Do you grind up your weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by moui_woui, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. moui_woui

    moui_woui Registered+

    Hi. I've been smoking for about 6 mounths now. I've been thinking about buying a Acrylic grinder from my home boy. I usually smoke out of a piece. Do you only grind bud up for joints or for pieces too?

  2. WeedyBoyWonder

    WeedyBoyWonder Registered+

    I grind all my weed, occasionally I will crumble it into a bowl though if it's good weed to do so.
    Buy it, grinders make a big difference, and the acrylic ones are portable and handy and smoking tools have.
  3. itsofficial

    itsofficial Registered+

    i just break it up with my fingers no matter how i smoke it..
  4. Quinn The Eskimo

    Quinn The Eskimo Registered+

    I grind a lot of the bud I smoke, but only because I like to collect lots of kief. If you use bowls you don't really need one, but it will probably come in hand sometime. So I would say to buy it.
  5. KrAzy Che3To

    KrAzy Che3To Registered+

    Usually I always grind my weed if I have a grinder.. if not then I try to break it up as tiny as I can.. but I toss a stem or the larger pieces at the bottom to not fall through the hole :)
  6. Elote20

    Elote20 Registered+

    i always grind my weed. Even if im smoking out of my piece. i dunno why, i like it better that way.
    also i found it if ur gonna smoke a blunt, definately grind ur bud. u get way more out of it.
    well thats from my experience.
    you get more from grinding than from breaking it up with ur fingerrs.
  7. kshchrn831

    kshchrn831 Registered+

    grinders are your best friend. i remeber reading in the cannabible that anytime your bud is touched by your fingers, it can reduce the thc and some what kill anything you've touched because all the oils and shit in your skin.
  8. Beefer86

    Beefer86 Registered+

    ^^He is right, oil dissolves other oils.

    I put a tiny nug as the filter on the bottom of the bowl, and then put ground up marijuana on top of that nugget.
  9. moui_woui

    moui_woui Registered+

    Ty. you guys helped. I think i will buy it. He only wants five bucks for it but it does not have a keif catcher.
  10. WaZ

    WaZ Registered+

    Well, I'd actually say to try for a grinder with metal teeth. I've seen acrylic grinders with 1/3 to 1/2 the teeth broken off because of stems and what not... At the very least, make sure the teeth look sturdy (maybe pyramid or flat teeth).

    S.R.H.~BUDSMOKER~S.G Registered+

    yea get tha metal ones with a keef catcher i always grind my kill before i toke it up its easier to load and faster no breakin up bull shit besides a few seeds and big stems leaves more time for cheifin especially in tha morning when ure in a dam hurry
  12. illnillinois

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    you there?
  13. eazystar

    eazystar Registered+

    i grind 2-4 bowls at a time, and keep it in the grinder till i use it all up. then grind 2-4 more bowls and so on...
  14. TPB_Bubbles

    TPB_Bubbles Registered

    I use a grinder if I got one, right now I don't so I usually just use snips or my fingers. I always bust the weed tho, for whatever I blaze with.
  15. jessem98

    jessem98 Registered+

    best grinder out right now is a metal sweet leaf w/keif catcher. period.

    DONT touch the bud w/ur fingers
    DONT buy an acrylic one, they break easily

    In my experience the BEST way for me to grind bud is to fold a white peice of printing paper into 4, while its folded drop however much bud u want into it, stick metal scissors into it and go at it. then take a plastic card and scrape the keif off the paper after and put it into your bowl. The paper and scissor way grinds it better then grinders, and u can get it as fine as you want. :jointsmile:
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