Does anyone else wake up with stomach aches EVERY MORNING?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by zalami128, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. zalami128

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    Because of their herb addiction? I mean, I know other people do, shit I've talked about it with my homies and read accounts on the web. So, anyone on this site got that shit? I got it BAD.

    My school doesn't have an attendance requirement and I never have to go to work in the morning, so thank god im never forced to wake up early. So, every morning I am naturally awoken by cramps, stomach ache, extreme hunger, loss of apetite and a trip to the bathroom all rolled in one. The terrible feeling in my stomach will loosen up over the next hour or 2 but generally stay agonizing to the point where I usually can't even go back to sleep. It will either fade away after ive been awake for a good 120 minutes OR it will go away once I blaze, which is usually like 10 minutes after I wake up (to stop the fucking PAIN!!).

    Anyone else get herb withdrawl? every fuckin morning man.
  2. jsn9333

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    You're saying you know multiple people who get cramps and stomach ache every morning and are certain its from weed withdrawl? I've never heard of any study that found any physical withdrawl symptoms from marijuana other then some restlessness and perhaps trouble sleeping, and I've seen quite a few studies on the subject. Marijuana is very minimally physically addictive if at all.

    If I started getting daily morning withdrawl symptoms from any substance I was using, I would stop using it... be it herb or whatever. Addiction isn't a good thing... just my opinion. Luckily herb doesn't have that effect on me. Then again I don't smoke much, usually just a few hits once a week or so at the most.
  3. mfqr

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    You need to get that checked out, dude. Even though Cannabis helps, it's not going to SOLVE the problem in the long run. Cannabis withdrawl? The only withdrawl from Cannabis that I know of is purely psychological. Physical withdrawl is caused by physical addiction. Unless you have some really messed up body chemistry, this would not be the case. Plain and simply, you have a problem with your stomach, and I highly doubt it has anything to do with Cannabis. Tell me, what kind of foods do you eat on a daily basis? Junk food? Lots of soda? Bring this up to your doctor. You won't need to say you smoke ganja. Just tell him/her that every morning you have extremely painful stomach cramps. I was originally thinking that maybe you get gas trapped, which can be very painful. But I would not know about this, so... yep.

    Everyone here is going to advise you to talk to your doctor about this.
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  4. bluntblaze

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    hahaha herb withdrawl??? what is your weed laced with heroin or something? you do no that you could just have a build up of stomach acid or something like that
  5. pass the chicken

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    nono eat something your stomah will feel better prolly other tips eat something right before you go to bed eat something when you first get up. or at least thats what works for me
  6. zalami128

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    Hmmm. Just run a google search.

    weed withdrawal stomach aches - Google Search

    Not the best one, but in there you see loads of snippets "get stomach pains when I quit smoking weed", "WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS... STOMACH ACHES" ... heres a more specific link marijuana withdrawal, Marijuana Detox & marijuana withdrawal symptoms by addiction

    Marijuana withdrawal is very real. I have no idea where the common misconception that "you cant withdrawal from weed" came from (probably from dumbasses). Weed addiction and weed withdrawal are all too real for some of us, shiiiiit.

    It definitely is from the cannabis. I started getting morning stomach aches, I'd say after being an every day smoker for 4-5 months. Many stoners I associate have the same routine; wake up with no apetite and a stomach ache, blaze all day, eventually eat a ridiculous amount of food in one sitting, go to sleep and start over. A lot of people agree that the morning stomach ache almost feels like last nights munchies busting out of your stomach (the results of such an irregular diet). A friend of mine described the feeling perfect; "when I wake up I am way too fucking grossed out to even take a bite of toast". Then the herb takes the pain away and stimulates the apetite.

    So essentially weed supresses my apetite, since I have trouble eating without it. I have a friend whos been an every day smoker for well over 2 years, and he is sooooooooooooooo skinny. "I only eat once a day man, and its usually small. I just never ever ever have an apetite". Its all from his herb problem.
  7. pass the chicken

    pass the chicken Registered+

    so stop smoking so much weed
  8. zalami128

    zalami128 Registered+

    Allright I dont want you guys to get the idea that this is some sort of hellish agony. its not. its just a fuckin bad stomach ache. it sucks but im not about to quit smoking weed over it nawmsayin? shiiiiit if anything im about to smoke more of that shit. naw ive been cutting down lately actually.

