Do Vaporizers conserve or waste weed?

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    I just purchased a PAX2....I have used a volcano and really enjoyed it. So I went and purchased a PAX2. I do think you use more weed with the vap tool...of you don't use the remains in the bowl/oven. Use this product for an edible. Then there is no waste and it's a great experience!
  2. I used the black widow vaporizer which can put into 0.45 grams herbs into it.
    It's really a big oven.:doublethumbs:
  3. MaddieQQQ

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    My most important factors are:
    -quick start
    -one hit and return later
    -not waste weed
  4. COweed

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    For what they do, vape pens are pretty cool. I would say they conserve.
  5. GrowGoddess

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    vaping and smoking are quite wasteful. Vaping can be useful for special needs. If you want to be buzzed 24/7 and get the best bang for your bud, I would have to say Rick Simpson Oil. Try eating 3 drops per day. Don't judge it on the first drop :)
    I do love vaping oil though, but it is not that efficient.
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    Here is some results from a Lab! vaporizers prolong the length that the flower will burn because it uses a different temperature than a lighter. It releases the THC and even after it is burnt up, there is still THC% leftover in the residuals. MCR labs has a lot of cool info on vaporizers and terpene intake. Check out their site or instagram. They're releasing a coffee table book soon as well :)

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    Not only you can save more weed with a vape but also it’s good for your lungs...but only burning the THC and no plant matter you cut down on a lot of the harsher things entering your lungs
  8. Stoner Pros

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    my Volcano Digit was the best purchase I've ever made in my life. It's paid for itself 10x over at least. There may be other vapes that are also good, but nothing comes close to the volcano imo, plus smoking in a bag is 10x more pleasant than using a whip. 1 gram lasts me and my girlfriend 2 days in the volcano. In a bong 1 gram lasts about half a day, I'd say it's 4x as efficient EASILY, plus I get to make edibles or hash/shatter with the vaped weed. NOTHING comes close.
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    Salutations Stoner Pros,

    Vaporization does help to reduce recurrent costs indeed, for example i can divide 1 g into 6 ~ 8 bowls and obtain some 6 ~ 8 tokes per bowl, ranging from rich to fair. In other words that's more toking than i'm used to require on a daily basis! One difference being that a pipe even radically modiffied as mine still remains relatively affordable, near the 100 Canuck bucks threshold i shall argue...

    Ah! Ah! I know the feeling. M'well it seems it's up to the task, so that's not too bad for an initiation! Welcome to the vaporist realm.


    Good day, have fun!! :D
  10. 420 Weed Mart

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    Vaping definitely saves weed ( even without smoking your vaped material ;) )
    saves even more if you smoke the vaped stuff :p
  11. Swan Town

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    thanks for the info
  12. Any recommendations on the best portable vape to buy? (Not the volcano -- something I can take in the car)

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