Disguising smell??

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by sativa121, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. sativa121

    sativa121 Registered

    can anyone help me by telling me what products there are available to disguise the smell of weed in a small grow space, and how affective they are?
  2. apsinthion

    apsinthion Registered+

    I always loved the smell of growing weed in my room :)
  3. guerrilla farmer

    guerrilla farmer Registered+

    get a negative ion generator...many books available discuss all sorts of ways to deal with odor problems.
  4. Mole2k4

    Mole2k4 Registered+

    except if you closet growing, dont use an ion generator.
    if you sleeping in that room it's a health risk.
  5. godsbackyard

    godsbackyard Registered+

  6. SativaTrip

    SativaTrip Registered+

    hey godsbackyard...have you yourself used one of those bulbs...i have small space and just need somethin small like that if it really works well..i was also thinking batroom ionic breeze i don't know
  7. godsbackyard

    godsbackyard Registered+

    Yes, it works great. I use it.

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