do they look healthy?or do they need anything?

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    [​IMG] i got i broken but i helped it and it continued growing and after while one of the leaves started to get yellow
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  2. It looks like the seedlings are stretching!
    When there isn't enough light, or if the light is not efficient the plants will stretch for the light.
    The yellowing is a sighn that photosynthesis is being effected! And photosynthesis requires LIGHT!

    What kinda lights are you running? How far from the plants? Are they air cooled or not? What spectrum or intensity? You left out a few key factors for us to help. Include and I'm sure me or someone will get back to u
  3. Also I see you hung tin foil for reflective purposes. TBH tin foil is a conductor of heat and it only reflects about 50-60%.
    Flat white paint works great; it is easy to get up on the wall and it lasts a long time. Flat white paint reflects 85%.
    Or if you have the extra money and extra time and are setting up a big grow/ Mylar is the answer. It's 97% reflective. It's just more expensive and harder to put up and maintain.
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    i have nearly 160-170 watt cfls and its like 20centimeters up
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    Next question.
    Are there drainage holes in those clear cups?

    Yellowing cotyledons, this early on, usually indicate root suffocation.
    You might want to drop them into opaque cup, (also with drainage holes), so that algae doesn't grow on the roots
    If that soil is saturated at the bottom of the cup, and has gone "sour" you will need to re-pot to fresh soil.

    Unless you want to play Q n A for the next ten posts, you would do well to fill out the troubleshoot form in my signature.
    It has all the question that we will need answered to be able to offer specific diagnosis.

    Wee 'zard
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  6. I agree with my man weeze!
    Fill out a troubleshooting forum so we know the exact details of your grow. So we're not guessing. This way we can get a better idea and be of better help!
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