Do I have to fear a Pre-Employment drug screen?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by phattyt007, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. phattyt007

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    Hey guys, I have a quick question for you.

    I recently finished interviewing for a job with Wells Fargo in Oregon. The job description mentioned nothing about having to pass a pre-employment drug screen. A few days ago I was notified that I had a contingent job offer and I had to submit some references and sign a waiver for a background check (I read the wording carefully and there was no mention of a drug screen).

    Is it still possible that I may have to submit to a drug screen? Is there a law that states they must have notified me of the possibility or have me sign a waiver for it? The only reason I'm concerned is that I have been clean for a few weeks now but am probably still borderline dirty, not to mention in years past I know that Wells Fargo's in Oregon have been known to test. Thanks so much in advance for your help guys!
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    You'll have to sign paperwork to authorize a drug screen but they may spring it on you any time. If you can get a copy of there employee manual it should say in there.
  3. phattyt007

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    Thanks so much, I really appreciate the response!

    I'm inclined to believe that I probably won't be tested since nothing was ever mentioned or posted on the job listing. The majority of jobs I have seen that test are very straightforward about letting you know, especially in the initial job listings. Here's to hoping that I'm in the clear :jointsmile:
  4. phattyt007

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    Employee handbook update

    I just located the most recent version of the Wells Fargo Employee Handbook. This is what the section on drugs states:

    Wells Fargo is dedicated to maintaining a drug-free workplace. All our team
    members are required to perform their job duties unimpaired by illegal drugs,
    alcohol, or the improper use of legal substances. You are prohibited from
    working or reporting to work when impaired by alcohol or drugs.
    Important: Any team member who is unfit to work because of alcohol or drug
    use may be sent home. In addition, he or she is subject to corrective action,
    which may include termination of employment.

    Drug-free Workplace

    We have absolutely no tolerance for illegal drugs — or the misuse of legal
    drugs — at Wells Fargo.
    Important: The sale, purchase, manufacture, distribution, possession or use
    of any mind-altering or non-prescribed controlled substance, or the nonprescribed use of a controlled substance, on company premises or while
    conducting company business is prohibited and is cause for immediate
    termination of your employment. In addition, illegal substances found on
    company premises may be turned over to outside legal authorities for
    further investigation.

    From what I can read there is no mention of a drug screen, just if you are caught being impaired on the job you're in trouble. Thoughts?
  5. jeffman

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    I think you will be tested and if you check these two sites below, you will see different comments from different cities in Oregon that have Wells Fargo and drug tests. Good luck...:thumbsup:

    Companys that drug test

    Search our Database of companies that do drug testing

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  6. phattyt007

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    A bit of an update

    Thanks for the info, jeffman. I noticed on the second link that it was in 2001 when Wells Fargo drug tested, which I am hoping has changed. I know that U.S. Bank has had a longstanding drug testing policy but for the past year or two have really cut back on them due to the recession.

    For a bit of an update as to my current situation I was recently notified that I passed my background and reference checks. I asked the HR man what I needed to do next for the hiring process and he told me that everything was kosher on his end and he would be sending me an official offering letter soon. Does that mean that I am probably gonna not have to take a drug test or is it not uncommon for companies to spring them on you during your first few days of employment?

    Seriously guys, I really appreciate all your help! :)
  7. insomniasucks

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    In my experience I was notified of the UA for my new job within the paperwork of my offer. It came with the official "tentative" offer along with instructions and locations of where I could go. I did have a heads up so I stopped smoking about 5 days prior to receiving their offer. Also I was lucky in that I did not have a tight time frame to take my UA only "sometime before my start date" whixh is today, I took my UA 3 days ago, received my offer about 2 1/2 wks ago.

    Just be ready and have a plan such as dillution or subbing, it will be a pre employment screen if any and they are unsupervised. See my thread where I describe my experience at Quest Diagnostics. Also can't recommend enough to take some at home tests so you know if you areat or below the cutoff.

