DirtyDarin's Purple Widow...pics

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by DirtyDarin, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. DirtyDarin

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    PW 5-15-07b.jpg
    PW 5-20-07a.jpg
    PW 6-5-07c.jpg
    PW 6-20-07a.jpg
    Where is the purple? Comming soon...
  2. DirtyDarin

    DirtyDarin Registered+

    PW 8-1-07a.jpg
    PW 8-10-07g.jpg
  3. DirtyDarin

    DirtyDarin Registered+

  4. Orzy

    Orzy Registered+

    any pics of the finished product? That purple really came out of no where pretty damn strong. :thumbsup:
  5. maryjane911

    maryjane911 Registered+

    I've smoked purple widow before,pretty nice stuff.Very energetic high:stoned:.
  6. ganjzilla

    ganjzilla Registered+

    thats looks pretty damn good so far...cant wait to see the finished product! :)
  7. maryjane911

    maryjane911 Registered+

    ya,can't wait to see the finished product and what was the smoke like??
  8. DirtyDarin

    DirtyDarin Registered+

    The purple color came out rather fast. I wasn't sure if it would show at all. I am growing outside and the heat in southern california is around 100 degrees. The smell is getting stronger everyday.
  9. Duke420

    Duke420 Registered+

    can i ask where u got the seeds for your fine grow?

    thanks :thumbsup:
  10. DirtyDarin

    DirtyDarin Registered+

    PW 8-10-07f.jpg
    9-9-07 015.jpg
    9-9-07 011.jpg
    To much nitrogen can't stop the burn...
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  11. ChiefSmokesAlot

    ChiefSmokesAlot Registered+

    can i be your new friend? :jointsmile:
  12. sam44

    sam44 Registered+

    meh looks like mids
  13. LetsSeeYa

    LetsSeeYa Registered+

    looks like some premo:thumbsup:
  14. junior420

    junior420 Registered+

    hey im from southern cali, what city u in?
  15. PopaBean

    PopaBean Registered+

    The middle pic is sweet.
    Hell they all are
    Nice job!!!!
  16. LetsSeeYa

    LetsSeeYa Registered+

    looks like some premo:thumbsup:
  17. thiskid420

    thiskid420 Registered+

  18. DirtyDarin

    DirtyDarin Registered+

    9-13-07 010.jpg
    9-13-07 010b.jpg
    9-13-07 010c.jpg
    I think i am getting close to harvest.
  19. blackeyes

    blackeyes Registered+

    dirtydarin, i live in socal too

    that looks really delicious...

    hit me up
  20. HighTillIDie

    HighTillIDie Registered+


    "looks like mids"

    nice darin... but i would buy a product called purple maxx, and use it on white widow... i get amazing results, with a stronger high

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