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Discussion in 'Southern California' started by Micsog, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. Micsog

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    can anyone point me in the right direction as to fin a job in a dispensary or with a grower in southern cali? this probably gets asked alot but it seems as if this dumb kid from town can move and get a job that i shouldn't have much trouble
    but what do i know can ne one help me where o they list jobs or is it cut and dry you have to know someone i can't find a list online all that comes up is junk
    i don't want to pack up and move without a goo chance i'm already broke and out of work
  2. leadmagnet

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    May I suggest working on your GED first?
  3. Micsog

    Micsog Registered+

    think first then speak

    sorry about your misinformation buddy but i hold my journeyman welders card
    with an associates degree in machine technology so go fuck yourself before
    you start playing keyboard hard ass wannabe and for your information i'm tired of being layoff status every other month what you got a problem with someone
    trying to stay off unemployment i guess then you don't mind if i spend your tax
    dollars on my next bag of dank douche bag
  4. BuzzBob

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    I wish I could give you some good information, but from what I see at the dispensary I go to, the people behind the counter make minimum wage. They even have a tip jar! :(

    I told one guy, listen, you guys should demand higher wages because the political winds could change, and putting down on your resume that you worked at a pot dispensary could kill your chances of getting hired, so there should be a hazard premium here. Sadly, the work requires no skill, so they really can't demand raises. :~(
  5. leadmagnet

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    Well, micsog, you're certainly a tiger. Don't be too hard on yourself though. The economy stinks. A LOT of people are hurting for work. But yeah, like Buzzbob was tellling you, working the counter at a dispensary may not be what you think it is.

    By the way, I have no problem with you spending a portion of your unemployment check on good meds if you really think you need it. Meds are meds, bro. Dig this though, there is movement in some states to UA recipients of financial assistance; now mostly food stamps and such but doing so for unemployment income is right around the corner if we let these a-holes have their way.
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  6. Phunnyman

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    Best of luck to you...

    I wish you the best in a very fucked up economy. Unfortunately as you know well firsthand, its not going to get better anytime soon with so many people in a really tight spot. We as a nation are teetering on the edge of a depression, no matter what the current presidential idiot/flavor is at the moment.

    Not trying to be a smartass in any way, but have you considered other parts of the country to relocate to and use what skills and education you have in your favor? I would assume most likely you have. Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma haven't taken nearly quite the beating that the rest of the country has.

    I know that in the Houston area for example they are seriously seeking people with your expertise in the oil and gas industry, unemployment is lower than the rest of the country, cost of living is pretty reasonable, and its a non union/right to work state. (less money out of your pocket and into the hands of a union that really does nothing for you these days).

    I feel for you as I know how hard it is out there, Michigan is REAL fucked up because they have a socialist gov who doesn't understand the idea of LOWERING TAXES in the recession/depression (always the proper course of action) and the unions are so way out of control up there. (my dad's family is originally from Michigan and he grew up during the Great Depression up there.) Its pretty bad when kids have to take their own toilet paper to school.

    Anyway, there are plenty of places where the recession/depression hasn't hit as hard, and you could most likely earn a pretty nice living with what you have to offer.

    I wish you the best and hope it all works out for you.

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  7. Micsog

    Micsog Registered+

    lead i'm sorry for jumping on ya with that said i was in a real bad mood yesterday as i lost my house though i was only renting i had to move in with my girlfriend in her apartment and that means i don't have 19 acres to grow on anymore i have been to florida and north carolina they both only lasted about 4 months a piece so i ha to move back to michigan where i at least had a support for a little while but now i'm just worried i just thought that if i got a counter job then i might be able to build some stealth cabinets and split the profit with my employer if i could sell them in the store or it might give me the chance to meet some people that build grow rooms i mean i was thinking small you know start at the bottom an work my way up

    please don't get the wrong impression i'm not a mean person i've just been really stressed lately
  8. leadmagnet

    leadmagnet Banned

    I know I come across a little harsh at times but understand I feel for ya man. This economy totally sucks and it looks like current conditions are going to be around for awhile. Sorry for referring to you as a dull tool in that other thread.

    Just try not to let stuff get you down. And yeah, I know. That can be hard.
  9. Micsog

    Micsog Registered+

    yeah i know i will ultimately survive this scenario but man i can't get my bed to fit in my girls bedroom so i donated it to the local homeless shelter just incase
    i need it in a couple of months i also handed them a can of coffee
  10. leadmagnet

    leadmagnet Banned

    You're loaning your daughter's bed to a homeless shelter?

    Dude that is so wrong on several different levels.

    Ok, funny as hell too. Well, pitiful, funny and weird as hell, all at once. You have got to be kidding. Please tell me you're kidding.

    You'd let your daughter sleep on that after you loaned it out to a homeless shelter?!!!
  11. SonomaCounty

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    Rule to you brother. Dont ask if you can get a job trimming at someones field. Not a good idea at all. For all we know there are all kinds of people that are looking at this site signed up waiting for someone to trip up and say the wrong thing and get somebodys field snatched.
  12. Micsog

    Micsog Registered+

    no my bed won't fit into my girlfriends app.so i gave it to them
    an i'm talking about a job with a legit business no more illegal shit
  13. Micsog

    Micsog Registered+

    i just don't ever see myself having kids either i can hardly take care of myself
  14. leadmagnet

    leadmagnet Banned

    Hell, that hasn't stopped a lot of us!
  15. Micsog

    Micsog Registered+

    i hear ya all my friends have kids now thats why i keep the safety on
    so i don't end up getting shots off! get it

    i've been thinking about heading to cali this spring i've been looking at free campgrounds yo stay at till i find a decent job an place to stay and i found one that even has a hot spring shower over by the Salton sea
  16. shangeet

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    less income!!!

    It seems to me money is an aspect of your motivation (perfectly fine, it is a job after all you are seeking) however, MMJ collectives don't allow you to make much money. The majority of bud tenders at these collectives are volunteers and don't work for a paycheck, but rather, discounts on the meds and other forms of compensation. If it is a dispensary you want to open up, keep in mind, dispensaries here are for non-profit. From what I've heard, the owner of the dispensary is allowed by the state to earn a certain amount every year (definitely less than 6 figures). I know collectives that have been shut down for violating this specific guideline. If that isn't enough, the DA and city attorny are constantly striving for reforms, one of them being that only 2 collectives would be allowed per city. It's only a matter of time before some of these reforms stick.

    Honestly, the easiest and most practical way to earn a living in the MMJ industry is to become a vendor. No LAPD trying to shut you down (for the most part) and you can sell your wares to any collective.

    Best clinics to get a medical marijuana card in Orange County, California

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