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  1. dankkeeper

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    I didn't think anyone (even fundamentalists) thought that people lived during the same time period as dinosaurs. Apparently I was wrong.

    - from T. rex ate coconuts | Scientific Blogging
    (too bad they had to take a shot at weed at the end of the article :smokin: )
    So out of curiosity,do any of you guys believe that dinosaurs and humans lived together?
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  2. Samwhore

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    No, they probally ate them.
  3. stinkyattic

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    Yeah, Fred Flintstone and Dino...
    Other than that, no.
  4. delusionsofNORMALity

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    leave it to kentucky

    a t-rex on noah's ark?
    that explains what happened to the unicorns!
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  5. Weedhound

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    Coconuts!! I love that. Dinosaurs opened the coconuts and brought them to Adam and Eve who then made cocunut cookies with them and fed all. Don't you people know anything?? :S2:
  6. Polymirize

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    If I'm ever in kentucky again... I'd totally have to wander through that place stoned. That would be such a blast.

    Visit kentucky, make fun of the ignorant... sounds like a summer vacation to me!
  7. smoke it

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    lol. dinosaurs are awesome.
  8. manof34holds

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    As a Christian, I can safely say that Christians are crazy especially with this litteral interpretation of scripture bullshit. Most have no idea that Adam and Eve is considered a myth by the Jews. Even THEY don't believe it and it's THEIR story!
  9. PureEvil760

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    well this would be the 3rd time im pointing this out. Atlantis was built in the water because of the dinosaurs, they were developing a virus to kill them but were destroyed before they could.
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  10. Oneironaut

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    No, dinosaurs and humans did not live together, obviously. Dinosaur remains are only found in rocks that can be radiometrically dated to >65 million years, and hominids are only found in rocks that can be radiometrically dated to the past couple million. I've yet to hear a creationist properly respond to that. They point out weird anomalies where the radiometric dating process has gone wrong, but they can't possibly explain the overwhelming convergence of the properly-done radiometric data (if radiometric dating didn't work at all, we would not see any kind of correlation between different fossils, but we do), nor can they explain the positions of the fossils in widely separated geological layers. One dinosaur skeleton in the Holocene, or one human fossil in the Mesozoic would be enough to blow our whole paleontological history to pieces, but it just doesn't happen.

    Not all Jews. Orthodox Jews still believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible.
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  11. 40oz

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    It may appear that the T rex is gonna eat the other dinosaur but I can assure you he's just stealing it's coconuts.

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  12. Oneironaut

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    Good thing he has those sharp claws so he won't drop the coconuts.
  13. PureEvil760

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    do they do archiological digs at the bottom of the ocean?
  14. Oneironaut

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    Umm, no, but what does that change? (By the way, I think you mean paleontological digs, not archaeological digs...there's a big difference) If you're going to make some claims about Atlantis and dinosaurs, you're going to have to show the geological evidence that Atlantis really existed, that it's possible within plate tectonic theory for a whole continent to catastrophically sink (the principle of isostasy renders this impossible), and the paleontological evidence that dinosaurs inhabited it. Until you can do that, I think it's safe to say that it's a crackpot hypothesis with no real scientific merit.
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  15. delusionsofNORMALity

    delusionsofNORMALity Registered+

    i took that photo and actually it was a rather rowdy disagreement over the ownership of a pineapple.
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  16. dankkeeper

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    The generic response is that God put the dinosaur fossils there to test our faith or some crap like that. Ahh...fundamentalism at its best. lol
  17. mrdevious

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    Do you EVER express an idea as a hypothesis or theory, not just a fact?
  18. Oneironaut

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    Actually, now that I've done a little searching, I've found out they are actually doing ocean palaeontology. And so far, it looks like they haven't found any Atlantean dinosaurs.

    Ocean Paleontology Bibliography
  19. delusionsofNORMALity

    delusionsofNORMALity Registered+

    didn't you get the memo

    mankind is now capable of understanding everything instantaneously. we no longer have any need of experimentation, the very concept of theory is now obsolete. as soon as an idea is uttered it becomes fact, with at least 435 experts to verify its undeniable veracity.

    if you have any questions about this development just ask al gore.;)
  20. Nightcrewman

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    "As a Christian, I can safely say that Christians are crazy especially with this litteral interpretation of scripture bullshit. Most have no idea that Adam and Eve is considered a myth by the Jews. Even THEY don't believe it and it's THEIR story!"

    Adam and Eve---the bible says they were the first man and woman on earth yet it goes on to say that their sons buggered off and married some women from somwhere or other doesnt quite ring true somehow
    where exactly did the other women appear from as Adams family were supposedly the only humans it would appear that the bible is wrong from the very beginning and that suggests it is all a load of tosh !!

    On the subject of dinosaurs and humans at the same time just because scientists have not found proof they co-existed doesnt mean they didnt.

    Cheers :D

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