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    "Doctor Doctor, can't you see I'm burning burning." - Thompson Twins

    Can't believe no one has referenced that song on this forum before.

    Hey good people,

    I'm a pill popping (Nuerontin) epileptic who is in need of a good doctor in the Santa Fe/Albuquerque area who might be sympathetic to my plight and prescribe MMJ for treatment. Can anyone make a referral?

    Thanks much!

    Does anyone know of some other good lyrics that pertain to MMJ? Now that would be a fun thread!
  2. pepurr

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    ~No stems no seeds that you don't need. Acapulco Gold is (Long Toke) bad ass weed!~
  3. coolslayer

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    See my thread "Are you looking for a doctor to recommend MMJ?".
  4. chance942

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    Weed w/ Willie

    By Toby Kieth is a funny ass song and yeah it is MMJ since weed is all that is keeping ole Willie alive. Waylon,Johnny-gone,don't know about Kris but Willie Nelson is still alive and blazing.
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    Daddy he once told me "son, you be hard working man." And momma she once told me "son' you do the best you can." But then one day, I met a man who came to me and said........"hard word good, hard work fine, but first take care of head" - The Toyes and Sublime
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    Anybody ever heard Green Doctor by The Toyes? I just heard it and its quite entertaining. Video can be found on Youtube
  7. coolslayer

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    Try Dash Rip Rock,"Let's Go Smoke Some Pot".
  8. pepurr

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    Dash Rip Rock, haven't heard that name for a while. First time I remember hearing of him was when watching Beverly Hillbillies back in the 60's.
  9. jamessr

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    Taking neurontin is not good for seizures at all. Nor any good for epileptics...check it out and research it. I now see why you would want another Dr.......
  10. chance942

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    Many many drugs are prescribed off label.
  11. JohnMonad

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    I would like to help.
    email me
    mail at

  12. coolslayer

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    JM is a good man.
  13. Bongojaz

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    i know of a doc in abq. if you still need one.
  14. SickPickle

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    Looking For Doctor

    I fit somewhat into one of the specified conditions (I downloaded the forms from the NM Dept. of Health website), but don't want to spend time looking for a Dr. who will fill the paperwork out and make the recommendation for me. Anyone know of a Dr. who will work with me? If so, email me at my contact email in my profile please. ;)
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    i really wish i could just give u all my docs info but it wasnt exactly easy for me to get my docs to approve it (one year of arguing with them that is worked) so i dont think they would be much help. I dont suffer from siezures but my docs did try neurontin on me for a little while and i hated that damn pill actually i hate all pills. Sorry you have to take that pill.

    Everyone is awsome on this site and very helpful.

    pepurr its good to see you on again i missed your insight.
    Happy tokin hope we all have an awesome friday and weekend.
  16. coolslayer

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    Please see my thread, "Are you looking for a doctor to recommend MMJ?"
  17. coolslayer

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    Please don't get me started on pills,docs,the AMA,and big pharma.Heh heh
  18. coolslayer

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  19. firestartersydd

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    I tried Neurontin for about a week. I shook so bad bad from it that I never really got to see any positive effects
  20. coolslayer

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    Glad you are off of it.

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