Do we really have an eternal Spirit?

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by Maranathameds, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Maranathameds

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    I believe that we do. What do you think? Please be respectful in your replies, Thank you
  2. General Colon Bowel

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    Think about what life is.........we are universally surrounded by stars and seeming quiet emptiness that goes on forever.
    ........yet here is planet earth.....pulsing with something special.........LIFE. We have some kind of spark within us, like IRON MAN's powers source.
    A divine spark I would say. Think about cannot be created or destroyed, just are am I.
    You and I are light! And light is good! All our natural energy for life on earth comes form our sun....a star! You came from a star, brother!

    I think that whatever that "spark" is that gives us life (and everythign that goes with being human) is eternal......remember, energy cannot be created or destroyed....even when our sun dies off, the energy has to be reallocated somewhere...........and so the energy, light, spark, whatever will continue in a different form.
  3. Maranathameds

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    Interesting, but nothing to do with whether or not you believe the "spark" you refer to is your spirit. You speak in terms of the physical, what I am asking refers to the non-physical, not anything that one might see but the unseen. If we can leave out science, which denies the spiritual realm, we might be able to explore what is not known or understood. Science itself moves away from attempting to understand what cannot be seen, because science is based upon the physical. But, to give input I will say energy from whatever source can be expended, can one recycle the energy from an atom split? does the energy from a split atom move to reform other atoms? There is much that science will never be able to explain. The atom for example; will science be able to explain what keeps an atom from flying apart, what makes protons and electrons to spin around the nucleus without flying apart? So, let's leave science out of questions about the spirit because science will never acknowledge the spiritual.
  4. 420worldreccord

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    What's actually important is that we do, not whether or not you believe we do.

    For me, I first experienced the answer as an astounding yes inside of an ayahuasca ceremony. Parts of those visions changed me to realize that I could have them in every day "normal" consciousness as well.

    Find your soul. Connect to it. You can see the answer for yourself.
  5. fargon

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    Yes we have a spirit, and heaven and hell are real places. The only way to get to heaven is thru Jesus Christ. Praise The Lord and Pass the WEED!!!

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