do bongs really filter what they are supposed to?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by jfoster, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. jfoster

    jfoster Registered+

    i keep reading that bongs filter out thc. is this true? becuz i thought thc is non-watersoluble.
  2. vermillion

    vermillion Registered+

    no they dont filter out the thc, thats the chemical that gets u stoned. they filter out the smoke, and leave the thc in it, it makes it alot smoother.
  3. NowhereMan

    NowhereMan Registered+

    where did you read that bongs filter anything?
    they simply cool the smoke.
    ive never heard of any filtering going on,that would defeat the purpose of smoking any.
  4. jfoster

    jfoster Registered+

  5. Nullific

    Nullific Banned

    Bongs will filter out water-soluble gases or components of the marijuana smoke, the water will also filter out a negligable amount of THC from the smoke. The study you reference was performed by MAPS but used NIDA supplied marijuana, grown by the govnerment and about as potent as brick weed (if not weaker).
    If you enjoy smoking out of a bong don't stop due to the results of one study.
  6. Leonard12

    Leonard12 Registered+

    does drinking the bong water get u high? because if it did then some of the highness-potential would be lost in the bong water?
  7. phoenix

    phoenix Registered+

    No, it does not. It makes you puke. Haha.

    Bongs are my favorite. <3
  8. NightProwler

    NightProwler Registered+

    who cares about what it filters, it feels better on my lungs than joints or pipes, and gets me high as a motherfucker.
  9. Jim Morrison

    Jim Morrison Registered+

    bong water is gross very ashy and tastes like shit took a sip once never again thats all i can say
  10. Phresher than it Got

    Phresher than it Got Registered+

    bongs just filter out carcinogens, THC, bein non-water-soluble like you said, will pass right through it, some people who like to add alcohol or sumthin will lose THC because it is alchol-soluble, but if you just keep straight up water, youll do fine
  11. stankystank

    stankystank Registered+

    yeah thats basicly it

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