Do you manicure before or after drying?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Splifted, Jan 7, 2007.


How do you trim your girls

  1. I manicure then dry

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  2. I pull off the bigger leaves and manicure after drying

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  3. Other (if you pick this elaborate below)

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  1. Splifted

    Splifted Registered+

    Well, its about time for me to figure this part of the process out, and I seem to be getting conflicting info. Some ppl manicure their buds when they cut down the plant, then dry. Others cut off the large leaves and stuff, but do the final manicure once the plants have dried.

    So whats better? Manicure it completely fresh or after its dry?
  2. GaGrown

    GaGrown Registered+

    The less you handle the buds the better off you and they will be!

    Ga Grown!
  3. Perp

    Perp Registered+

    It is easier when the plant is fresh and the leaves aren't all drooping over the buds.
  4. Splifted

    Splifted Registered+

    Right on, thanks for the replies guys, I was planning on manicuring them the day we cut them down then drying them out, but then I was reading KP's cannabis college and it got me thinking of doing it the other way. I'll probably stick to what I was gonna do and trim them bitches fresh. Plus, I'm impatient and want to trim, never have before :)
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  5. Perp

    Perp Registered+

    Don't forget to save the scissor hash.
  6. kindprincess

    kindprincess Registered+

    i trim after, it seems easier too, you can see all of the leaf stems...
  7. Bodom Children Of

    Bodom Children Of Registered+

    Takes a while for me to trim but it is fun. Get a razor to scrape the "scissor hash" off the blades. It always seemed to me that the leaves would dry up if you left them on the bud and would simply crumble off when removed. I do it before hand.
  8. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    I do a careful trim still wet, leaving the buds on the stems for drying, and then do the final manicure when I cut the buds off the stems to go in for jar curing.
  9. invision

    invision Registered+

    i always cut and trimmed right after i chopped them, to me this is the worst part......manicuring :mad:
  10. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke will need rubbing alcohol....I recommend the wintergreen/glycerin...70% isopropyl alcohol...for your hands and's labor of love...:)...
  11. pikes peak 69

    pikes peak 69 Registered+

    Use vegatable oil to clean your hands and sissors. Then wash with soap. No need for alcohol.
  12. 4x5

    4x5 Registered+

    try cleaning out your pipe with vegatable oil, dutch pimp is right, alcohol works much faster and evaporates quickly, it can also be used to make hash.
  13. santacruz_organic

    santacruz_organic Registered+

    i harvest, pull fan leaves an do a "sloppy trim", hang upside down to dry untill the branch litteraly snap, then manicure and cure.

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