Does flowering under CFLs take longer?

Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by Man1fesT, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. Man1fesT

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    I am 7 weeks into flowering using CFLs and this strain is supposed to take 6-8 weeks, however the ladies don't appear (to the naked eye) to be anywhere near being done.

    I am wondering, does it takes longer for the flower phase to complete under CFLs than it does under an HPS or the Sun?
    Does the estimated "6-8" week flowering account for any usable type of light? Or a specific light?

  2. Man1fesT

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  3. spfcm17

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    I am also curious to see the answer to this question, as I haven't noticed (I could be blind) any threads that tell you to switch lighting, or that any lighting is necessarily better than others.
  4. crabbyback

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    pictures would help

    I don't use CFLs myself, but I don't remember reading that things take longer to finish under them.

    There are numerous things that could make your plants go longer than you think they should. And, even in stable genetics, individual plants are just that, individuals.

    So, maybe if you posted a picture and some information about the plant(s), someone could make a diagnosis?
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  5. Italiano715

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    Factors including long time finishers are:

    1. Heat
    2. How much lighting
    3. How close the lights are
    4. PH going in and out
    5. Feeding schedule (how often give nutes)
    6. Type of CFL lights
    7. How many CFL light (lumen output)
    8. and so on and so forth
    You can't just base that a paper says it takes 6-8 weeks and go by that, because like above there are tons of factors that make a plant take longer and depending on how bad the situation it may not even get bigger, it may just mature rather than fill in. Heat will do that especially if not tended to correctly!
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  6. Man1fesT

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    I know many different factors can have an impact on the outcome of your crop but hypothetically, if two different crops with virtually identical environments except one has a 400w HPS and the other has equal wattage of CFL's, would the crop under the CFL's take longer to mature?
  7. BlewBerry

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    I dont think that light will effect your flowering time...every other factor it will though. i.e. potency, taste, yield
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  8. Italiano715

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    When using CFL's it doesn't have the same lumen output as a HPS, so you would virtually have to use more wattage from the CFL's.

    Basically 250W of CFLs is not the same as 250W HPS...The HPS has a lot more lumen output then the CFLs, plus the HPS penetrates further into the canopy usually resulting in bigger buds, I.E. all other conditions are met.
  9. nomadinexile

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    Lumen output is only part of the story. Is the hps air cooled? That glass takes out 10%+. Do you have your one light 3 feet above the highest part of your unkept canopy? (I Don't mean you, just hypothetical :) )
    You get were I am going though right? I think equal would come out fairly equal if you do a banging job!

    To the original poster: If you have everything dialed in, and are efficiently using 10000 lumens per square foot, you shouldn't have a longer harvest period. That would assume shorties or SCROG though. Otherwise, the plant will get weird if you let them get very tall or very far away from bulb.
    2"-4" max. Oh, that's a lot of Cfl's per square foot though. 7 23 watters of the "bright white" I just saw would be 105000 lumens. That's a lot of bulbs in a small spot. So realistically, you will probably use less, and it will take a little longer. But with time, ingenuity, and good venting, you could do it. imo

  10. MonkeyBone

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    On my previous grow I had 18-20 light bulbs (CFL) that produced about 30 000 lumens on 2 plants. Took 3 months of flowering.
  11. pokesmot247

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    Wow, that\'s pretty crazy! 3 months? I\'m using 12 CFLs as it is and it looks like I\'m a few weeks away. Hopefully my grow isn\'t extended like yours....I wanna smoke these suckers already! Heh.
  12. Creeper34

    Creeper34 Registered

    ahh! im thinking about growing 2 ladies under 8 23 watters and all this talk of 3 months of flowering is nottt what i want to hear!
  13. bigtopsfinn

    bigtopsfinn Registered+

    Get a 250-400w hps and proper ventilation instead, you'll be glad you did :thumbsup:
  14. Creeper34

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    i just did some math and i think using the 8 lights i was thinking about using i will only get like 14,000 lumens? if my grow room is approx. 3' x 3' is that even enough? i read just a few posts up that you need 10,000 per square foot? :( this is making my head spin. ive done stuff outdoors before and you dont really gotta worry about lumens hahaha this indoor grow will be my first attempt at it.

  15. bigtopsfinn

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    Hehe the thread's a year old, don't think anyone will mind ;)

    For a 3 x 3 space, go with a 400w hps. If you have the money and means for the ventilation, a 600w would be even better. But either way you go you'll be spending about as much on the ventilation as the lighting. It might seem like a big investment at first, but if all goes well you're looking at .5 grams per watt and up.

    EDIT: Forgot to add, shoot for 5000+ lumens per square foot, and you're good :thumbsup:
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  16. headshake

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    keep in mind that the finishing times given by seed boutiques are the EARLIEST a strain is considered done. this is not the most optimum time to harvest. as always, use the indications given to you by the plant as when to harvest, not words on a website.

  17. eastender

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    What strains are you growing? I currently use 1x 250W HO CFL per sq foot totalling 8ft and have always finished flowering within a week of the stated finishing times, also what is your light schedule?
  18. doeboy742

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    Plus, different cannabis has different flowering lengths. From 8 to 12 weeks depending on strain. So it might not be your lights. So you can't say that the cfl made it take that long. That's your own opinion. I use cfl's for veg and flower, and have not ever have a problem with my 8 week flower. To each his own.
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