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    This is my first atempt at making thc ejuice. I've read a wealth of info and while I would like to add some PE or PEG 400, I don't have any so here goes with 100% VG.

    What you need:

    5 grams mid-shelf or better flower, ground and decarbed. I used a plastic grinder and a toster oven, so sue me.

    100-120 ml USDA vegetable glycerine.

    2 1/2 quart bottles.

    30 ml colored glass bottles.

    Metal strainer.

    Cheese cloth.

    Turkey baster or large syringe.

    Little Dipper Crock Pot (shout out to frickin Crock Pot!) but yeah, your cheap ass "slow coker" will work just fine, cheapskate.

    Decarb the weed. 210-240 degrees in an oven. I'm not allowed to cook weed in the house so I bought a toster oven and an oven thermometer. Make sure the temp remains under 250. How long will depend on the moisture in the weed. 10-20 minutes if the weed is dry, up to 45+ minutes for moist. It should end up a touch browner then when you started. I put it in a glass bowl and cover with foil.

    Add 100 ml of VG to your wonderful Little Dipper Crock Pot and plug it in. Add decarbed weed. Mesh with a fork. Cook.

    Every 30 - 60 minutes, mesh again with a fork.

    Cook a few hours. I don't know about you, but I've been tokin' before I put the weed in the oven. Just checking...

    Cook a few hours...

    Okay seriously, most receipes call for 4-5 hours on avg. on the stove. You may have noticed I don't use a stove and the heat differance between the stove and a"slow cooker" is huge. Let it cook and keep meshing with a fork.

    Cook 5-6 hours or longer.

    Let cool and strain through the cheese cloth and metal strainer into a glass jar.

    Put into small bottles.

    Vape, enjoy.

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    A few more.

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    I ended up with about 90 lm of liquid. We'll see...

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    Just started vapping tonight as I dropped my pen in the pool. Right out of my top pocket. Don't ask, made me very unhappy as I had bought a gm of wax too.

    Not bad, tastewise, and it works. Took three full hard hits and feelin' good. I'm going to try some top shelf store bought in the following weeks as well as order some PG 400 as well as a few flavors.

    This will be perfect for daytime medication.
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    Gee, I wasn't high. That was about 90 ML of juice. Three 30 ml bottles.
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    so awesome for me
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