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    Are there any doctors in RI that anyone can reccomend to me so I can get my MMJ card. I have a debhilitating condition, but my regular Internal Medicine Dr. doesnt believe in using Marijuana. If you cant post the name, can you possibly Message me with a few names? Thanks everyone..
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    is this RI board active?

    is this RI board active?:hippy:
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    doesn't seem to be. I can't help anyone find a doctor but i can help with some things. I am a MMJ Caregiver and have success in cultivation. So far :)
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    i'd suggest you attend a community meeting of RIPAC, a patient advocacy
    group here in RI that helps patients and caregivers.

    they don't recommend Dr's per se, but i'm sure you will be able to get a list
    of mmj doctors from them, unofficialy at least.

    here is a link to their site where you will find much info that will be helpful.

    RIPAC: Medical Marijuana in Rhode Island

    btw, the RI board will be as active as we make it.
  5. help2me0pls

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    Thanks for posting!


    thanks to you 2 for posting. I'm trying to figure out how to email u private, but I'm not all that computer savvy and I'm goofy already (pre-mmj, ha-ha! :} ). I found the RIPAC page, thanks. And I know someone who would be interested in becoming my caregiver since I am, well... I'm me.:hippy:

    could one of you figure out how to email me either to the inbox here or on y@h0o, so I can figure out how to reply back?

    The article from the Providence journal which
    "Galaxy" posted was very interesting. "Plant manager", that's a good title!

    The info to the noobs, like me, from "justanoterbozo" is very helpful!

    Just another shout out - thanks for adding me to ur "friends", you nice person!

    Will try to figure out how to do more for myself on this board, and out in the world and quite being such a little panty-waste....ha!;)

    Thanks again, will try to keep up,

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    you're welcome, i'm glad to help you as others helped me, that's what it's all
    about, sharing the love, lol.

    anyway, this site doesn't have private messaging so no way to do it here.
    keep in mind that your security should be uppermost in your mind until you are
    completely legal, as i am not. my doctors all work for the federal government
    so no recommendations from them i'm afraid.

    in any event, if you have any questions you should just ask them, there are many
    fine people here who go out of their way to help others so any questions you ask
    will be answered from many different perspectives.

    also, you should consider growing your own rather than finding a caregiver.

    as a lifelong smoker (i started blazing in '68) and a relatively new grower myself
    (2 years, approx.) i can't stress enough how much love you get from
    the growing itself, for me, that has become even more relaxing and enjoyable
    than smoking.

    and it really isn't all that hard, if you can grow tomato's in your back yard,
    you can grow weed in your closet.

    here are a few pics of some of the buds i grew in my closet under some CFL's.

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    Hey, I have contacted RIPAC.

    As for your other helps:



    my caregiver would like to become qualified as well

    yes and


    Nice pics!

  8. help2me0pls

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    I need to make it to one of those meetings...

    Kind of grumpy just now :mad:, been through the mill with the medical offices and facilities.

    I would like to go to one of these meetings - can't drive myself just now.

    ( Trying to manage this "control panel", managed to upload a pic, but it did not add my friends...?:wtf:

    Thanks for the bump,
  9. justanotherbozo

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    high man, sorry i can't pick you up myself as i am vehicleless.

    anyway, here is a link to RIPAC's website and if you click on the 'Contact Us'
    button, then fill out the form and let them know your situation, they will either
    come pick you up themselves, or arrange for another member to come get you.

    RIPAC: Medical Marijuana in Rhode Island
  10. help2me0pls

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    ... RiPac party...?


    I already have spoken with an advocate from RI patients.

    I should be looking into the party on the 21st...
    I should be feeling better by then.

  11. ricaregiver

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    for all you Rhode Islanders that can't find a Doctor to sign a recommendation,

    Call or Email these people and ask them to come to Rhode Island !!!

    I have and they need to hear your stories too !!!!!

    The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation - 1-800-723-0188
  12. ricaregiver

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    Try googling Holistic or Naturopathic Physicians in Rhode Island and just make sure that they can prescribe medicine in RI


    Bill (I am also BigHig on here)
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    send me a message, i can help
  14. jayfury

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    There is no way to send messages on here.... As for RIPAC.... I went to 2 meetings. Met Jesse, Joanne, and Stephen..... Got the names of a bunch of Dr's. Tried ALL of them, and I actually have a qualifying condition..... and Im still right where I started.... NOWHERE... I am pretty aggravated with the whole thing, so if anyone has any thoughts, Id love to hear them....
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    Dude I have been on these boards for a while and finally got up the nerve to ask 4 help getting a Dr as I definitely qualify according to the rules. I think you are very compassionate and helpful the world needs more of this.

    If anyone out there can assist with a Dr recommendation please help.
    God Bless you all.
  17. wingman580

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    Man I hear you have been to a few mtgs while the peeps r cool I need a Doc not a meeting if meetings cured pain we would not need MM.
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    so this site doesn't have any private messaging? strange, thats a first.
  19. hghflyrjd1

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    any new info on Drs?
  20. 11thStateConsults

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    Medical consultations, cards signed for those deserving :) :) :)
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