does any body know how quick certo works

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Rebel24, May 28, 2006.

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  1. Rebel24

    Rebel24 Registered+

    i got to see my PO on jun 5 and i go in about 10Am and i cant let my wife find out i am using these she think i quit and if i fell a drug test i will go to jail for 5 years and these is the cheapes thing i can find and have any body use these on PO these year let me no ASAP :smokin: :thumbsup:
  2. StonerDave

    StonerDave Registered+

    All I can tell ya, is i tryed to drank that nasty crap once. I got the first pouch down, then i went for the second one and halfway through I puked my guts out, and ended up relying on water.
    If you got until the fifth the best cheap recomendation I could give you is to eat up to 4,000mg (you dont need to eat this much, but i've been known too.) of niacin a night. Noone in thier right mind is gonna tell you to eat that much niacin except me, the maximum dose in a prescription grade niacin is 1,000mg just to let you know. But I preffer overkill rather than failure.
    Many people believe Niacin does not work, thier wrong! It's just painful, red skin, burning sensation, feeling like shit, all symptoms you have taken the right amount.
    It's bad for your liver, and I now have an ulcer and I cant help but think the niacin had alot to do with it, but i was drinking a couple fifths of liquor a night for a long time, that was probably the real cause.
    Good luck to you, I'm starting the Niacin cleanse tonight.
    (only take 4,000mg of niacin a night if you dont plan to stop smoking pot, just get really, really fuckin stoned, eat em' and go too sleep! Make sure your tired enough to crash through the burn if you want that much niacin in your system, It sucks man!)
  3. Rebel24

    Rebel24 Registered+

    were can you get niacin at.
  4. Malakai 420

    Malakai 420 Registered

    ...i never thought i would say this....weed has fried your brain...the only way you're gonna get through all the side affects is with more weed, and thats not a very good way to pass a drug test now is it?
  5. KillerDemo

    KillerDemo Registered+

    drink 2 pouches with cranberry juice the night b4 the test
  6. Ihavepassed

    Ihavepassed Registered

    First of all... if you dont know what your talking about... dont post.. This is some serious shit... someone is gonna fail their shit because you guys didnt know what you were talking about...

    This is how certo works... trust me this isnt 3rd party... ive done it.

    1. Take 4 Vitamin B-Complex before hand.
    2. Have a bottle of Lemon-Lime Gatorade handy. Wash those Vitamin B pills down with a good swig of that gatorade.
    3. Take (1) Certo pouch and empy it into the remaining gatorade, which should be about 4/5 full still.
    4. Shake the hell out of the mix.
    5. Down the gatorade... all the way down the hatch. Its gonna be somewhat difficult the first couple times you try this technique.. But youll get used to it.
    6. Fill the gatorade bottle back up with water and drink that atleast twice.
    7. The above steps should be done about 2 hours before your drop. It can work in an 1 1/2 hours. But 2 is the way to go.
    8. Make sure you piss at least twice before you drop and after you drink the Certo.

    The Certo will work up to 4 hours after the initial intake.

    There you have it.

    Happy dropping!
  7. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Smackdown Moderation

    Isn't that more of an explanation on "How to use Certo" than how it actually worked to cause you to pass.:D Anyway, I am almost positive certo is a mild diuretic. You can do the same thing by drinking 48-96 ounces of gatorade and Tums or Rolaids and vitamin B-2 to add color back to your urine, and drinking gatorade again everytime you piss to replace what was voided.
  8. Rebel24

    Rebel24 Registered+

    how long do u have to stop smoking using Certo
  9. benagain

    benagain Registered+

    It doesn't. You might as well drink cranberry juice or some other dieuretic. When taking a test, you have THREE options.

    1. Subsitution < Hand down best method.
    2. Dillution < Most common, but if you're vitimans are low, they can detect it.
    3. Additives < Clearchoice seems to work ok with tests, but not screens (I maye have that backwards), and they can be detected by some labs.

    How you go about doing these options will vary, but you're best bet is substitution. Best chance to pass unless they watch you piss...
  10. MattinSLC

    MattinSLC Registered

    Certo DOES work.

    Listen. I have been smoking for 5 yrs. I am currently on Probation. I was coming due for a UA and I knew that I was not clean. I did all the stuff your supposed to do (exercise, drank TONS of water and cranberry juice, sat in our hot tub nightly to burn fat, took detox pills, ect...)
    They day before I saw my P.O. I went to Rite Aid and bought an at home drug test. I tested positive for THC within minutes. I knew I couldnt burn it out of my fat in time.
    So this is what I did...
    I went to a grocery store, bought some FRUIT PECTIN in the canning/jelly aisle, I bought a quart of apple juice, mixed ONE packet of pectin w/ the apple juice, chugged the apple juice about 3 hours prior to testing. Immediately after the apple juice I slowly drank another quart of water mixed with the second packet. And thats it. I pissed at least 5 times before I went to see my P.O. They sent me to a place called ADVANCED drug screening. I was worried, but I had nothing to worry about as I found out later. The technican came back to me and said I didnt test positive for anything and gave my test results. NEGATIVE! Whoo Hoo! Just the day before I was testing positive, the very next day, thanks to fruit pectin, I passed. It works. I promise.
  11. bullitt

    bullitt Registered+

    you diluted,by drinking the apple juice, that's why you passed.
  12. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast Registered+

