does leaving your weed in the cold ruin it?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by fastforyou84, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. fastforyou84

    fastforyou84 Registered+

    I bought some crazy good shit thursday night....smells real skunky so I couldnt bring it in to my house cause my parents would smell I have been leaving it in my car...I noticed tho that the weed absorbed the nasty burnt weed smell of my bowl so tonight (sun) i went out and brought my weed friend said it kinda ruins the weed and makes it hard and old...Is this true? and will it help if i bring it inside or is all already lost? I hope I didnt ruin the quality of the high it gives me:(
  2. anycraic

    anycraic Registered+

    leaving ur weed in the cold keeps it for longer, so no worries
  3. midlifecrisis

    midlifecrisis Registered+

    Yeah. It's toast!!! I'll come over in an hour to dispose of it for you:dance:

    Really you should be A OK. I knew a guy that kept it in the freezer, why? I dunno!:smokin:
  4. fastforyou84

    fastforyou84 Registered+

    sounds good to me :)
  5. notrightquite

    notrightquite Registered+

    :p Don't worry about it, man. As for keeping it in the freezer ... try it. The smoke is kind of softer, in a way.
  6. OR Freebird

    OR Freebird Registered+

    If you freeze moist pot for a long time, when you thaw it, it drys out real quick, thought it starts out as fresh as the day you put it in.

    As for ruining it -- everyone stores their pot in a freezer if they are storing it for along period of time. Helps prevent the breakdown of THC.

    Only time cold is a real danger is when it's still growing.

  7. WalkaWalka

    WalkaWalka Registered+

    actually if your bagy wasn't sealed up properly cold air is realy dry specially in your car.
  8. daima

    daima Registered+

    cannabis is like any other green. It last longer when frozen/refrigerated.
  9. fastforyou84

    fastforyou84 Registered+

    sweet...glad i didnt ruin it...and yeah it was all sealed up
  10. cokekilla

    cokekilla Registered

    just put it in a brown paper bag and put it in the back of your frezer
  11. daima

    daima Registered+

    I never put my buds on a surface that absorbs. Glass jar instead of paper bag. The last thing we want is for our precious lil trichomes to be absorbed into a piece of paper, unless its a rolling paper.

    Brown bags do work great for Brocolli (sp) you know, that green vegetable that looks like cauliflower(sp), you know, that white shit that looks like Brocolli(sp), you know...........yeah, thats the stuff.
    dai*ma :stoned:
  12. Testament

    Testament Registered+

    it actually prolongs the freshness of your bud.

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