Dispensary in Butte accepting new patients!!!

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    Mile High Herbal Medicine in Butte, MT is a Medicinal Marijuana Dispensary where we are trying to bring the original focus of the Medical Marijuana Program back into view, the patient. We will do everything it takes to get you a Medical Marijuana Recommendation, we will walk you through the application process, and assist you in sending everything needed to the Department of Public Health and Human Services. It doesn't stop there, once you are a patient we will work with you and create a Personalized Pain Management or Care Plan that is tailored to your specific needs and ailment. We will pursue the best strains for your ailment and once we have found just the right strain for you we will begin to grow it and provide you with cuttings or clones. We also strive to have a large assortment of only high quality strains, along with edibles such as suckers, hard candies, cookies, chocolates, fudge, cooking oils, tinctures, and much more!

    Everything we do is 100% confidential in order to protect your rights.

    If you have any questions or concerns please call me, Justin Craig, at 406.498.1176, or email me at JCraig_33@hotmail.com.

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