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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by IamN2pot, May 1, 2004.

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  1. LimeCush

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    Does this dilute it only for the day of the test?Or does this clean it for good?
  2. Iguana

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    Dilution only works while you are diluted. There is no long-term dilution other than having enough time pass.
  3. kristinfrisch

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    good luck
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  4. aussie big buds

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    red bull and berocca

    Ive been a pot smoker for about 15 years till i scored a wicked job and job site policy is to do random drug testing on site... they pick you out as you come in the gate.... I've been taking Red bull and Berocca with vitamin B2 & B3 every morning all i can say is so far so good..... I drink water till i'm pissing clear then take the above mentioned items about an hour before i walk through the gate....
  5. SirSpanky

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    I was clean for 2 weeks before the test but I was still nervous about passing so I followed the steps for dilution. I started eating red meat 2 days before my test and followed the directions to a T (substituted Gatorade for water) and passed.
  6. SirSpanky

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    OK so I guess I didn't pass. The company called me back today and said the test was diluted and that I would have to take it again. Not sure if I should try the steps for dilution again...
  7. Burnt Toast

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    This step can be skipped.

    Back when the Guidelines were compiled, aspirin was used as an interferant for only one type of test: the first-generation EMIT screen. Since then, a second-gen EMIT (aka EMIT II ) was introduced to counter the interference issues caused by aspirin. As a result, the first-gen EMIT is seldom used by the labs anymore (if, at all).

    Mechanism and elimination of aspirin-induced interference in Emit II d.a.u. assays -- Linder and Valdes 40 (8): 1512 -- Clinical Chemistry
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