Do Cold temps slow flowering?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Sandm4n, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Sandm4n

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    Ok so i have been growing the dankness for about 5 years with no problems. This years grow i have it indoors in a basement where it gets cold :( i have had temps down in the low 30s but it usually stays about 45- 55 in their.. I have 3 Ak47s and one burmese kush going and they all are very thick and bushy but not tall. So far i have had the light on 12/12 for 3 weeks :wtf: and not a singe hair or ball has appeared, my question is.. is it the cold temps causing them to take longer or is it because i probally some how fucked the timer up?? one time it stayed dark for 24/ hours by accident because i some how triped the timer and then another day it had about 15 hours before i realised it was still on. Other then that though the timer has been 12/12 what do you guys think? btw they are a little over a month and a half old and dont seem to have any problems besides they havent flowered..
  2. marijuanavillebilly

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    are we talking 30F or 30C?
  3. Revanche21

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    In my Jorge Cervantes book it says colder temps will stop Calyxs from forming but will not stop THC frosting

    so you will end up with leafy looking stuff with tons of crystal
  4. Sandm4n

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    Sorry 30F and shit thats not good! So far the stems look really really frosty but no hairs yet :wtf:!! are their any safe ways of heating a small space a little bit with out burning the house down!? The lights im using are CFLS which are the worse for heat output :(
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    there are 100s of ways to heat the area.... thats all up to you. You can go get a sealed oil filles radiator heater or you can get a nice electric coil fan heater.... I dont know your house, where or how the plants are located, or how your electrical is either....
  6. Sandm4n

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    well it doesn't matter they all died today because it got down to 26 here :( :wtf:
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  7. Sandm4n

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    in two or three months ill be back on here with my new grow im getting a new apartment it turns out so im already deciding on what seeds to go with, any suggestions?? i want a good hybrid.. :jointsmile: im still sad about my loss though:( but trying to look on the positive side i have purple widow right now and that is somewhat cheering me up :icon506:
  8. khasbigbud

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    geeze thats a bummer. better luck next time.
  9. bpeezy

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    I had a friend who also tried to keep some plants going in his basement when the weather dropped....the leaves turned one of the darkest shades of green I have ever seen.........a week or so before they died :wtf:
  10. MedicineMan13

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    Sorry to hear that dude but, you could have purchased a small heater for 20-40 bucks and solved the problem and still had your plants...
  11. whitenugz

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    if your going to invest in a heater why don't you just invest in a better light? CFL's are good but sense you have a COLD problem just offset that with a HEAT problem which in essense will be NO problem. My situation i set up brings in 30 degree outside air through a 4 inch duct with about 100-200 cfm's (resistance is hard to calculate). The space is about 5x4x5 to make about 100 sqaure feet of growing area. If i had no air from outside my temp is about 110 degrees. With my 4 inch duct and 200 cfm's pushing air in and a ---400--- cfm 6 inch fan pulling air out through a carbon scrubber, I get temperatures around 70-80 degrees. ( resistance makes it more around 200-300 cfm's. CFM = CUBIC FEET PER METER. HOW MUCH AIR FLOW IS BEING SUCKED IN OR PULLED OUT OF AN AREA VIA INLINE FANS. Because you have a cold problem i suggets you make a box made out of something like ..stirephome.. (destroyed that word but you get it) because it is breathable it will allow cold air in and you will probably have to circulate the hot air out with a small fan. This should fix your cold problem by introducing a 400-1000w HPS to omit some heat!
  12. xcrispi

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    Your hit bro .

    What happens when the new sweet H.I.D light gets turned off for 12 hrs of the day ? Betcha it gets cold anyways .

    Small heater is a good idea . We use a oil filled radiator style 1 w/ a built in thermostat . Theyre about 35.00 at Home Cheapo or Lowes . It keeps our 720 cubic foot room toasty when the H.I.D.'s are off .

    Crispi :stoned:
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    Strawberry Cough

    Im In Michigan and its Middle of Sept.Temps during daytime are 63-70 and nights down to low 50's..I want to keep them out till late Oct..Do you think the buds will flurish before then or should I get my oil filled heater out and bring them in???..If so how many hours ofmlight and how many hours of darkness.What should the room temp be at and the humidity level??? Thanx..all replys will help.

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