Do Vaporizers conserve or waste weed?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Candnloveweed420, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Candnloveweed420

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    Hey I don't have a vaporizer but I am planning on purchasing one in the future, so I'm trying to get educated about the subject. So my question vaporizers use up more weed (compared to joints, blunts, and bowls)? Thanks
  2. turksteelman

    turksteelman Registered+

    Absolutely. At least the volcano seems to. However, if you like to just sit around with friends and smoke, the vaps may not be for you because you can burn up alot of herb in a vaporizer just like you do in a bong. To me the real question is health. Imagine how much your lungs would appreciate it if you always vaped? :):)
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  3. dannyboy420

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    Strongly agree. I have an Herbalaire and I think it does use a little more weed than, say, a bowl -- but not much. Still, my lungs are so much clearer and I never wake up with the old hacking cough anymore -- totally worth it.
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  4. FakeBoobsRule

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    Well I think Turk is trying to say they use more weed but I disagree. I haven't had a working vaporizer in a few years but if you get a good quality vaporizer and learn how to use it properly, it uses the same amount of bud or less even. Vaporizers really shine when you are using upper mids or highs because I believe it can activate some of the inactive THC or cannabinoids that are present. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that's true. Plus some people cook with their ABV or use other ways to get the last little bit out.

    So in addition to inhaling vapor versus inhaling smoke, you can conserve weed if you get a good quality vaporizer and use it properly. The downside is the initial cost but if you are buying good quality weed it will pay for itself in the long run.
  5. RLew420

    RLew420 Registered

    The Volcano Vaporizer is the best f'n invention EVER!!!! and yes i believe it saves on weed but it is very expensive like 500 bucks
  6. turksteelman

    turksteelman Registered+

    actually, I was trying to say you could conserve using the vap but without getting into the whole quality thing. I think that using a good quality herb and the vap is the best way to go. But then again, even if it isn't good quality, your lungs will greatly appreciate it and you will get no less stoned. I would definitely go with the volcano and take the cash hit upfront.
  7. dannyboy420

    dannyboy420 Registered+

    Perhaps you're right. I tend to reload my vape more often than is probably necessary because I love those first few bags -- so strong and flavorful.
  8. turksteelman

    turksteelman Registered+

    My point exactly.
  9. XXBlaze of DesiréXX

    XXBlaze of DesiréXX Registered+

    Yes all vaporizors save weed!:)Becuz with a vape your only inhaling THC so u dont need as much weed to get u high, compared to others like a bong and such, your inhaling THC but along with everything else, which would make u need more weed to get u high,. Which is also why vapes are better for u, cuz ur not inhaling shit thats not good for u!:thumbsup:

    Keep on Vapin:jointsmile:
  10. Candnloveweed420

    Candnloveweed420 Registered+

    thanks guys, i appreciate the advice...just wanted to know from actual smokers about the subject, so thanks again!!!
  11. kz1000r

    kz1000r Registered+

    I have a Volcano and have used it exclusively for 2 years now and saving weed is an understatement!!! I use it every day and i go through 1/4 oz per MONTH, each hit I use 1/8tsp and i'm good and stoned (my temp is 5.8 to 6.0 and I only vape each load once)
  12. cbridge360

    cbridge360 Registered+

    I can make a gram last me forever with my vapolutuon
  13. vapefiend

    vapefiend Registered+

    I think the general consenus is that a good vape conserves and delivers more THC than smoke. I find that I personally tend to use more with vaping, but that's because smoking was starting to bother me to the point where I was ready to quit. I just couldn't smoke much anymore. Vaporizing gave me a whole new way to medicate, giving my lungs a big break. Using the Vapolution, in particular, I find conserves herb because it will only hold a small amount. I find that after vaping a bowl containing only a little piece, I often don't reload for a while because I'm already where I wanna be. With the herbalAire, I tend to load more both because it holds more, and I like to see nice thick vapor in the bag. :vap_smiley:
  14. donsolo

    donsolo Registered+

    do you like the bag type over the dome or box type in particular?
  15. vapefiend

