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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by IamN2pot, May 1, 2004.

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  1. v4r1bl3

    v4r1bl3 Registered+

    Well...I followed the dilution method as well as I could, and I took a test today. The piss was still incredibly pale, though, so I'm worried they'll just say it's an automatic failed because it looks like I tried to cheat the test. Just wanted to say thanks for the information, and to wish me luck, haha...
  2. v4r1bl3

    v4r1bl3 Registered+

    Oh, and by the way guys, with the creatine, from my research, they only test for 5ng/ml, which is an extremely small amount. They can't really test the creatine, because they don't know what your normal level is without testing you 24 hours before hand, just for your creatine level ;)
  3. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Smackdown Moderation

    OMG This advice is completely INCORRECT.

    First of all they are measuring creatinine clearance and not creatine. Second the unit of measure is mg/dl not ng/ml. Third they can test for creatinine clearance and they aren't testing for creatine. Fourth, the level where you might be considered dilute is not 5 ng/ml but at 20 mg/dl or less, you could be in danger of getting a dilute negative depending on what your specific gravity is.
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  4. v4r1bl3

    v4r1bl3 Registered+

    Yeah, chief, I made a typo, and I've read on several different pages that they've lowered it to 5mg/dl, my bad.
  5. v4r1bl3

    v4r1bl3 Registered+

    Actually, we're both right, they're both units of measure. And by the way, not everyone is as perfect as you, but I'm pretty sure could still realize that when I said "creatine" they're testing of some form of it.
  6. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Smackdown Moderation

    No, just because they are both units of measure doesn't mean we are both right. Below 5 mg/dl is usually considered non-human urine and not a dilute sample. Then you get into a whole new round of trouble because you look like you have adulterated your sample.
  7. v4r1bl3

    v4r1bl3 Registered+

    Funny, since I've been seeing ng/ml all over the place on not only on this forum, but others. And I didn't say below 5, I said over. Though, why I even bother posting I don't know, since you are simply looking to prove how amazingly awesome your knowledge is.
  8. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Smackdown Moderation

    Funny thing is you are getting levels mixed up. 50 ng/ml is associated with the threshold on immunoassay and THC metabolite level. The way you said "they only test for 5ng/ml" in your first post in this thread makes it sound like that is the passing level, so yes you did and it is also incorrect. I'm not proving how amazing my drug testing knowledge is, I just don't want people to fail because someone comes along with a post count of 6 and starts typing out bad info.

    You need to have a creatinine clearance level of 20 mg/dl or higher to pass validity without any problems. It is that simple.
  9. thunderchunky70

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  10. needajob

    needajob Registered

    thanks i hope

    Well thanks for the tips. I followed the guidelines to a T, except it took a little longer for my pee to turn yellow after taking the vitamin B but i will keep yall posted on the results.

    And im a female so we shall see if it passes the gender test as someone before mentioned.
  11. v4r1bl3

    v4r1bl3 Registered+

    I passed the test! It worked, it worked, I'm employed, and thank God for this site! Next step is to buy an oz and celebrate! First chonger's going out to N2!
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  12. clock26

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    I understand that the B-Vitamin is primarily to keep the urine a more "normal" color, and not look so diluted. However, what prevents the sample from seeming diluted when they test it? Or is that why you drink electrolytes to raise the specific gravity, because then the sample doesn't seem dilute? I'm just wondering how they determine whether or not dilution was done because for my pre-employment screen dilution is counted as an automatic positive so I dont want to encounter that.
  13. v4r1bl3

    v4r1bl3 Registered+

    electrolytes, or rolaids will raise the specific gravity, and also creatinine levels could possibly be checked for dilution. Which can be fixed by eating a lot of red meat 1-2 days before the test :Rasta:
  14. TimberWolf

    TimberWolf Registered

    Hello I am new here. I am going to eat red meat. What kind of meat and how well should I cook?

    Next week I will go to network company for tech support training and will have drug test but not know when I will have drug test. I stop smoking since last Monday. I read N2's instruction. I bought B12 and asprins. I am going to start drink coffee and gatorades. I am going to take asprins and B12 daily til drug test. Will it be ok?

    TimberWolf :cool:
  15. NuggPuffer

    NuggPuffer Registered

    some one help me

    im a ghanja lover and i was cought with the fukin po-po with my bowl and weed well i ditched the weed cuz the cop was a dumb fuck but i got cought with the pipe so i want to court an they sent me to cads and i start that in like a week and they allready drug tested me an i failed terribly and they are guna test me again and if i fail again im fucked so what should i do? drink a shit bunch of water? put a couple dropps of bleach in my piss? and do detoxifacation pills work? helllllllp
  16. Achiever

    Achiever Registered

    I did this method and am waiting on my results from yesterday's test.

    Was a heavy smoker for 3 years, multiple times daily, quit for about a month, then smoked a tobacco/weed pinner J with maybe 1/4 gram (negligable) amount of the green about 20 days before the test. Should I be worried? Probably not, right?

    I will update ASAP
  17. Achiever

    Achiever Registered


    Thank you.

    Although I would stress that there are other factors which require you to meet it halfway (like abstaining), this method definitely helps because it addresses all of the common criteria upon which donors fail and how to beat it.

    Just got a call back from my employer - I swear it was like I was on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" except it was "Who Wants to Pass a Drug Screen," with a long dramatic pause followed by being on hold for a few seconds. Finally, the good news came.

    Bada bing.
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  18. Iguana

    Iguana Registered+

    Could someone with known expertise (FBR?) please post if it is better to eat fats before testing or should they be avoided? I had always heard that in the days right before the test it would be better to eat them, but I seen a few times on this site that people are saying to avoid them.???
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  19. catzdogz

    catzdogz Registered

    thank you!!!

    Just wanted to say that I used this method and it worked!! I followed all of N2's steps, except that I used Powerade rather than water. I didn't smoke for 16 days, but on the day of the test, I came back positive on my first morning urine. I thought I was screwed, but I followed these directions carefully and it worked.. Thank you!! :smokin:
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  20. collieflower

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