Dizziness and feeling of fainting after smoking? Whats wrong with me?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by LiveWacker, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. LiveWacker

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    Well around 2 days ago I smoked a bit in the morning. Ive smoked marijuana around 11-12 times now so I know how to smoke it properly. But 2 days ago I mean wow. I was lying on my bed playing my XB360 and then I decided to get up and have a glass of water(I was starting to feel a buzz until then). Immediatly I became extremely dizzy. My heart was beating at a crazy speed and I was shaking and sweating. My whole vision became blurry and I was losing my balance and I was on the verge of fainting. I was really scared cuz this had never happened to me before.

    I was smoking out of a highlighter pipe that me and my friend made. I had already used it before without problems. Would I have maybe inhaled some plastic fumes? I doubt this since Ive already used the highlighter pipe on 2 occasions before without the symptoms I experienced 2 days ago.

    Ive heard of Orthostatic hypotension that occurs when someone goes from a seated or lying down position to an upright position which causes a significant drop in blood pressure which could have some of the dizziness symptoms I had. Especially since my heart was beating at an abnormal rate because of the cannabis I had just smoked. (Which can cause abnormal blood flow to the brain, which can cause dizziness mixed with Orthostatic Hypotension.)

    Has this ever happened to anyone else? I really want to smoke marijuana again and enjoy its effects but I am scared that I might experience this effects again. Am I normal or am I just messed up?

    Any help or advice appreciated,
  2. kindprincess

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    happens all the time, syptoms ease with time, pot messes with your bloodsugar/heart rate, blood pressure...
  3. kindprincess

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    don't wrry bout it
  4. LiveWacker

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    Are you sure its normal? I mean I was like on the verge of fainting...very unpleasent feeling. It had never happened to me before. The heart beat and blood pressure thing I knew was quite normal but then like shaking and feeling like I was gonna pass out was new to me. :p
  5. birdgirl73

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    People have all sorts of reactions to smoking weed, inlcuding fainting and dizziness, jitters and perspiration and agitation. Depends on the individual who's smoking, how he's feeling, and how the weed affects him. I'm sure it also depends a lot on the strain you're smoking and what its sativa vs indica content is.

    Consider your response easily within the realm of normal from what I've read about responses to weed, albeit a strong enough response that it'd be wise to proceed cautiously the next time. You may find some interesting and reassuring info on one or both of these sites:
    http://www.erowid.org/ (see Plants & Drugs/Cannabis)
    http://www.norml.org/ (navigate to the Medical Use area)
  6. Breukelen advocaat

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    I started smoking a long time ago. Over the past 10 years, the stuff has changed drastically - not just in potency, but in side effects like the ones you described above. We're seeing these, and other, symptoms often on this board. I'm at a loss to explain it, other than much the stuff that's being grown is not "natural" anymore. It's probably not a question of indica or sativa, because they're being combined into hybrid strains.

    We had really strong (mostly) imported stuff years ago, such as Thai, Black Gunji (from India), Hawaiian, all kinds of Hash, Hash Oil, etc., and I hung with a lot of smokers and dealers. We'd smoke it all, and often mixed them together in joints and pipes. I cannot remember anyone having problems with weed like we're seeing here on an almost daily basis, even when the domestics like "sensi", and others., started coming around in the late 70's and 80's.

    That's why I've cut down to practically nothing for the time being. The problem is, at the very least, that these super-Sativa strains and hybrids are just difficult to use on a day-to-day basis, even for people that can handle very powerful varities. At worst, they have a bad effect - especially on people with relatively little experience, or those who have been out of the MJ loop for a long time.
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  7. darkside

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    its not necessarily the weed. if you get up quickly from a lying down position the blood will rush away from your brain into your lower extremities. weed causes dilation of blood vessels and lowers bp so it makes it more likely in some cases. you just had a headrush and panicked because you were high.
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  8. ghettoBlunt

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    i call those freebies:D

    dont worry it happens to some people, dont get too anxious to jump off the couch and you wont get it...they do get sketchy tho
  9. orangeman

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    I'd say you were just too high + had a panic attack. Being scared when high only makes shit worse. Especially with your paranoia thoughts. Dont worry, you'll get used to it and eventually asked what happened to the old effects you used to have when you werent used to being very high.
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  10. LiveWacker

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    Alright thanks alot guys, means alot to me and its pretty reasurring. I guess Ill try not to smoke alone anymore and Ill be more cuatious next time.

    Thanks :)
  11. dutch.lover

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    what these guys have been saying is true, getting up quickly can cause a headrush, coupled with the low blood pressure already from the weed already would definitely cause those symptoms. also, the act of smoking alone can cause headrushes because instead of your body inhaling oxygen, it's inhaling smoke so your brain might not be getting enuff oxygen= headrush. a few friends and i were smoking out of a third lung once when one of them blacked out from it. i'd say its just from the lack of oxygen/low bp.
  12. charmed quark

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    It's a well know effect callled "positional hypotension" which means low blood pressure when you sit up. It's because THC dilates blood vessels. It's the same reason it can raise your heart rate.

    I think some varieties may be more likely to cause this than others. Also, your suceptability to this may be higher than average, either because you were tired, had low blood sugar, or just have poorer blood pressure control.
  13. LiveWacker

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    God damnit, it happened to me again yesterday. I feel so uncomfortable and dizzy and it lasted for hours. I really dunno if its my body or what. Its true I was smoking out of a gravity waterfall bong so I was moving alot but as soon as I sat down and took a rip I like got that dizzy feeling all over again. Damn it sucks. It happens like once every 3 times.
  14. burnable

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    I notice the only times stuff like that happens to me is when I'm smoking alone. Maybe it happens when people are there too, but I don't notice it. You get more paranoid smoking alone.
    it also happens when I'm sitting down only. usually it motivates me to exercise
  15. kindprincess

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    happens to me at least once a day. just happened a second ago, as ammatter of fact; glad i was sitting here;)

    love, kp:p
  16. lowryderulez

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    i dont get faint but i do go pale in the face and people notice which sucks, but having said that, i get pale when i drink more than 5 pints, or if i exercise too much
  17. savagepossum

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    hey you seem to know quite alot about this could you list some strains which you smoked before things changed
  18. JackdaWack

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    100% correct, this happens with out smoking so smoking just increases your chances and aswell can make u panic. remeber always stay calm your weed is always your friend never an enemy.

    If your blacking out from smoking and not moving your taking one hell of a bong rip. we use a 3 foot steam roller to do this, BFG!!!! BIg FUCKin ghost. smoke is so white...you get the point.
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  19. Kilo0192

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    I get those all time actually they are kinda weird like everything goes black and all tingly and such. When it happens to me I just take a couple deep breathes and it goes away. But sometimes I have to hold on to something otherwise I'll fall over, but I have grown used to it. Actually sometimes it's rather enjoyable kinda like a really harsh trip that only lasts a few secs.
  20. five0addict

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    stop smoking out of plastic!!!

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