Do I really need Cal MAG?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by Jmann567, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. Jmann567

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    I havn't been using cal mag at all. I use purified water for the res right now. Do I really need Cal mag? I'm in flowering stage its the 2nd week. I'm using Connosieur A+B and Big Bud. If I'm using purified water and those nutrients do I still need Cal MAg?

  2. phatsesh101

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    its recommended but not necessary. prevention is easier than fixing
  3. irydyum

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    I was scouring AN's website looking for any information on what nutrients are available in their products and I found this lovely gem:

    "The exact ingredients our scientists discovered for Connoisseur are trade secrets. We can't divulge them. Some of them are extremely hard to spell or even pronounce. But what you've gotta know is these exclusive ingredients are available only in Connoisseur, and they'll produce the best buds you've ever grown."

    Scary that they don't tell you what's in it because it's too hard to spell or pronounce.

    Here's bumpin hoping someone that uses connoisseur can chime in.
  4. Jmann567

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    I was looking on their website and I found this.
    So it does have calcium so theirs no need for CAL MAG right?
  5. the image reaper

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    if you are using 'purified' water, it's 'likely' your plants DO need CalMag+ ... reverse osmosis water, rainwater, distilled water, and some highly filtered water, has removed calcium, magnesium, iron, and, trace minerals, that your plants definitely need ... calcium deficiency is fairly common ... just depends on how 'pure', your water is ... happy gardening :smokin:
  6. Jmann567

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    So i was looking for the entire list of ingredients in Connossieur and found this
    so it does have calcium and magnesium! so then theirs no need for CAL MAG right?
  7. irydyum

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    It looks like it does have several different types of each Ca and Mg, but I would still wait around for someone who has used it successfully. They may have some insight into amounts of it, maybe they found that they needed to supplement the AN with some to avoid problems later on.

    Just my :twocents:
  8. DreadedHermie

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    Do you think somebody at the mfg. plant (not a sales rep) could give you a reliable answer?

    That sure seems like a reasonable question to expect them to be able to answer for you.

    Actual, real, black strap molasses has lotsa Calcium and Magnesium, at least by human dietary standards. Could use that in a pinch...
  9. FreeDaHerb

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    You do not need cal/mag if your nutes supply it. That replaces what is not in the RO water.

    The AN conny has plenty in it. You should be fine, it's a stand alone system.

  10. yeskaa

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    you can use a little tap water for your cal mag.

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