Do edibles make anyone else super tired??

Discussion in 'Edibles' started by jeng1128, Nov 5, 2014.

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    Hi guys Thanks in advance. I'm a MMJ card holder and while my state has dispensaries they have no edibles and are incredibly expensive(try $510/oz.) Needless to say I make my own edibles. I used an oz of grounded (not great weed, but way better than mids) per pound of butter. Is that really potent? I'm assuming I'm eating too much as it's just knocking my ads out! Does any one know how that would convert??
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    Ounce per pound seems okay, and yeah I only eat edibles when I want to sleep like a god, or if I'm stressed and haven't been getting sleep.
  3. herbwarrior420

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    I have always used my thc oil and concentrates to infuse into my butter, olive oils and coconut oil. Don't have to strain and freeze off the water and don't have plant material to filter off. I use approximately 5 grams of phoenix tears to 1 lb. of butter or 16 fl ozs of oil. Plus I make my famous pain relieving salve that is a miracle for killing pain and skin cancer.
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    Ive only tried edibles once, from what I remember, it was a long day of walking and of course, smoking breaks but getting home at night, I tried some brownies that a friend gave me. I asked about the potency and I was told that it wasn't going to knock me on my ass but that I would defiantly feel it. I ate two and about 45 minutes passed before it kicked in. Didn't get a really big head stone but the body stone was amazing. I also didn't giggle this much as when I first started smoking.

    I did fall asleep shortly after.

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