    For months at a time I'd be smoking 2-4 grams a day. I dunno, if you havent been smoking that magnitude of weed with the regularity and longevity that I have then I can see how you couldnt relate. im sure there are people who smoke twice as much as me and dont get stomach aches. it affects everyone differently. i think a LOT of the stomach ache has to do with the weed supressing my apetite. seriously though i cant even take a bite of toast until ive smoked.
  9. pass the chicken

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    o my bad i only get the physical withdrawl symptoms if im smoking more then 2 ounces a week which . or other idea don't know if it will work try only smoking once a day. instead of being high all day. It also has the plus of a better high in my opinion.
  10. mfqr

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  11. LIP

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    I dont wake up with a stomach ache every morning, but i do feel, well, not ill, but i just cant eat even though im starving. So i just have to wait till lunch before i feel i can eat.
  12. bluntblaze

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    haha same with me, i dunno if its the weed or i just don't like breakfast.
  13. LIP

    LIP Banned

    I've never eaten breakfast, even when i was a kid. Never. Then again, even if i wanted to i could never have it coz i always got up so late.

    But i never had the feeling i do now - but tbh i dont think it's the weed coz i smoke a joint in the morning when i get up with a beer and normally i get the munchies really bad, but that first joint just dont do it - but coz i've never been bothered with it i guess it dont matter.
  14. Jack the Tripper

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    The only time I wake up after a session with a stomach ache is if I got the munchies and ate too much. Which is worth it. I think you've got some other problem... set up an appointement with a doctor
  15. MOBABN

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    this sorta thing happend to me, i went into the hospital bc the pain got that bad, they said the marijuana i was smoking was covering the pain i had from my ulcers, so this whole time marijuana was helpin with pain.
  16. mattks1

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    i know exactly what your talking about and it sounds like IBS to me. im no doc, but i was diagnosed with IBS and severe acid reflux when i was in high school. this is an every morning thing for me also. well actually an all day thing and mainly when i eat. if i dont smoke all day i will wake up with cramps and try to rid the demons from my body:gunfighter2: . when i eat i usually cant eat more than half my meal and will be in the john within 10 minutes. it seriously seems like my intestines are 3 inches long. nights arent that bad unless i have some taco bell. all that said, if i smoke i have almost no problems at all. i smoke when i wake up and before i eat. im fud up now, so im just gonna post this and come back later. peace
  17. UTD Toker

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    Dang I've been kinda having the same problems now that I think about every morning when I wake up, I'll have a slight uneasy stomach and the thought of food makes me want to throw up. It goes away usually by about 12 or 1 and I'll feel better by blazin before I eat.

    I usually end up eating a small lunch, HUGE dinner, and then just munch on some chips before I go to bed. Maybe the chips? Some mornings the feeling is the same even if I havent eaten anything before I go to bed. O well all I know is the Ganja def. helps!:abduct:
  18. affasd

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    ya man i feel ya on this, i smoke a lot every day so days when i dont smoke get pretty bad, as soon as i smoke i can eat again tho, and if i dont get to smoke that day i usually can eat like one small meal and im straight..i dont really mind tho it helps make up from some days when i get the munchies and eat a shtiload
  19. MrGreenFingaz

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    yo man, i notice that when i smoke bud im not as hungry in the mornings, i can't eat for like an hour when i get up. i dont get it as bad as you say you do though, just the loss of appetite mostly.

    My advice to you is to stop for a week or so (u can do this :D) and see if thats really the ONLY prob.. Also u should get some fruit, i don't know how bad your problem really is but i know that i can almost always eat some watermelon, cantelope, or straberries. all thats good shit, but hey if blazin everymorning works i do that also sooo gl.
  20. DryGuy420

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    I think i have a similar problem,i have found that it is due to the green. It doesnt seem to be anything bad,but i get really gassy and it is almost like indigestion. Soetimes i get the cramps like he has described but it seems to be just gas. I suggest trying GasX and a Prilosec OTC,i have been doing the Prilosec for the last couple months off and on and Gas X when needed and havent had the problem in a while also i found that it happened when it was warmer than usual and when i was stressed alot. Dunno but that all worked for me well. Hope it helps you

    Oh i also smoke everyday starting in the morning and pretty much throughout the day unless im on prescription pain killers (i dont mix my meds). Been doin it for a few years.
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