    vapefiend Registered+

    By dome I assume you mean the various vapes that look like gum ball dispensers. That's a conduction vape (hot plate vape) where the herb sits on a metal surface and only the part that contacts the metal gets vaporized. It's a first generation vape-very inefficient and not worth buying these days, since you can get a good convection model pretty cheap. The next step up is the box vape. The cheap, under $100 models you find on ebay I would stay away from. They're usually made in China with cheap parts and I wouldn't trust them for safety or reliability. Stick with the brands you see on dealer sites like Vaporstore or the sponsor site here. I don't like the downward pointing heater tubes you see on a lot of box vapes, so in the $150 price range I'd go with the SSV little brother, Da Buddha. It's a proven design with a horizontal whip angle so you don't dump your bowl contents out. And you can buy it 'as is' or order it with some custom glass.

    Bag vapes are very convenient and efficient. You've got a pump or fan for constant, steady air flow. Just set the temp, pop on a bag and fill it up. The downside is diluted vapor. You don't get those thick vapor hits that are available with most direct draw vapes. Not that all your hits from a whip will be thick, but when you do get one, it's just so satisfying.

    I'm hooked on both methods and wouldn't want to be restricted to either bag or whip delivery alone. You can get both methods in one unit, and the Extreme is probably the most satisfying dual mode vape, but you'll pay at least a bill more than for just a good whip vape.
  16. psychodelic

    psychodelic Registered+

    Vapefiend, have you tried or know anything about the Vapir One V5 Herbal Vaporizer

    I've never tried or owned a vaporizer, and I'm considering purchasing one. I'm a semi-regular smoker, once every few weeks or so. I like the smallness of the Vapir One compared to Da Buddah. I have to hide my stuff, so I'd like to have something small, portable and convenient to use when I smoke. Sometimes I like to take a small hit before bed to help me fall asleep.
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  17. vapefiend

    vapefiend Registered+

    I haven't used a Vapir One, but have heard many reports on it over the years, as well as other Vapir products.

    All their models have digital displays and a short, 90 day warranty. That's a bad combination, and the company has developed a rep for the poorest reliability of any brand name. And with the model One, you also have a fan to worry about as well as the display. Although it's small, it's not considered a portable either, since you have to use AC.

    If the DBV is too large/cumbersome to suit you, and you want to stay under $200 (and if AC use is acceptable), I'd consider the Purple-Days. It has high efficiency, great build quality, small size (like a beer can), and doubles as an essential oil diffuser. It's been reported to pass the 'cop confiscation' test too. It has a 3 yr. warranty with very little to go wrong on it. It gets most of the use in my house, although I also use an SSV sometimes for bigger hits.

    Other, even more portable options, are the Magic Flight Launch Box (about $90, very small, powered by AA size rechargable battery, unconditional lifetime warranty), and the iolite (no flame butane-catalytic, $200+, about cell phone size, 2 yr. warranty). I have both of these and they're both nice stealth portables.

    You should be able to find videos of all these models in action on youtube. Quite a few on the Purple-Days, both in use and interesting build and durabiltiy vids by the builder.
  18. VapedG13

    VapedG13 Registered+

    I vaporize pretty heavily....1/2 g of Sour D in my volcano and I get 6 - 3 ft bags of wife and I usually vaporize 2 gs a day:hippy:
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  19. lwien123

    lwien123 Registered+

    I vaporize every evening and go thru about 0.025g a day. If efficiency is a primary concern, the Purple Days is the way to go.
  20. Twistedfunk

    Twistedfunk Registered

    there is so much misinformation in this thread. Yes a vape conserves weed but only because smoking it destroys at least 50% of the active ingredient upon combustion. When smoking, you also inhale everything else that you put in the bowl (ie. vegetable matter). When vaping, you inhale all the goodies and none of the bad stuff. Also, I have a whip/box style iVape and it holds as much as a standard bowl for a bong. I get more hits out of it and it gets me higher and without all the harshness of smoking. I literally cannot smoke anymore after owning a vape for a few months. I've never used a bag vape but it sounds like fun. I hear people talking about how they only vape once in a bag or whatever but I vape my fucking bowl till all the goodies are milked. I don't know why someone would only smoke half a bowl...vape what you put in the fucking bowl until its done :stoned:
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