Does a Jamaican shower really work?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by OCToker, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. OCToker

    OCToker Registered

    A Jamaican shower (from what I have heard) is hotboxing you bathroom with the shower on full blast and the hotwater turned way up. This is supposed to make crap loads of steam that opens your skin pores and the smoke in the air seeps in through the pores and gets you higher. Does this really work?
  2. BlastedTOtheSKY

    BlastedTOtheSKY Registered+

    that sounds very interesting...
    i am not sure
    you could search for the answer on google
  3. fatty lumps

    fatty lumps Registered+

    I dunno about the whole smoke / skin pore thing (sounds like jibberish to me), and I'm not sure if you get any higher. Maybe you do due to a placebo effect, but that's it. It is pretty fun to do though.
  4. mellow mood

    mellow mood Banned

    OH YEA!!!!! NO PLACEBO EFFECTS MAN!!! all the smoke of water+weeed is gathering up and at a time u cant even see at 10cm. dude jamaican shower is the coolest thing to do and man that stone u like shit!!!!!!! just turn the shower with very hot water, close door, wait 5mn, then enter and smoke bowls and joints. ive done it like 6-7 times damn u get out of there and your so stoned u cant stop laughing hahaha i love it
  5. Phresher than it Got

    Phresher than it Got Registered+

    ive done it and in my experience i thought that the smoke and steam worked like a huge ass bong and spread the smoke out so you inhaled it constantly and sucked up a lot more thc than if you were just smoking outside or sumthin, i doubt the whole "opens your pores" thing is true
  6. snowzerdog

    snowzerdog Registered

    Sauna bath

    Thirty or so years ago Some guys I lived with in the army we used to start a hibichi and dump a oz on it get a big sheet and climb under. Worked great until you got too stoned and the sheet caught fire.

    HARDDON Registered+

    You are not going to get high from getting THC into you skin pores. If this were possible, you could get high by simply picking weed or rolling the weed in your fingers.

    The steam from the hot water will open additional capillary capacity in the bronchial tubes leading to the lungs. Thus, you are simply able to absorb more THC because of the expanded surface area.

    Steam or water vapor, will actually trap smoke particles from the air and drop down or stick to the walls and you skin.

    However, since your immune system has no circulatory pumps, getting THC inside the skin via the pores would have no way to be transported to the brain anyhow.

    Besides, if you gotta shower to get high, get better weed.
  8. EverydayJunglist

    EverydayJunglist Registered+

    or a better shower......wait
  9. Lulu

    Lulu Registered+


    hahahahaha great visuals :D thx
  10. Stedric

    Stedric Registered+

    I've only done this once and we had to do it in a big rush so I didn't get the proper effects I don't think. Worked nicely though, out here we call it a "Hawaiian Hotbox".
  11. Dick Justice

    Dick Justice Registered+

    I do it all the time, didn't know it had a name. I don't think it gets me any higher, I just do it cause it kills the smell.
  12. melloman420

    melloman420 Registered

    it kills the smell? how much cuz my parents are like drug dogs man and i dunno if i should try it.(sounds like kick ass fun tho!)
  13. larry

    larry Banned

    what the fuck is a placebo?
  14. dcc

    dcc Registered

    If you bad pains, and I said here is a percicet to help with your pains, you take it, and you feel better, but only afterword i told you it was just nothing more than a surgar pill, and that it was all in your head. That is what a surgar pill is, and is proven to be effective.
  15. dcc

    dcc Registered

    So does this actually work... Even a little, just to try something new?
  16. Hempamasta

    Hempamasta Registered+

    Yes, the placebo effect definately works.

    For example, a friend of mine got the crusty brown grass from the underside of his lawn mower and sold it to an 8th grader as "damn good weed." He smoked it and got high, simply because of the power of suggestion.

    Puts a whole new spin on cognitive psychology. :cool:
  17. dcc

    dcc Registered

    Yea, I know the Placebo theory words... Just before my pops pop passed away, we gave him non-alcoholic beer, and told him it was beer. He drank bout t cups and claimed he felt a nice buzz from it. I was talking bout this jamaican shower shit.
  18. hydro420

    hydro420 Registered+

    i have never heard that but i do that to cover up the smell of bud...

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