Dilution works, watch creatine levels

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by fare thee well now, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. fare thee well now

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    just wanted to post feed back after many were helpful for me...

    passed test, and I'm back :thumbsup: :dance:

    pretty easy really

    step one: stop smoking asap. I mean, come on. If you really want to pass a pisser, the best way to increase your odds is to stop smoking as soon as possible before your test. 8 days was more than enough for me but everyone's different. which brings me to:

    step two: Buy some home tests. Lots of them. Here’s a tip from BloodyRedBarren:

    :One more thing I forgot to add. Here’s a site to buy cheap and reliable THC testing strips. http://www.meditests.com/drugtesmarth.html

    use them, I bought 15 plus next day air for like $30. That’s $30 well spent. Screw the magic potions, buy confidence and assuredness that you will pass. Test often and in different circumstances (after lots of water, no water, morning, noon, night, mid stream, start stream, whatever).

    Step three: take creatine supplements several days ahead of time. My test was done by Lab One Page and although specific gravity was on the results page, the test was not performed. Creatinine instead was used to measure concentration. I took supplements about 48 hours before test, but only a couple of capsules, during the first 24 hours. Then I stopped because I was afraid I would test to high. All in all I took about 5 tablespoons.

    Test shows my creatinine level was 11.6 :( too low but I passed anyway. The results state that normal levels of creatinine are 27-260 (MG/DL). I'm a vegetarian so mine might be low anyway, but diluting doesn't help. Which is step 4

    step four: dilute. not flush, dilute. Although drinking 3 gallons of water a day 2 weeks ahead of time couldn't hurt your test results, it probably doesn't help all that much. about 16 hours before the test I start. Probably early even then but I want to be well hydrated BEFORE I start diluting. A 32 once PowerAde and a couple B-Complex time release before bed. I couple more glasses a water before morning. And 2 32 oz PowerAde before my 12 noon test with one more b-Compex. Again, maybe a little too much.

    Test myself 1 hour before the test and my stick test is a confident 2 bold stripes: NEGATIVE FOR THC.

    passed the test easily. could have done it in less, with less, but really wanted to be sure so went a little far. Take more creatine or cut back a little with the h2o and your set. Most important however:


    peace, good luck, and good smoke everyone

    oh yeah, I smoked everyday (plus or minus a day here or there) for 12 years before stopping for 8 days. 5’ 10” 185 lbs.
  2. DonnieDarko

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    Great post ftwn,

    very concise and accurate IMO. Anyone who lives in fear of THC testing must have a plan. And yes ..... because we're all different, using test strips early and often is important. Are all test strips the same and as accurate as the actual testing ????

    I would LOVE for a thread like this to be a sticky on this forum.

    Thanks so much

  3. shorty12

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    Gonna try it

    Just got a call for a random today and stalled at least until Thurs. Only smoked a few hits off a hitter Fri, Sat, and Sun-don't think I even got high, but this is an important drop.

    So okay, Fare thee well...... I'm desperate right now, and although I had to retake a test for dilution already, I'm going to try it with your method. My counselor showed me my levels,(gravity and creatine) and they were VERY low. I have some creatine that my boyfriend takes, that I'm going to start taking today, along with multi-vits and cranberry supplements. I know, I know, nobodys suggestions on here come with guarantees but I'm not about to spend upwards of $50 for a toxin flusher when I can dilute myself. Do you think I have a chance? your method sounds good
  4. shorty12

    shorty12 Registered

    ALSO--- he just tells me he's had it for about 2 years-does anyone know the shelf life for Creatine Burst from GNC??????
  5. shorty12

    shorty12 Registered

    Darn it!!!! And how much should I be taking a day? I'm 5'2 about 106lbs????
  6. I need help by friday I don't think test strips will help.
    I need some way to fool the test.
    I see all these postingd about the Bloody Red Barron.
    Where is this guy and how can i contact him for advice?
    Does he have a web site???
  7. WhiskeyGirl

    WhiskeyGirl Banned

    Get Quick Fix 4.0 , that seems to work for me, I tookthe Bloody Red Barrons advice.I dont know why , but they Banned him?
    All I know is he helped alot of people and as you can see almost every other posting has his name on it, but he is no where to be found.
    No explaination from the mods either..?
    I dont know if they are still there, but you can see if his old postings are still on here , Good Luck and God Bless the BRB for all his awesome advice N help :)
    thank you soo much!!
    WG:stoned: ;)
  8. Psycho4Bud

    Psycho4Bud The Modfather

    Initially The Barron was given 3 days for flaming on someone. After the 3 was up he come back under THREE different user names flaming like Hitler withdrawling from crack. Completely over the lines of this forum or any other. Really to bad though.....alot of valuable information there.:(

    Have a good one!:thumbsup:
  9. willystylle

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    Excuse the ignorance but what does creatine and creatinine have to do with the THC levels in your urine?
  10. shorty12

    shorty12 Registered


    Your body naturally produces creatine and somehow it turns into creatinine. Read some other posts for another detailed answer on that, but when you dilute your urine the UA checks for the creatinine levels, if they're real low, they know that you have diluted.