    The myth rages on

    Thats right. That 1 quart of AJ in addition to the 1 quart of water were the real heros. Why? Because they were responsible for diluting the THC metabolites in your bladder so the urine sample tested negative. Pectin products are a myth and have no effect on the tests outcome. You would have passed anyway just on the apple juice and water alone without the nasty pectin mixed in.
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  13. MattinSLC

    MattinSLC Registered


    Not true. You guys say I passed due to "dilution"
    HOWEVER, just the day before I drank tons of water and cranberry juice and then went got an at home test and STILL TESTED POSITIVE!
    BUT the very next day I drank the same amount of water and tested NEG. It's not due to dilution.
    Your body burns your fat cells which in turn releases THC into your bloodstream.
    BUT if you drink the pectin, your body would rather burn that first rather than your fat. So it kinda puts your fats cells "on storage" for a few hours because your body has something else in it that it would rather burn.
    I drank and drank and drank and still tested positive on a cheap at home test, but you expect me to believe that I passed the next day due to dilution? LOL not true. The pectin save me, trust me....
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  14. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast Registered+

    That part is true.

    I challenge you to prove this claim as fact rather than just speculative opinion on your part. Please cite your source(s) that give an anatomical/physiological description of what is allegedly occuring, thereby supporting your claim.

    In the drug testing forum, we like to stick to the facts because too much is at stake. Its the non-facts is what lands the uninformed and misinformed in jail or the unemployment line. If you have something factual to present here, and I'm sure I'm speaking for everyone else here, we're all eyes - show us the proof!
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  15. Deige

    Deige Registered+

    Well put brother!:thumbsup:
  16. MattinSLC

    MattinSLC Registered

    Put your money where your mouth is.
    Just like you, I want something proving my "theroy" wrong.
    Prove to me with whatever source that the pectin DOESN'T get burned off first and that my fat cells AREN'T on "storage".
    I basically did give you a scientific test.
    AGAIN, the day before, I drank and drank and drank, yet I tested positive on a at home test. If your "theroy" of dilution is true, why did i test positive on the day I did my own test??? Please Explain this
    Wouldnt it have been a "diluted" sample as you claim, and test Neg? However it didnt test neg it was positive. So your dilution theroy has just been proven wrong.

    What saved me was the fact the pectin was being burned instead of my fat during the hours of the test, therfore testing clean. If people could beat a drug test by easily just drinking lots of water and duliting their sample, no one would ever get caught. Sorry, fruit pectin works.
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  17. MattinSLC

    MattinSLC Registered

    I drank and drank and drank water and cranberry juice the day I did my own "at home test" and failed. Yet you claim that the very next day I tested clean using methods that had failed me just the day before??? Not likely.
    Some other factor had to be involved that I didn't do when I took the "at home test". That other factor was the fruit pectin. There is no way that I just diluted my sample, I had been smoking for 5 yrs and there was no way any amount of water would "dilute" my sample so I would pass. If it were so easy to beat a drug test by just diluting your sample by dowing tons of water, everyone would pass...
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  18. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast Registered+

    Answer MY challenge first!

    Since you are the one making these claims and "theroys" on pectin, the burden of proof rests on your shoulders, not ours.

    Sorry, anecdotes are not a scientific test. Try again.

    And the correct spelling is "theory", BTW.
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  19. MattinSLC

    MattinSLC Registered

    I at least have my "at home test" results proving your theroy wrong.
    You, however have not proven anything at all to disprove my theroy, so I would say I have the upper hand.
    Until you can disprove anything I have posted, it sounds like you are intolerable of anyone else's theories or own individual experiences.
    Again, I may not have hard proof about the pectin theroy, just convincing evidenvce proven by my own test that I ran the day prior showing dilution does not work as you claim. So I have proven you dilution theroy wrong, and on the otherhand you cant explain why i would test positve one day and neg the other. Checkmate

    Why should I try to prove my theORY, you are the one refuteing it, so the problem of disproving falls on you. so SHOW ME that it isn't true.
    Also, to feel the need to correct my spelling shows how childish you are at heart. Did it make you feel better? Make sure you go thru every word of this reply to make sure it is spelled correctly ok? lol
    regardless, I still have done more to disprove your original post, while on the other hand all you have done is attack my original post with your words, not with anything from tests or evidence. I hope you were not in debate in college, or did you even go? You probably spend your time online spell checking others replys for them. I understand I am wasting time speaking to a [EDITED BY MODERATION STAFF] like yourself. Until you can post anything proving my theory wrong, I see no need to reply to anymore of your further comments. As for anyone else who would like to pass a test, pectin worked for me, and it will work for you. :)
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  20. cynical1

    cynical1 Registered

    I can't speak to pectin or certo, but I can speak to dillution. I used to be in a job that required frequent UA's and I was always dirty with more than just the main topic of this board. I never did anything to pass other than drink ALOT of water, anywhere in the neighborhood of 1 to 2 gallons in the 4-6 hours prior to the test which would cause me to urinate roughly 10 times before testing. Fortunately it was never looked at for missing vitamins or whatever was mentioned before, but I never once tested positive. Plain and simple dillution works. The side effects are that you can't be far from a bathroom for the rest of the day, but the benefit is worth it.
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