    P.S. if you decline to take the screen, its usually an option, it pretty much equals a fail to the Co.
  8. dejayou30

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    Usually the employee handbook will say employees are subject to pre employment or random screens if you are. It sounds like they just have a reasonable suspicion rule where they can test you if they think you're f'd up on the job. Just stay sober at work and I think you should be OK. :thumbsup:
  9. phattyt007

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    Thanks everyone for all your thoughts! From what I can tell, from both other people's experiences and how everything has gone down thus far in the hiring process, I probably am in the clear for having to take a drug screen. Just in case though I am gonna pick up some Quick Fix, which I have seen works fantastic (unless you believe that rather disconcerting thread entitled 'Quick Fix Warning' here on the boards).
  10. phattyt007

    phattyt007 Registered+

    Another update

    Hey guys, I wanted to give an update. I recently received my offer letter and nowhere did it mention anything about a drug screen! It said that my employment was contingent on passing a background check and having professional references pan out (both did). Also, they included a couple of forms that I needed to sign and turn in on my first day of work, nothing of which mentioned anything about having to take a UA.

    The offer letter stated that I would receive more information about the job and some various forms to fill out on the first day. My guess is that they're tax forms so they can figure out my paycheck. Is it at all possible that they could have me sign a waiver for a drug test on my first day and have me do a screening at that time? I know it sounds paranoid, especially considering that there has been no indication whatsoever that a UA will take place, but I'm just trying to make sure everything is good to go for my new career.

    Thanks everyone for all your knowledge & support!
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  11. insomniasucks

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    I think you are good to go. If they were going to make your offer contingent on passing the background screens they would also have made it contingent on passing a drug screen. They would want the results before or very close to your start date and not have to pay you and process paperwork for a couple of days of work. Just read your info and employee handbook carefully and look for any mentions of drug tests. Some employers will require a drug test if you are invloved in an accident at work. They may cover this in orientation. Good Luck.
  12. phattyt007

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    Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I'm definitely feeling more at ease now. It just wouldn't make sense for them to test me now. Plus, their employee manual has my mind a bit more at ease, being that there is no mention of either Pre-Employment Drug Screens or Randoms.
  13. bigsmokeringz

    bigsmokeringz Registered+

    yes i knoe for a FACT they test
  14. phattyt007

    phattyt007 Registered+

    They do? When? My job is not working in an actual bank and I have not had to sign anything UA related. Can you give me some more info?
  15. bigsmokeringz

    bigsmokeringz Registered+

    ok well,

    you said you were WORKING for welsfargo.

    they dont want potsmokers or anything to do with them working around any part of there agencies
  16. phattyt007

    phattyt007 Registered+

    I will be working for them in a few weeks. Do you have personal experience with Wells Fargo? I've done some pretty exhaustive research and they seem to be one of the more PC banks. I saw no mention of testing on the job app, employee handbook, or during any phase of the interview process. I had to sign off on background & references checks, plus I was given a few forms to sign to bring on my first day but there was no mention of a UA. If they're going to test me I suppose they would need to have me sign something on my first day of training. It just seems highly unlikely that this would happen, particularly given the lack of any warning regarding a drug test and me already passing background checks, but if you have any experience with them that suggests otherwise I would be very appreciative if you'd share it.
  17. insomniasucks

    insomniasucks Registered+

    I think you would have been notified already and given a chain of custody form if they wanted to do a drug screen. Otherwise it is not a pre employment drug screen anymore. It will cost Wells more problems and possible legal headaches to perform a drug screen on you after a job offer is made and accepted by both parties. Pre employment drug screens are made with a "contingent" offer of employment. The offer becomes valid after the applicant passes the drug screen and/or any background checks.
  18. phattyt007

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    Thanks for the reassurance. It definitely would be strange if I was given UA paperwork to sign in my first couple days. Just to be sure though maybe I should take my Quick Fix with me the first week. Then again, they'd probably send me to a lab to have it done (not on my work premises) but it'd probably be better to err on the side of caution.

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