms of passing. I'll be trying to up my daily activity and water consumption in order to boost my metabolism in the coming weeks.

    Here are my questions.

    1. Most of the posts I've read on this site have been made by men. Similarly, most of the research I've read has used men as participants. Do any of the experts out there know if clearance time is higher for women than men? I would assume so, since our body fat percentage is as much as double that of men.

    2. Also, I'm trying hard not to ask the ubiquitous (and probably annoying) "will I pass?" question, so I'll put it this way. Assuming I do not cheat between now and mid-August, do those in the know still recommend I dilute at that point or is this overkill? Has anyone on here quit for that long and NOT passed?

    3. Okay fine, I'll do it... Will I pass?

    Thanks again to those who have posted such great tips, helping good honest people like us protect our jobs and family.
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  14. chantoke

    chantoke Banned

    you can get creatine monohydrate at GNC for fairly cheap. it's in powder form. mix it up with some grape juice or gatorade. the breakdown product is creatinine. if it's too elevated in your urine, tell them you were exercising that morning or the night before
  15. chantoke

    chantoke Banned

    2.5 months is more than long enough to get rid of thc. you can help the process by exercising too.
  16. chantoke

    chantoke Banned

    b2 is riboflavin. it's a totally different vitamin. the op was talking about b12.
  17. chantoke

    chantoke Banned

    i think you might have reversed your thinking there. it's not that less THC total is filtered, it's that you dilute your urine enough so that there are say 1 part per 100,000 units of water instead of 1 part per 10,000 units of water. dilution works. only problem is 'specific gravity' or density of your urine goes down and the lab can check that as well.

    this thread gives pretty detailed explanations of how to make your urine not seem diluted as well. not sure if it's as reliable. and nothing really seems as reliable as substituing.

    this all depends on how old you are too. after 25-30 peoples kidneys really slow down. and it depends on your weight, because thc can form a suspension with your fat that makes it a very slow release over a very long period of time.
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  18. sudden0utburst

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    hey um... i got a problem

    im only 19 (on june 13 woo!) n imon probation

    now i smoked about a hit n a half (maybe 2 lol) of some kinda potent shit...
    i weigh 170 im a lil chubby but kinda stalky... but neways
    my next piss test is on the 19th n i smoked on the 10th!!!

    i am gonna follow the dilution method but im scared.. i dont wanna lose my life.. n i know it was irresponsible n all but im still.. in a rut man...

    more info: before the 10th, i smoked on like the 25th or before that, like a hit or 2 maybe 3.... n before that was about a month or two... do u guys think ima get locked up.. or will i be fine? anyone.. please? anyone trustworthy?
  19. FakeBoobsRule

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    What do you mean I might have reversed my thinking? I never said less THC total is filtered. I understand dilution completely. I gave this explanation about 4 months ago. I have no problems understanding or explaining dilution.

    Use the search feature and you can find the original thread. I am too tired and I gotta hurry before my girl wakes up.
  20. Guy

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    If i use multi-vitimin will it pass for the vitamin B i need to make my pee yeller?
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