    If anyone can direct me as to how much to load up on, it would be helpful. I started yesterday and took about 2 1/2 tblspns.
  11. stickyinsalem

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    First off...you should not be taking so much creatine or any at all...I am no expert...but i was a football player in high school and college and there were many studies conducted on creatine b4 they banned them from collegic use..if you take too much...you will have a stroke...(heart attack)...b very careful in your dosages...and be sure to drink plenty of water...the creatine that you are taking absorbs the water from your body...if you take 2 tablespoons...it absorbs 10X's that amount of water...if not more...giving your blood thickness...making it unable to move about your body as freely as needed...i would suggest taking asprin with it if you wish to continue to take the creatine...
    Second...i have smoked on the way to a piss test while drinking these wonderful newly found energy drinks...RED BULL is the best...it have plenty of vitamins and minerals..(riboflavin and yes...creatine) that have a controled amount in them...anyways...i drank almost 2 cases (4 cans a case) on the way and still passed that fucker...with flying colors...might have been lucky...might have been the drinks...i dont know..but what i do know is that there is deaths and strokes happening almost every day in athletes that take creatine...anyone remember the minnesota vikings player that died? he was found to have been taking creatine...and the water in his body was under 30% what he needed...causing to have a heat stroke and die...instantly...
  12. shorty12

    shorty12 Registered


    I appreciate the response and the concern. Are you recommending Red Bull for the Creatine or just waterloading along with the creatine. I have to dilute, I have NO other choice. And to prevent any red flags, I'd rather have all my levels as close to right as possible. Is the Red Bull your suggestion or what???
  13. I can not see why you would ban a guy like The bloody Red Barron?
    I found his web site and talked to him on MSN messenger.
    He was very nice and helpful.
    I took his advice and ordered Quick Fix 4.0 and had it overnighted so it will be here just in time.I have a test friday.And I know I'm hotted then a 2 peckered goat in a sheep heard.

    By The way The Barron gave me a code # and I got $10 off my order.
    I got more info in 10 mins.of talking to him then I did in the 3-4 days I browsed and ask on this site.

    Thank you Whiskey Girl for his E-Mail addy and to his other postings.

    P.S. I would like to say one thing to the mod..
    I don't know what kind of flamming he did he did not want to talk about it.
    But like me he is German and calling someone Hitler that is German is a form of flamming in itself.

    So no matter what happens or is said The Barron is OK with me.
    He came off to me as someone who says whats on his mind and I guess sometimes the truth hurts???????
  14. Psycho4Bud

    Psycho4Bud The Modfather

    I'm German also but what was stated by the Barron has nothing to do with the German people or Germany of today. This type of racial hate WILL NOT be tolorated on these boards. I would repost what he stated but why kill the buzz of alot of GOOD people in here?

    Glad he was able to help ya out.....to bad his personal beliefs will keep his knowledge of drug testing out of this site for good.

    Have a good one!:thumbsup:
  15. shorty12

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    It really bothers me to see that everyone uses these posts to complain about someone getting banned. I haven't been here that long, but most of what I saw from "Barren" was posted and reposted, so if anyone needed the information that he had to give, Its still here and had he still been here it would probably be reposted. I'm here to get info on drug testing and different methods my fellow heads have used to help pass a test, not here a bunch of moaning and complaining about someone getting banned. This is the second post I have tried to get info from that has turned into a battle with the Mod. Cut it out, don't be children. If your here to help, then help-if not, QUIT BITCHIN!!!!!:mad:
  16. dfguy

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    When you tested yourself, was your pee diluted ?, I tested my self after 9 days after, morning pee from the top, not mid-stream, wanted to see how bad it was, came out dirty. I have another test comming up soon,about 20 days clean, I plan to pig out a few days before to add a new layer of fat. And dilute. what are your thoughts?
  17. shorty12

    shorty12 Registered

    My urine was not diluted. I bought the tests to monitor whether I was going to be clean or not and starting taking the creatine just in case I had to dilute. Fornutely for me, somehow it got out of my system quite fast.
  18. TokinBaby

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    shorty, you're seem about my size(im 5'4" 118 lbs), how long were u clean for before you tested yourself? Also where did u get the tests from and how much were they? I've been clean since 4-1-06, then I smoked a joint that Sat. and then I was clean a week before that. Before I decided to get clean, I smoked prob 4-6x/week and smoked at least 1-2 full joints when I did smoke. I have an interview this Tues. so I figure it'll be another week and a half to two weeks bf they PT me if im hired. I just wanna make sure and be prepared ya know....:eek:
  19. dfguy

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  20. shorty12

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    Even though you quit smoking on 4-1 and were clean a week before that, you probably weren't actually clean. I got real lucky and hadn't smoked since like March. Well the weekend of June 25th I smoked on Fri, Sat and Sun, I went to a local headshop and bought 8 tests for $20. Started testing myself Monday, and Tuesday they started coming back clean. Don't ask me how. I am 5'2, 108 lbs. I do have a fast metabolism but like everyone says, everyone is different. I just completed my counseling today so I know that my UA came back clean. I wasn't sure if I was going to have to dilute or not, thats why I bought the tests. I would suggest going to buy some tests, they have them at Walgreens too, but its like $15 for just one. So if you are able to get to a headshop they probably have em. Start testing yourself and if you have to dilute, use Fare Thee Well Now's dilution method. I was going to but luckily didn't have to. I'd be careful about the interview though, I was sent immediately after my second interview to go test. Good Luck, hope this helps:D

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