Discussion on how it feels to be high (philosophical, observations)

Discussion in 'Experiences' started by zalami128, May 28, 2006.

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    lol what the fuck if i were one of the 4 people and i saw somebody jus start speakin french out of no where id drop kick him / her in the face.
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    For me, being high makes me see things differently. I find normal everyday things to be very pretty. I find some sights to be beautiful when Im high, some of them are normal to. Its weird. Also, watching a movie blazed is a totally different experience then watching it sober. Everybody knows this. When I rent a movie from Blockbusters and I think Im going to like it, I wont watch it until I can get some weed and get toked! Being high is a lifestyle and a good one.
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    [QUOTE="zalami128, post: 793874, member: 46177"We all know we get hungry and laugh when we are faded" Sigh, if only, I have tried 9 times now and not Once did it ever make me laugh. When I drink alcohol, sometimes if I just drink a bit and am out in a loud place I will get the giggles but I have never laughed after smoking anything, what's wrong with me???

    ". I get very focused... I was only looking at my vocab list, and didn't feel the need to be bothered by anything else."
    I have had that with a different drug and THOUGHT that might happen if I smoked marijuana. I was wrong.

    "I think of more grotesque and repressed thoughts when I am high"
    I didn't have More grotesque thoughts then usual but I was terrified that I would say those thoughts out loud and either get arrested or in other trouble socially I felt like I had no control over what thoughts were in my head and which ones were out loud and I later had to ask people what I actually said and was shocked because things I thought I said loudly they never heard and things I thought were in my head they heard them, luckily I didn't say them all out loud!

    "I feel like I am in my own world, I seclude myself and have fun doing something"
    I have never had fun doing anything after smoking, what is WRONG with me???

    "Again, thoughts and fantasies become vivid, especially scenarios. I can sit down and just think of a story for a long period of time, and it will be as entertaining as actually reading a novel."

    Wow, ok this is what is wrong with me, I CAN DO THAT all the time, any day, when I am NOT smoking, high, drunk or over tired, that is just how my mind has always worked, is that 'not normal' ? Can others do that when NOT high?

    ". When I start getting real high, I will zone out for maybe 2 minutes. I will be looking at something or thinking of something, then I will look around and come back to reality. Looking around feels like I just stepped out of a more action-packed situation. Coming out of my thought makes me feel like I just turned off a good movie, and then just sit there with the TV off thinking "what the hell was I doing just sitting there?".

    Ok yeah, I do that ALL the time too when I am NOT high but that is because I have PTSD and have flashbacks and that is exactly how I I would describe it -but when it happens to me it's not fun and I wish it didn't happen, I wish I could MAKE it stop happening.

    "I will also begin to use my imagination (something I believe most humans fail to use) at this point."

    Oh, ok, I am starting to understand stand now why I can't smoke marijuana, because I have an over active imagination and always have, that's why I went to school to be a creative writer. So if I already have an OVER active imagination then I smoke and it makes my imagination MORE active... Christ!!! No wonder I feel lucky I didn't kill myself! Or others!!!

    "After that the world changes. I call this being "gone". The world looks TOTALLY different to you..."

    Sigh again, ugh, this world didn't look different at all to me but I did honestly believe that the devil and his friends took me away from earth and then sent me back again, and they did this several times.

    " This is when I laugh."
    Sigh again, I wasn't laughing, I kept begging the people around me to not "let them take me" again (take me out of this city or world)

    How about you guys?[/QUOTE]

    So basically I am "high" ALL the time, naturally and that is why after 1/2 of one puff I can go into a full spychotic episode???
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    [​IMG] Cannabis is a separate entity on its own. One of the Hindu gods, Shiva is portrayed as a user of Cannabis, which means the link between Marijuana and divinity/spirituality/altered states is frequent as well as well documented in cultures around the world. Anyways, I present to you, SHIVA, the god of cannabis.
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    I have problem.I dont smore 7 months.Problem is I just start smoke agin and I cant feel weed smell and I cant be high...Help me
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    ADabLDo just fine... Thank you sir may I have another

    If I want to be Chatty Cathy I smoke. If i want to chill out (which is all of the time) I smoke me some Indica.

    Flower? Well that high is much more complex than concentrates for sure. Some of those harmless impurities ad to effect.
    Some people like it some do not... I do like it, but the only draw back is it smells like a forest fire. I seriously want to grab
    the fire extinguisher and blast my roomie in the face!!! hehehe j/k
    Who here has ever burned ditches on a ranch? That is what I get flash backs of.

    Concentrates? Gotta love them. When I first started with concentrates it gave me the feeling of doing more elicit drugs
    that are not appropriate for this forum.
    I like the clean effect. Pure, unfettered, High School High!!!
    But, because I am compulsive I tend to rip too many dabs throughout the day. Starting about 5 am or so I bust out the nectar
    collector or a vape pen rip a few tokes, while making coffee and logging in.
    By 7 pm I am completely toasted.
    I make a gram of shatter or wax last myself 3-4 days.
    I do conservative dabs that still make me *Cough*.

    Edible? Whole different ball game here. Ride it out and I get a great body high, but if I sit down for one second? Doneskies!!! Then the next day I will not remember about those edibles until later that afternoon when the fog wears off.

    That one gram dabbing stuff is for rich kids who love to waste money and our precious recource

    Any who, to each their own. Thank our lucky stars it grows well and there are geniuses out there making our weed better.

    So If I smoke the flowers the I am more anxious on the Sativa, more relaxed on the Indica.

    Both strains make me somewhat forgetful of the unimportant short term stuff, and sometimes it bugs me.

    I sleep like a baby after the initial high is worn of, most people think that smoking right before bed does the trick, nope!! Smoke two hours before.

    Edibles I only use for pain relief or the dire need of rested sleep.
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    Well some people's genetic make up will counter act various foreign substances. That can change throughout our lives much like allergies.
    Have you tried a concentrate? :p
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    People are always asking me what i like about smoking and usually my standard answer would just be who knows. After smoking for so long you're just used to it and you forget what you're really feeling. But man the other day I took a couple tish rips and was blazed off my ass and I dinally realized what it was. To me, it's almost like you take a couple massive bong rips, put the bong down, look around and everything has changed. It's like my mind is giving me a million signals about so many things that are going on in the room when yet I'm in my garage by myself so nothing is going on hahha. High life. I feel like I'm in a new reality. Or my own world like I'm the only one there. There's a buzz like feeling in the back of my mind sometimes. I'll go through periods of when I'm baked of having super focus or no focus at all. half the time I blaze I come back inside and forget what I was even planning on doing after I smokes in the first place. I'll see dishes that need to be done and all of a sudden I'm so in the zone cleaning and before I know it the whole fucking house is cleaned hahaha.
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    I'm harking back to the old days when you got high to get mellow. Don't really care for souped up weed with masses of bag appeal. If I ever get around to being able to legally grow some ganja, I would love to make a souped up Thai Stick and pass it around in at a large party of say, 50+ people. I'd have to grow at least one strain that's got massive THC for that.

    I watched a Youtube video of a guy making a Thai Stick and after a couple hits, the guy said he was higher than a kite. He barely smoked the dang thing which was about 7 or 8 inches long.

    In any event, luckily there's a medical need for weed of all strengths, so there are plenty of options for me to grow some ganja that's more mellow than "higher than a kite".

    I just looked on Youtube. Thai Sticks must be pretty popular, there's a lot of those videos and I can't remember which video I watched on Thai Sticks.
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    when you are high, it gives you a kinda telepathic feeling. You are on earth but roaming on Mars in a canna-realm.

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