Doctors in Maine?

Discussion in 'Maine (ME)' started by PeaceitsAsh420, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. PeaceitsAsh420

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    Which doctors are medical marijuana friendly and wouldn't feel uncomfortable recommending me for medicinal marijuana? :thumbsup:

  2. jimburke

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    maine doctors

    for a list go to their our activist group . click on medical marijuana ,click doctors and you'll have your list. maine vocals has been the front line in the fight for mj rights.the site also has events and other good stuff. jim burke care by cannabis
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    there's a doctor in Hallowell, but it's a $300 up front payment...but you also have to bring a note from your doctor saying that it will help you, in case your doctor didn't want to write the recommendation...but their taking appointment for march.
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  5. jimburke

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    sorry for typo error,maine vocals is a good group. don c has been thru alot for the mmj people of maine.
  6. MYWhat

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    The place in Hollowell is Maine Integrative Healthcare.

    It is $300 upfront only because so many people would sign up for appointments and never show.
    You don't have to bring in a note from your Doc though. Although it is a good idea to have med documentation of what is wrong with you. Anyone can go into there local hospital and get copy's of there medical records. Or if your condition can easily be determined by your RX list (that helps too).
    The folks that work there are great and I'm a happy patient !!
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    I'm a happy patient there as well...I must of misunderstood original doctor did the recommendation for me, and then got in trouble with the fellow doctors, and even though she started the practice, they ran her out...I was gonna sue the SHIT out of them...they actually called that Dr. Soluk to put me on his list...I love it.

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