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    I'm sure most of you have heard about pressing rosin using a hair straightener. Me too and it's time I gave it a try.

    The 99 Cent store had a hair straightener for $5.99 and parchment paper for $.99. My wife has a hair straightener that cost over $300 and I am not touching it! I like my body parts where they are.

    I have several grams of Berry White and Gorilla OG and a gm of Blueberry so here goes.

    Most recipes recommend a hair straightener with an adjustable temperature control and to keep the temp between 300-330º. For six bucks I didn't get one of those. This one heats to 360º. So once again I'm breaking rules but having fun.

    I'm using 0.4 grams which gives me about a hit of rosin. A little more with the Gorilla OG over the Berry White which makes sense, since the Gorilla OG is some of the best I've smoked. Top 5 without a doubt.

    I'm using an Ugglove on my left hand so I can squeeze the heating elements together as well as using my right hand over my left to put even more pressure on the iron. Surprised it didn't break.

    Most recommend squeezing the iron from 6-10 seconds or until a cracking sound is heard. I never heard a "cracking" sound but after 40 years of power tool use I don't hear so good.

    I did the Berry first then the Gorilla. When I put the Gorilla in I put my ear up to it and heard a few mild pops at about 4 seconds. I squeezed another second and opened it up.

    I have "before" picks of the buds and shots of them smashed in the parchment with the rosin but the uploader refuses to load them with a, "file too large" message. I'll work on that as well as doing more maybe tomorrow.

    I have no idea what it tastes like or how good it is since I was enjoying the Blueberry and I'm feeling little pain. Tomorrow night I'll update and work on those pics. I need a new clean coil too.

    BTW, I plan on trying the smashed buds as I saw rosin on them, not much but if it's crap I'll add it to a future batch of oil tabs.

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    That makes for some tasty puffin'! :cool: Blueberry rosin must be amazing! :dancing:

    It's a bit of a novelty for me, I'll squash out a bit for a real good taste of the terps, but all the extra effort is a bit of a drag.

    I use an arbor press in the shop.
    Heat up some steel plate with the torch, reading the temp with the IR thermometer, and give a good squeeze.

    I don't think my ol' mitts could generate enough squeezing force on their own.
    Ha, my fingers would probably break, before any curling iron would... :rolleyes:
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    Yeah, you don't get much with this method but it's worth trying. I doubt if I'll do it often until harvest time, then I plan on pressing a bunch.
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    So yeah, worked all day, beat, don't really care. Tried to clean a coil to try the rosin. It was full of Brass Monkey. I won't even mention the bong being full of ice, water and several tokes of Blueberry (isn't that what did me in last night? Just checking). Got blazed. So sue me. Sorry. Maybe tomorrow, but don't hold your breath.
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    It looks so good but I don't wanna be slammed before trying. I've worked the past six days and hoping to take tomorrow off. I really need some time off. I've been toking the Blueberry in a bong (CAN'T HELP IT!) and haven't pressed any yet. I also have plenty of home grown, Brutis OG x Stardawg. Sure hope I get tomorrow off.

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    Wow, this stuff rocks. Fired up the Gorilla Kush and the high hit quick and hard and the taste is awesome, nice and clean. No coughing and this stuff makes me cough pretty hard in a j, pipe or bong. I've taken four tokes and still have maybe two more on the parchment paper. I should have collected and jarred it right after cooling and will from now on. I may have to press a bit more. Gonna try the Berry White in an hour or so and then the home grown I made a few days ago. This is nice. :doublethumbs:
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    I got a day off and NEEDED more of that Gorilla OG Kush rosin. The Berry White rosin was okay as was the home grown but they don't compare with the Gorilla.

    I still haven't pressed any Blueberry. Gonna have to purchase an eight so I still have some for the bong. The taste is amazing and I'm sure that the rosin will retain the flavor.

    You really need to try this but keep in mind the better the flower the better the rosin, as well as more rosin.

    One drawback is the lost rosin on the iron and in the parchment paper. It's not much but will add up over time. I'll try some foil over the paper or maybe better yet press it in foil. I'll give it try in a few hours 'cause right now I'm toasted. ;)

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