Do Male plants Bud ?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Tahoebrough, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Tahoebrough

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    I ordered up some seeds and 8 out of 30 are male, Can you smoke em ?
  2. Italiano715

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    wow 8 out of 30 are male?! Shitty outcome eh? They are no good but to seed the them and throw them into the compost pile
  3. yokinazu

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    pretty crappy results but actualy you can get high smokin males, tastes like shit not very potent. about like smokin the sun leaves in my opinion. and to use the term loosly yes male will "bud". they actualy get balls. wich open up to look like small white flowers but are actualy just polen sacks opening up. only the female will fruit.
  4. Italiano715

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    Yeah so to confirm what I said, rip them suckers up! They are not worth the hassle!!! You'd prolly get more of a headache then high....It would be like smoking a cigarette too fast, you don't get the fix you get lightheaded!
  5. Storm Crow

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    Yes, you can smoke males...

    Every male is different.

    In a female, trichs and stickiness are a good thing to help catch any pollen- which after all is the whole idea and sometimes that carries over into the males. Problem with that is that the male's pollen sticks to himself, instead of floating free to get passed in to the gene pool. Stickiness is self limiting in the males.

    As for the 8 males, dry them, and try them, one by one. None will be any better than an average female of the strain, but some may be "smokable". Or you can save it for when your friendly "moocher" comes over. :D

    I would crumble the totally dry males over a large bowl, blenderize everything but the sticks, and put it in brownies. The heat of the baking turns any non-stony THCA into good old THC. :thumbsup: So you get more THC out of the same amount of male than you would smoking it.

    (yes, smoking also turns THCA into THC, but the necessary temperature in held only for a fraction of a second when smoking- and then all is just ashes. Baking takes way longer and the chemical process of THCA -> THC has more time to happen. :) )

    Be sure to use a recipe with plenty of oil in it. The THC rides into your body on the oil. I usually start an hour or so before I plan to bake. I put the pot into the recipe's oil and warm it. (I have a cute 1 cup pan that I use.) I just put in enough pot so it is like gravy when you stir it. I like to add cinnamon and other spices to it to help change the odor. If it's too hot for my finger, it's time to take it off the stove. Then I let it cool. This gets the oil soluble cannabinoids into the oil and more available to you.

    Then just make your brownies/magic muffins. Be sure to set aside a couple of spoonfuls of the dry flour mixture before you make your batter. When you add the pot/oil mix to your flour mixture, instead of scraping and scraping the oil pan to get the last bits, just add the reserved bit of flour. It will grab up all the remaining pot/oil in your pan and then you just dump the oily dough-balls into your batter. Don't want to waste any! :D


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