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Do Detox products work

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by WielyDevil, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. WielyDevil

    WielyDevil Registered+

    I was wondering if Detox products really work. I went to GNC today and asked about Detox and this lady gave me this drink she claimed would detox my system in 3 hours will it truly work???
  2. Iguana

    Iguana Registered+

    Do a search on this site on the subject. The overwhelming opinion is that they don't work. If they appear to, it is only because they have you drink enough water to dilute your urine below the detection threshold. Read the dilution sticky.
  3. StOnEdMoNk

    StOnEdMoNk Registered+

    ive used those drinks and all it pretty much does is block your urinary tract for like 30 minutes onee ive used said to drink 30 minutes before pissing
  4. Iguana

    Iguana Registered+

    Blocks your urinary tract??!!
  5. WielyDevil

    WielyDevil Registered+

    Well the one im plannin on usin says not to drink before it then you drink this nasty red fruit punch goo its not a ton of it but a descent amount.
  6. Iguana

    Iguana Registered+

    You'd be better off to not spend the money on any "detox" product and follow the dilution or substitution stickies.

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