Do they require more water during Flower ?

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by Buds Buddy, May 10, 2018.

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    It seems my plant sure is using a lot of water now that it's in flower. When in veg. a gallon would last for 3 watering's (once every 2-3 days) & now I use a 1/2 gallon every day as the soil is drying up that fast. Temps have been higher (Low 80's) so maybe that's why. Maybe it's the plants....maybe it's both ???
    Plants look good so I guess all is OK.
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    Yes, flowering plants use a lot more water than their younger vegging selves, mainly because by now they should have a well developed root system that is able to uptake more water. If you are doing this correctly you would have noticed that you were giving your plants more water all along, from the time they were in little containers to using more and more water every time you up-potted. If you didn't do this, then shame on you... you could have done much better. You are making the mistake of thinking that your human brain can somehow figure out how much water the plants need, so you have chosen 1/2 gallon. You are doing this all wrong... it is the plant who should be deciding how much water it wants to take, not you. Maybe its because you think it has to do with the soil drying out because of the temperature. Silly Bud... the soil dries out because the plant sucks all the water out of it; very little leaves the soil at the surface due to evaporation.
    Now that you are in flower the trick is to get as much water up into the plant as you can. To do this properly, water the plant until runoff every time by watering slowly until you can make that soil absorb as much water as you can, and i bet it is more than 1/2 gallon. Then wait until the plant has used most of this water and the container is starting to feel light again before you repeat this and water to runoff again. The faster the plant can use this water, the better you have done getting to this point. I invite you to read my sticky paper on how to properly water as a lot of research and a lot of collaboration with other growers went into developing that piece... I am sure you will get some more answers by reading it.
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    Thanks for the advice. Yes indeed, I have been giving more water each time I changed pots & when I watered it has always had some run off out the bottom. I just noticed it has been taking more water to get run off in Flower than it did prior to changing over from veg. I'm not determining how much water the plant uses. Just noticing the different amounts the plants take in different stages & was wondering if plants suck up more water during flower than they do in other stages. Not knowing if the plants are sucking it up or the heat was drying it out was what I was questioning. A half gallon is just a rough estimate to use as an example. All I know for sure is I'm using more water each time I water & it seems I have to water more frequently now that I'm in Flower. I'm guessing this is normal as nothing seems to be wrong .... but they say "Todays problem started 2 weeks ago" so if this isn't normal I need to solve the problem quickly.
    I'm going to read your sticky on it now & see if I find my answer. Thanks.

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