Does Eating Kill your High?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by bots84, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. bots84

    bots84 Registered

    When using marijuana in the smoked form, does eating cause you to loose your high?

    I've heard having taken too much (moreso in the eaten form) you can drink orange juice to help bring down the high. Just wondering if other foods did that in general or if it's a specific type of food.
  2. BlazinKush

    BlazinKush Registered+

    Thats a very good question. I would like to know that my self.
  3. vej33

    vej33 Registered+

    From what I've observed, yea eating does bring your high down a little. That kind of has to do with the munchies, i guess.

    That's why I've stopped smoking and then eating. I'll just eat a nice meal, and then smoke.
  4. smok3y

    smok3y Registered+

    Yeah it does bring down the high a wee bit.. Really depends on what ur eating, like fresh orange juice and sugery snacks will bring your high down...
  5. FreshNugz

    FreshNugz Registered+

    yeah for me it does...I do the same and smoke after eating..
    showering while high is odd i smoke after not before that
  6. vej33

    vej33 Registered+

    omg really? i don't think a shower can bring down your high, so you could just be saying that you prefer to shower sober... but i effing LOVE showering high..

    especially if iv been working out a bunch, b/c then i can just stare at my body and remember what it used to look like, and how it's changed.

    the human body is so amazing.
  7. ATrain

    ATrain Registered+

    For sure! :jointsmile:
  8. jimmy8778

    jimmy8778 Registered+

    well, i dont think that eating really brings your high down so much as it is moreso that the passage of time doesnt seem so slow so really your just naturally coming off your high and are just consumed with the fact of eating, also i think that when you are done eating your more aware of other sensations your feeling, so the high isnt so much in your head as it was, but i do believe that it slows it some because your body is metabolising the food so some of the energy is spent on the food rather than the weed as well, there are many different explainations.
  9. tenajtimmad

    tenajtimmad Banned

    best thing to do is eat a meal before hand cause if you get hungry after you smoke and your peak of the high you will come down more quickly. all depends how much long after you smoke that you eat the munchies i would think.
  10. BTNH-Smokez

    BTNH-Smokez Registered+

    no.... weed isnt ingested
  11. bots84

    bots84 Registered

  12. Funkmaster H.O.H.N.

    Funkmaster H.O.H.N. Registered+

    Eating at the end of a high is nice for me because it helps bring me down without crashing.
  13. THClord

    THClord Registered+

    I think it does bring down your high, but eating high is amazing, so if I smoke before I eat a lot of times. Same goes for showers. :D
  14. FreshNugz

    FreshNugz Registered+

    yeah it just kinda weirds me out..dunno. you know in billy madison when they're at one of the graduation parties, and the fat guy friend of billy's is spraying a little kid with a hose..and the kid just sits there and whines tried to find it on youtube..but hopefully u know that scene. yah, thats what it feels like...just feels weird to shower high imo.
  15. mindflow

    mindflow Registered

    hell yeahhhh
  16. beachguy in thongs

    beachguy in thongs Registered+

    Time brings down your high, and, eating wastes time.
  17. Backpacker420

    Backpacker420 Registered+

    Well I can't offer and scientific data, but I can say that eating does not kill my high. In fact, it kind of adds to the high...

    Man, I am such a glutten...
  18. thecurious1

    thecurious1 Registered+

    No one has the exact same body chemistry as someone else so honesty it probably just depends on the person.

    I've known plenty of people including myself who "come down" when they eat.

    Smoking a menthol cig after green use to make my high seem stronger in college ... but these days cig smoke will bring me down as well.

    So I think it just depends.

    DAY-DREAMER-MAN Registered+

    i think it does :beatdeadhorse:
  20. TheSmokingMonkey

    TheSmokingMonkey Registered+

    Personal experience: No. But it's like "breaking the seal" when you're at the bar drinking... once you go the first time, you can't seem to stop.

    Scientific explanation for potential high-killing (speculative):
    -maybe the fat in the meal helps to metabolize/sequester the THC.
    -I've heard that munchies result from weed-induced hypoglycemia. By remedying the hypoglycemia, you remedy the munchies (sometimes) and maybe lessen other effects as well?
    -blood goes to the stomach for digestion (instead of to the brain, delivering the drug)

    That's just a guess.
    But personally, no, I don't think it matters much unless I'm just barely high to begin with. If I'm really baked it doesn't matter if I eat.
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