DIY: Carbon Air Filter - CHEAP, and EFFECTIVE!

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    I apologize about some of the pictures not being available anymore, not really sure why they are gone from imageshack, but the first picture is what you need, you can of course substitute different things here size, etc. But the priority here is to scrub the air so it doesn't smell your house/outside up to the point where people in and out of your place are asking questions.

    @ TOPPDOG11 - That is actually a very great question to ask, I am not 100% positive on the answer but what I would do (as a simple and cheap test) is give the default setup a try, give it a full 48 hours to start extracting the smell out, and see after 48 hours if the smell is alot less than 2 days before - That means you have sufficient air scrubbing going on and that should be sufficient - With this particular setup you should be able to scrub the air out of a relatively good sized room with at least 10-15 plants, easily.. And more importantly it depends on the actual size of the room itself because not only is the air scrubber scrubbing the marijuana smell from the room, it is also scrubbing the rest of the air in the room as well - if there is a large room and you are only using half, a good idea might be to block the unused half with some panda film or clear plastic, that way you take the amount of air you need scrubbed and cut it down quite a bit (just make sure the room is airtight, and I say this for SO MANY REASONS lol ;)). If it still smells the same, then I would say just make a little bit larger one or a second one on the opposing side of the grow room. You also want to remember, just as importantly you need to also have good intake as well because fresh oxygenated air from outside coming in is crucial for the plants for fresh oxygen for them to breathe, in many ways plants need what people need. Nutrients, CO2, sunlight, we are both susceptible to mold, and fungus infections, and we both need water, not too much and not too little.

    That is basically my take on it, but the air scrubber (as long as you make it correctly should be very effective & noticeable in a short period of time). Give it a try and let us know how you make out man.

    Take care :)

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